Shearbank Liberation Army

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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

The Shearbank Liberation Army
Abbreviation: SLA
Group Numbers: no official members
Leadership: SLA O.C
Goals: none at this time
Recruitment Policy: no longer recruiting members

Historical Significance Section

The Shearbank Liberation Army (SLA) was formed in response to DARIS's declaration of independence for the suburb of Shearbank. It set itself up as an organisation dedicated to overthrowing the DARIS government. There were complaints that survivors unrelated to DARIS had been killed merely because the SLA have assumed them to be, but the SLA contended that only known DARIS members have ever been targeted. The SLA had never condoned the killing of non-DARIS members.

After DARIS dissolved, the SLA announced their new mission was to clear the suburb of the zombies that remained in the area. However, with general fears of a return of DARIS, the survivor-zombie ratio was low, and the zombies proved to be difficult to eradicate. Eventually sufficient new survivors moved into the deserted suburb. Most controversial was the early-November presence of two dozen former DARIS members, who had been seen in several safehouses within the suburb.

NOTE: New evidence (see blog) has arisen that the founder and primary voice of SLA has recently begun attacks on non-DARIS members, particularly former members of the Council of Leaders. As a result, on 20 November 2005 members of the SLA received confirmation that the SLA O.C had turned rogue and was last seen consorting with known criminals. Speaking on behalf of the organization, these members called on all SLA operatives to stand down immediately.

== Henceforth there are to be no further actions in the name of the SLA. ==

Manifesto of the Shearbank Liberation Army

Enemies of Shearbank have surfaced. They call themselves the Democratic Armed Republic of Independent Suburbs, but they are nothing more than power-hungry Player Killers (PKers).

Have they forgotten about the Many, the zombie menace that threatens us all? There is a war going on in Malton, a war against the Undead. We must remain one people united in fighting that war.

The zombie threat has not abated, we all run the risk of becoming the undead.

And yet some of our own have turned their weapons against us.

The people of Malton have suffered enough. They do not need to face the terror of DARIS as well.

In the face of this new threat, some of the people of Shearbank have come together and have formed the Shearbank Liberation Army. We will not tolerate DARIS killing our friends and neighbors; nor will we allow them to institute a rule of terror within our community.

We call on all good citizens of Shearbank and surrounding communities to join us in this fight.

Also, while we respect the good intentions and work of the Council of Leaders and other organized groups in Malton, we prefer to operate as anonymous cells not under the command of the CoL. However, since we do share a common goal of reducing the zombie menace and ending the terror of PKers, we will welcome the assistance of the CoL as well as all survivors intent on destroying this menace.

To conclude, we shall not rejoice at the killing of survivors, misguided though they may be. But we will target the soldiers of DARIS for as long as they continue to attack the people. For more information and to view a current "Most Wanted" list, visit