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Cannonball Crew

(Inactive) When active The Cannonball Crew (CC) is a mobile combat unit dedicated to protecting Malton from the undead. The group specializes in coordination and real-time assaults to deny zombies any ill-gotten meals. Its unofficial headquarters is Strange Bank in Barrville, but members are more likely to be found battling zombies throughout the city. As a nomadic force, the Cannonball Crew enjoys a variety of missions involving all aspects of the game. Being part of the Crew means fighting alongside a group of experienced and knowledgeable players who have your back. Once the FPDF has increased its members the CC will be reactivated.


July 29 2011

Today starts a new chapter in the CC. Several original members have returned, and we are hoping that others will follow. We are going to restructure and are also actively recruiting. If you want to be a part of one of Malton's first and finest fighting/rescue units, please apply by clicking the link in the recruitment header to the left.

September 4 2010

Last nights radio broadcasts were full of Clubbed to Death propaganda. The CC and her allies found these broadcasts to be very amusing, showing the type of childish frustration survivors can still cause in Zombie groups. The mall was lost after a hard Gorilla Warfare we go again, cry all you want Clubbed to Death but we are not leaving Gulsonside anytime soon.

September 1 2010

Cannonball Crew and her Allies show our manly strength and superior tactics as we regained Blesley Mall in a planned assault, which resulted in a swift and easy clearing of the Mall. Cheetos and Beer was had by all in celebration. Cannonball Crew and her Allies push forward to control Gulsonside

August 31 2010

The battle for Gulsonside has unfortunately been a give and take relationship. The Cannonball Crew and her allies lose some, gain some, lose some more and gain some more back. This see saw battle has caused many Cannonball Crew members to grow leg calve muscles as big as apartment buildings, and fore arms muscles bigger than the Empire State Building. August may be winding up but this battle is just beginning!

August 24 2010

Reports in that Hermann Munster, the leader of Clubbed to Death, was given a head shot in the The Perryn Building . Also a CTD raid in the The Wetherall Building was quickly responded to by Able Squad and all raiders were shown the street. The Blesley Mall was lost and the Cannonball Crew ask for any survivors in the area to coordinate on our forum to improve survivor success. A success which is proven with another drop of the suburb danger level of Gulsonside to Moderately Dangerous.

August 23 2010

Both active squads of the Cannonball Crew moved into Gulsonside. The mall was quickly taken by Team Xtreme and our allies D.S. R&D, Knights Templar, and 41st Death Com early in the morning. Later in the day both of Clubbed to Death's sacred clubs of Club Wadman and Club Simpson became securely grasped in survivors hands due to a daring raid by Able and a 101ap repair job done by none other than our own Captain Tony Blair. The Cannonball Crew, and her daring allies of course deserved those hardy hangovers that will be received tomorrow morning from drinking half vodka and half whiskey shots all night.

August 19 2010

The move into Vinetown was a success until Mitchem Mall was wrestled from our grasp. Fighting for the suburb has been vicious but the precious resources buildings are being held. The CC, TX and FPDF squads are achieving glory and streams of whiskey await them when they die in battle.

August 4 2010

The Cannonball Crew sent a attack squad into Blesley Mall cleared it of the Clubbed to Death Zombies shopping inside. We being the combat engineers that we are then repaired the damaged Mall and then built up the cades. Holding it for 15 Hours in enemy territory! It was a glorious night for The Cannonball Crew!

August 3 2010

Most of the CC survived that blasted night in the Saint Patrick Cathedral listening to the ever growing groans of revenge outside. Since then we have gone to work! Gulsonside's Danger Level has been reduced a color code and the bumbling Clubbed to Death group has been pushed back into their dark, survivor defiled caves of Club Wadman and Blesley Mall to await the eminent head shots.

July 30 2010

The Cannonball Crew had a good Friday night bash with a brief get down in Club Wadman. The evening events included the barricading dance, the spilling whiskey routine and shooting a few native clubbing zombies in the head. But before we could turn off the lights and leave, the Clubbed to Death group showed up after party hours looking to dance. To their dismay the whiskey was unfortunately gone and besides the sabbath had come and it would be time to proceed next door to liberate more holy wine! May holy Saint Patrick Protect our drunken souls!

July 24 2010

Cannonball Crew and the homeless Fort Perryn Defense Force moved into South West Vinetown and recaptured The Wetherall Building in NorthEast Gulsonside to fire off Operation Damage Control in style!

July 31 2009

The Fort Perryn Defense Force announces Dominica Bekker as its new Squad Commander.

July 17 2009

The Cannonball Crew is proud to announce its new Sergeant Major. Our scout extraordinaire, Bookworm, will now be known as Sergeant Major of the CC. It's been almost one year since Bookworm made his eventful return to active duty and has once again become an indispensable part of the Crew. His contributions and conduct have been exemplary and we are thrilled to have him in the Command Staff. Congratulations, Bookworm.

June 2009

Operation: Colt Comrades - The Alliance 45 pushes further into zombie-controlled territory. Most of Stanbury Village was rebuilt and the kilt store at Nichols Mall had a grand re-opening sale.

Operation: Colt .45 - The Alliance 45's first mission is to reclaim Roftwood and the Quartly Library.

Alliance 45 - The Alliance 45 is a task force made up of a number of survivor groups and was born from the Joint Forum of the New Malton Colossus (NMC). Spearheaded by Tony Blair of the Cannonball Crew as the chief tactical leader and adviser and Leon Silverblood as the chief administrator and coordinator, the Alliance 45 has developed and put into practice innovative strategies and tactics to deal with some of Malton's most hotly contested suburbs.
All available Cannonball Crew forces (from the most battle-hardened of the elite to the trigger-happy Team Xtreme to the greenest of recruits of the Loose Cannons) have performed admirably in the Colt Operations. We've been tasked with leading the charge in each new invasion and our team has certainly distinguished itself. But none of the Alliance 45's success would have been possible without the man power and muscle of mighty survivor groups such as 41st Death Commandos, Army Control Corps, The Corleone Family, Creedy Defense Force, Malton Rangers, Malton Fire Department, Metal Fox, Paradox, SMUT (Southwest Mobile Tactics Unit), Umbrella Corp, USAI, USSR, and The Zodiacs.

May 2009

Operation: Harvest Slate - The Cannonball Crew is helping to rebuild Pitneybank—the last stop of Mall Tour 2009—and surrounding suburbs. UPDATE: Harvest Slate has been put on hold for Alliance 45 missions.
Operation: Shining Oasis - The Fort Perryn Defense Force is fighting desperately to regain control of Whittenside.

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In July of 2005 a group of soldiers (Tony Blair, Freedom and Kyouto), each of whom had special recon training (Free Running), worked together to defend Eastonwood's Felix General Hospital. Although barricades did not exist at the time and the group was vastly outnumbered, they were able to defend their safehouse by employing regular patrols and hit & run raids. Tony Blair began to refer to the trio as the "Cannonball Crew," because they struck fast and hard like a cannonball and were more mobile than their larger counterparts. The Cannonball Crew formed alongside the original Council of Leaders (CoL) and became the CoL's military wing, as well as, the first strike team in the city.

Its veteran members have been playing Urban Dead almost since day one. They've experienced every game update and witnessed firsthand its growth and evolution into the grand experience that it is today. The group has weathered many storms and fought in numerous epic battles including the First and Second Siege of Caiger Mall, The Battle of Pitneybank and the annual 5th of November and Mall Tours. Many survivor and zombie groups have come and gone, but the Cannonball Crew has endured because of its devoted members and the camaraderie they've built. Long live the Crew.

Retired/Inactive Squads

Loose Cannons - our squad of new recruits and serves as the training ground for new players and the proving ground for veteran players new to the group.

Able Squad, (Inactive) is an assault unit that's always ready for action. It's the largest squad in the CC and perhaps the oldest fighting squad in Malton.

Charlie Squad (Inactive) is a heavy assault squad.

Dog Squad, (Inactive) is a Special Forces squad made up of Cannonball Crew members only.

Fox Squad The Shadows.

Pimp Legion of Doom (PLD) was an elite fighting force with attitude originally led by Sergeant First Class Sacrenough. Retired in August 2008.

Team Xtreme, led by First Lieutenant Josh Clark, is a group of professional bounty hunters that specialize in teamwork and coordinated strikes.

Retired Members

· Deletion
· Benji2
· Karmichael Hunt
· Koppie
· Mad Dog Munro
· Bookworm


Every established group has its detractors and the Cannonball Crew is no exception. If you are attacked or witness an attack or other crime (such as GKing), rest assured that the following characters are not members or in any way currently affiliated with the Cannonball Crew.

Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

Brain4.jpg Golden Brain
This user or group has been awarded the Ridleybank Resistance Front's prestigious Golden Brain, because smart survivors are more fun and taste sweeter.

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