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Urban Stalkers of Soviet Russia
Abbreviation: USSR
Group Numbers: 10+
Leadership: Mike Madman Calwert
Goals: In Soviet Russia, zombies fear YOU!!
Recruitment Policy: Anyone, if you ready to conform to our rules.
Contact: Use the forum. Also you can use the IRC - server irc://, channel #urbandead

— In Soviet Russia friends are red and enemies are dead!!

Greetings, comrade!

Before you start asking us any suspicious questions, let me tell you something, my friend. The word 'stalker' in our title does not mean that we are continuously walking behind some random zombies. By our definition, a stalker is an artifact hunter, a firearms and a survival expert, well armed and equipped. But most importantly - a stalker is a 'lone wolf' of the wasteland, who works only (and rarely) with other stalkers. USSR is an exception from this rule - we are urban stalkers and we are united.

We don't like zombies, 'cause they make our work more difficult. But even more we hate humans, who act like zombies. We fight them with any means possible, even when other humans disagree with our methods.


We are currently recruiting. Report to our forum for details.


The first comrade of the future USSR, Rudie McLean, was and still is one of our oldest and most respected stalkers, has originally found his way into the Malton in search of adventure and precious artifacts. Two weeks later, he was joined by another stalker, Mike "Madman" Calwert. The new team found a temporary place to stay at the Grimshaw Road Police Department, the base of operations of the Roftwood Assault Force. In October 2006, when Roftwood was overrun by the zombies, Rudie and Mike were one of the last defenders of the Joyner Boulevard Police Department. Trying to stop the incoming zombie horde, they have met a terrible fate. Eventually, after recovering, they took a part in the defense of the Nichols Mall, but were overpowered once again. The team had to escape and find their salvation back in the suburb of Roftwood. Then, while spending nights and days barricading the Hildebrand Mall, Mike Calwert has come to an idea of creating an alliance of the stalkers, uniting those survivors who will choose to fight the incoming zombie hordes no matter what. And thus, the USSR was born.


know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: (SE-2) 26.17 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Roftwood


  • 1. Be a survivor.
  • 2. Fight against zombie forces of Malton.
  • 3. Keep up the generally accepted rules of conduct in Malton.
  • 4. Obey coordinator's orders.
  • 5. Use tactics described in The Mall Defence Manifesto.
  • 6. Obtain Free Running and Construction skills as fast as possible.
  • 7. Cooperate with each other and the main survivors groups.
  • 8. Assist comrades of the USSR.
  • 9. Follow the policy of having as little zombie skills as possible.
    • 9.1 Yes, you read it right. NO ZOMBIE SKILLS, unless absolutely necessary. Got it? You are a human, not a zombie, after all.

Desired (but not obligatory):

  • 1. Speak Russian.
  • 2. Help other survivors, as long as they are not Z-spies or PKers.
  • 3. Don't be an trenchcoater.


  • 1. Destruction of the barricades, except for lowering their levels to VS on the Entry Points.
  • 2. Destruction of the generators and radio transmitters, except situations when it's needed for disguise.
    • 2.1 If destruction of the generator is REALLY needed, don't forget to cite your reasons before.
  • 3. Retuning the radio transmitters to any other frequency, except for this suburb's official frequency in public places (e.g. malls and hospitals).
    • 3.1 If you really need to broadcast something: retune - broadcast - retune back.
  • 4. Attacking survivors, independently of your status (zombie or survivor) (see Note 2).
  • 5. Attacking zombies on a Revive Point and Sacred Ground (cemeteries, churches).
  • 6. Healing/reviving a person before you have checked theirs skills.
  • 7. Healing/reviving a person who has more zombie skills than the survivor skills.
  • 8. Healing/reviving a person with large number of zombie skills (except of friendlies and allies)
  • 9. Zerging! Multiple characters allowed, but not in same area.

Note 1.

  • "Lurching Gait" and "Ankle Grab" and "communication" skills accepted AFTER acquiring of all the survivor skills.

Note 2.

  • 1. No-aid:
    • 1.1 Survivors with many zombie skills.
    • 1.2 Survivors with Infectious Bite and Feeding Drag.
    • 1.3 Combat-revivers.
  • 2. Kill-on-sight:
    • 2.1 GKers.
    • 2.2 Survivors, whose number of zombie-skills exceeds number of survivor-skills by five.
    • 2.3 Survivors with Brain Rot.
    • 2.4 Reported PKers with KOS rating.
    • 2.5 Any members of PKer or zombie-spy groups.
    • 2.6 Survivors that PKed any of USSR comrades with any reasons.
  • 3. Any exceptions of this rules must be ordered by Coordinator himself.



All USSR comrades are expected to do REAL job, not waste AP killing sleeping zambahz. See The Mall Defence Manifesto.

Basics of defense

  • 2. Always leave at least 1 FAK for yourself.
  • 3. Always leave at least 1 syringe.
  • 4. USSR comrades are not allowed to leave Mall during siege to hunt for zombies - this is the most useless waste of AP! Better look for wounded and heal them.
  • 5. All USSR comrades must sleep inside Mall section, which is under attack, providing defense for other survivors. Exception is searching for resources in powered Mall sections.

Revivification policy

  • 1. All USSR revivers must have 3 priority levels when making revive.
    • 1.1. First priority are USSR comrades.
    • 1.2. Second priority are comrades of any alied groups.
    • 1.3. Third priority are any other survivors. They must be revived only after DNA Scan and when there are no other high-priority targets left. Also check 'No-aid' list.

When you are defending Mall or any other building your actions are (even if there's zambahz inside):

  • 1.Red (High Threat)
    • 1.1. Heal yourself if infected or low on HP.
    • 1.2. Dump all bodies outside.
    • 1.3. Barricade at least to VSB+2.
    • 1.4. Hold current position, wait for breach attempt. Check UD as often as possible.
    • 1.5. Maintain barricades level at VSB+2. DO NOT WASTE APs ON BARRICADING TO EHB!
    • 1.6. Leave as many APs as possible for further breach attempts.
  • 2.Orange (Moderate Threat)
    • 2.1. Heal yourself if infected or low on HP.
    • 2.2. Dump all bodies outside.
    • 2.3. Barricade at least to VSB+2.
    • 2.4. Search for supplies and ammunition, reload your weapons.
    • 2.5. Follow coordinator's current orders.
  • 3.Green (Low Threat)
    • 3.1. Same as previous.
    • 3.2. Do whatever you want. It's expected that you'll try to gain as may EXP as possible.
    • 3.3. You may leave defended building, but don't leave the suburb without order.

Treweeke mall raid.jpg
Mike Madman Calwert, BAPBAP and Freakazoit preparing for Treweeke Mall raid

USSR Operations

Operation: Zone Siege

DATE: December 18, 2006 - February 3, 2007

First official USSR mission started with Hildebrand Mall defense. Than, thanks to the assistance from the LCD, the Nichols Mall were reclaimed and with a moderate success remained zombie-free for a long period of time. Such actions have forced the RRF zombie hordes(Gore Corps and presumably, Red Guards) to regroup and concentrate their attack on this specific mall, leaving other strategic points weakened. After the second strike attack on the mall, it was reclaimed and successfully rebuilt. Both units were relocated to the Tynte Mall, cleaning up the zombie mess and fortifying the barricades. The operation went exactly as it was planned, with the complete disposal up of the zombie elements. As of completion of the operation, Survivor Security Zone stands mostly free and populated. USSR is leaving the mall to provide assistance to the groups outside of the SSZ. Good job, comrades!

Operation: At World's End

DATE: April 1, 2009 — August 20, 2009

Woman from USSR with AK-47 hiding in Dulston ruins during April 2009 operation

After a period of inactivity and independent endeavors, USSR is back in action as a single unit. We have decided to leave the SSZ and move out to one of the more distant Malton suburbs - Dulston. Our scouts did not let us down - our arrival to the Treweeke Mall has coincided with a spike in the rotter's activity in this region. Many will remember the fierce battle at Spicer Row Police Department on April 5th, when after a backstabbing attack by a enemy revived z-spy Olivia Turnoc, zombies broke into the station and massacred the survivors. The stalkers were the last line of defense: after an exhausting confrontation with the PKs, our veteran stalkers HmH, Bercov, Nickolai Zinoviev, .223FMJ and Rudie McLean, as well as many others, have fought a glorious battle against the zombie till the very end. Many remember Freakazoit's inspiring speeches from an emergency radio station at the Parrott Towers, FOXHOUND HQ in Dulston, that was finally lost on April 9th. Bringing the supporting words of encouragement to the Dulton survivors — the station has became the beacon of hope that attracted a 100+ horde of zombies. The bodies were piling up outside of the building and the rivers of blood were flowing in the streets. With the appearance of the death cultist groups — such as The End and Amish Liberation Front, Mall defense was becoming harder with each day. The turning point came on April 15th, when the zombie horde, mostly consisting of our long-standing capitalist rivals, the RRF, have broken through the last barricades. Exhausted by PK-hunting, death cultist opposition and barricade building, destruction of the last NecroTech building(the Whitlock Building) has forced the USSR to withdraw back to the Pegrum Place Police Dept, that unfortunately fell a few hours after the Mall did. Despite the fact that USSR has fought hard to stop the zombie insurrection, defending the key resource buildings, reviving survivors and hunting PKs, Dulston was eventually taken over and ransacked by a superior zed force. We lost many of our comrades. Few of them even become a zombies, our mutual enemies. Anyway, it was a good run, comrades.

Operation: Home, Sweet Home!

DATE: September 1, 2009 — Present Days

On return USSR helped to take back Roftwood, making coordinated strikes on resource buildings and clearing them one by one. Main USSR zone of activity was north-east part of suburb. Working along with other survivor groups survivors was able to return most of infrastructure to 'up & running' state. Since there is still not enough survivors to maintain defense of Hildebrand Mall, we concentrated on resource buildings, mainly holding the barricades and healing the wounded. But we don't forget our main goal - defend SSZ from pro-zombies. Eventually, we found few members of Batshit Insane hiding in one of the building, close to 'heart' of Roftwood. Few hours from that moment, they was executed. Few days after we found more of them in other part of suburb, executing them in every occasion. Аfter week of intense hunting they were forced to cease activity in the suburb. But that's not the end - they reported us on Rogue Gallery. That's no big deal - everyone (except of some MMS combat-revivers) in Roftwood knows us. But if you don't... Before you pull the trigger think twice - which side are you on? Do you really want to help them?

USSR comrades

Active Comrades

One of our veteran stalkers, on top of the roof of the Summer Building

Passive / MIA Comrades

Allied Groups

The groups that have officialy confirmed their alliance with us.

Friendly Groups

Kill List

These people must be killed on sight.





Known zombie group members and z-spies

The End

The Dead

Red Rum

Ridleybank Resistance Front

Gore Corps

Batshit Insane


Ex-USSR comrades, must be threated as PKs.

Pagans, Headbangers of Malton


Candidates for Kill List

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