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Religion before the Outbreaks

Before the outbreaks, Malton apparently had a rich religious life. Based on the wide range of churches in Malton, all apparently Christian, and the lack of other religious buildings, Malton seems to have been a predominantly Christian community. The city also features five cathedrals. However, since the outbreak, a surprising amount of religious diversity has arisen in Malton, from Christian groups which view the outbreaks as a curse or a blessing, to religions based on New Age ideas, voodoo, and more obscure faiths.

Zombie Religious Groups

Most zombies have religious beliefs of some sort.

  • Barhah is likely the most widely-practiced faith in Malton. Its members consider unlife to be the purest state of bliss. Barhah fundamentalists believe that one cannot fully experience barhah without the rot, and that all life is anti-barhah, even if devoted to ending the lives of others, while non-fundamentalists accept death culting.
  • The Church of the Resurrection is a satirical pseudo-Christian zombie cult based on an unconventional interpretation of New Testament scripture. The cult serves as a kind of commentary on and caricature of modern right-wing Christian fundamentalism. A clever integration of fundamentalist ideas with Urban Dead's zombie gameplay.
  • The Dark Order of Armageddon is a death cult which encourages members to continue killing survivors even while human.
  • Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set is a growing zombie cult dedicated to worshiping the snake God Set, and Thulsa Doom from the movie Conan The Barbarian.

Survivor Religious Groups

A number of small religious sects have appeared among survivors since the outbreaks. Notable groups include:

  • The Cult of the Unseen Ones. Following on from the teachings of Saul D'Alessio, this cult is devoted to the worship of the Unseen Ones and the destruction of the Chosen.
  • The Imperial Creed, the worship of the Immortal God-Emperor as upheld and spread by the Ecclesiarchy, the Holy Church of the Imperium and the God-Emperor
  • DORIS, a cult of Pluto worshipers that kill infidels.
  • Members of the Malton World Cup Committee are worshiped as gods, and provide a religious experience to all who watch their brand of 'sexy' football
  • The Amish Liberation Front
  • The Malton's Angels Have been accused of possessing a religious zeal similar to the Church of the Resurrection, although they deny this claim.
  • The Redemptionists
  • Viva La Faith, Part of Viva La Revolution and was formed by the constitution of the revolution, now destroyed by its leader, and states that while all religions are accepted in Malton by this group, this group embodies its religion. They claim to be the only remaining true Christ worshiping group.
  • New Malton Skete - an organization for solo religious players
  • Queer Jew are an Unorthodox Jewish congregation whose loosely held tenements restricted only to being Jewish, homosexual, or both.
  • The Legion of the Octopope is the largest religious group (not counting those zombie religions) in Malton. Our faithful continue to bring the word of the Octopope to the huddled masses.
  • Full-Custom Gospel is a street gang organized like a religion that worship rock & roll and popular culture (if anything at all); dedicated to self preservation, help to the deserving and death to the annoying.
  • The True Believers a newly formed Catholic group that want to unite all Christians.
  • The Church Of The Beyonder a group formed around a Interdimensional Space Pimp known as The Beyonder. Its military wing is The Outsiders
  • Team Zombie Hardcore is one of the ancient religions of Malton. Followers of "The Awesome" and eternal enemies to "The Suck", the two fundamental forces of the universe from which all power flows. They follow the divine teachings of Mark Whalberg the Avatar of awesome, first Deity of The Awesome, brother to The Beyonder.
  • The SOS Brigade, who worships the tsundere goddess St.Suzumiya
  • The Cult of the Goddess is a group of religious radicals who believe that there is a goddess who determines the luck of all who live in Malton. The Cult makes sacrifices in this goddess's name.
  • The Fire Cult of Phlogistera or, sometimes, just Fire Cult, is a young movement first noted in 2012. Its worshipers tend to be Individualists who occasionally open themselves to Mysticism, despite pursuing Enlightenment for themselves and others. The movement's place of origin is thought to be Dunell Hills and its stomping grounds are thought to be Fryerbank.

Crossover Religious Groups

  • Christianity, historically a major Maltonite religion, has become a strained and potentially fractured faith in Malton. Both survivors and zombies number among the handful of remaining Maltonite Christians.
  • The Church of Kevan believe that the universe is years old and was created by an entity they call "Kevan". By studying the workings of the universe they hope to become closer to their creator.
  • The Church of New Eden preached the doctrine of the Eternal Wheel, encouraging both survivor and zombie players to embrace their roles. They have been reformed as The Evangelical Order of the Return to Eden.
  • Disciples of Zeko were a PKer cult formed to venerate murder itself; members were both zombies and survivors.
  • The Knights of the Temple of the Shrike are a militant order which believe in the "Void Which Binds" that connects both humans and zombies. They believe strongly in the Cruciform and in the Love of a Thousand Deaths and Rebirths.
  • Cult of Cthulhu, Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
  • Malton Taoist Temple, which views all styles of play, living and dead, to be within the nature of Taoist principles.

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