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Mazzaham-am am barhahbra!n g!az gab mah ambrangamz amarh mah nabrazzaz. Haz baan maazbagh barhahbra!n ahn Marzan, barra rah nah am amaaz namrh bgaz zambaz an harmanz am nabrazzaz. Namannah harmanz ahn Marzan habganna namrh ahnzgaar bang bang zambahz, arza namannah zambahz habganna namrh ahnzgaar barg mah harman nabrazzaz.

Barhahragz za-mamaaz namrh barhahbra!n nabarzarazz am mannah ahn Marzan; zbazhaha am rra!nz za-RAAH bagbagh barhahbarnz an mannah zhaarzh. Ahn zagaGab barnz am garagz.

Maazmannah zaMarzanz nanagrab zaMazzaham-am baghgab nah harm zambahz, barra mannah harmanz agzang zaMazzaham ambrang ahn zamazah agzangz. Mannah zhaarhzh am bagbarnz arra mrhbarnz.


Zhaarzh zaRahzrrragz-an, barah bagh zambah barhahbra!n, haz mamaaz bang bang maaz Mazzaham-am. Nabgaz Zhaarzh zaRahzrrragz-an grabz mannah arragzangz na-ahnna Mazzaham-am, agharh Mazzahamz gab g!az Zhaarzh zaRahzrrragz-an am BananaRaman bgaz zam harm an barg harmanz.


Christianity is a religion which exhorts its followers to love their enemies and make peace. Formerly the dominant religion in Malton, organized Christianity has become virtually extinct due to the enmity between zombies and survivors. Few survivors in Malton are willing to die rather than shoot zombies; likewise few zombies are willing to be shot rather than eat their human enemies.

Relics of the now underground and disorganized religion nevertheless abound throughout the city; most notable are the ruins of five famed cathedrals as well as numerous churches. Within these looted houses of worship can be found crosses.

The remaining Maltonite Christian survivors are divided as to whether the commandment to love one's enemies extends to zombies; likewise some Maltonite Christian zombies refuse to harm humans, whereas others-- notably the Church of the Resurrection-- claim that killing humans expedites their resurrection and eternal life. While the faith is rarely practiced in contemporary Malton, its practice of mercy is still evidenced by the use of many churches as field hospitals or revive points.

There is no evidence that any Christian liturgy or worship has been conducted in any of Malton's churches since the outbreak; How many survivors existing that still follow the faith is unknown as religion in the city has now become a more personal matter and less an institutional affiliation. For some Christians this is a good thing and for others this is how it's always been.



Eastern Christians

Western Christians

  • The Anglican Church of Malton

Notable in that it was started because a king wanted a divorce but the Pope wouldn't give him one. So the king said he'd create his own church- he did so, copying virtually every other aspect of the Catholic church.

  • The Malton Baptist Convention

Baptism is notable for its missionary zeal, and Southern Baptism especially for its preaching that Catholicism is not true christianity, and that it is in fact the Whore referenced in revelations, and for other fundamentalist beliefs

  • The Lutheran Synod of Malton

The first branch of Protestants, created when Luther nailed the "95 Theses" to a church door

  • The Malton Methodist Church

Noted for being the "melting pot" of churches- historically has and will accept anyone, and varies widely from region to region as to composition.

  • The Roman Catholic Church

The first branch of christianity- the only one to have its own absolute ruler, and the only one with territory- it has been under fire since the day it was formed- externally, as in the kings of europe- and internally, as in the Protestant Reformation.

  • Non-denominational Churches


Religious Groups

The Church of the Resurrection is an extremely popular zombie religion that borrows many of its traditions from Christianity. However, its practice of killing and devouring humans is deemed heretical by most survivor Christians.

Viva La Faith, Part of Viva La Revolution was formed by the constituion of the revolution, and stated that while all religions are accepted in Malton by this group, this group embodies its religion. They claimed to be the only remaining true Christ worshiping group.

The New Malton Skete welcomes solo religious survivors.

The True Believers a newly formed Catholic group formed by Father O' Reiley .This group are looking to help and unite all christians of malton.The groups main goals is a pilgrimage to the five cathedrals helping and spreding their love of Christ.

The Spanish Inquisition (TSI) is a formidable elite Catholic 'ecumenical outreach' task force. Arriving unexpectedly in Malton in 2009, their stated mission is to eradicate heretics in the form of zombies, using their chief weapon: surprise, and fear; that is, their two chief weapons: surprise, and fear, and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope. Rather, they have three chief weapons... oh, never mind. Their preferred persuasive techniques involve ruthless application of comfy chairs, soft pillows (sometimes with all the stuffing pushed down one end, according to horrified witnesses who have survived the ordeal) - and even the notorious drying rack. They are known to favour nice red uniforms and to hold unspeakable rituals such as the infamous 'Cake or Death' interrogations in St John's Cathedral, Vinetown. Visitors welcome!

Groups with Religious Ties

The anti-zombie DHPD retain a police chaplain and hold weekly services at usually undisclosed locations during times of peace and major holidays.

The survivor organization entitled the Knights of St. Jude operate out of St. Jude's Cathedral in Molebank. They are loosely affiliated with the Catholic Church, having sworn service to a Catholic Saint.

The Crabapple Estate is owned by a family avowing conservative Anglicism, although many would argue their practice is somewhat unorthodox. Furthermore, they have a reputation for debauchery and worship of their absent leader, Lord Crabapple, as some kind of messiah or God, although the latter is predominently practiced by certain employees. Nonetheless, there is a certain tendency amongst members to proclaim their divine righteousness based on their God-given nobility, and they have their own family chapel, in the form of St. Ethelbert's Church (West Boundwood), dedicated to their patron saint. One member, Harald von Holzapfel, is certainly not Anglican, being a staunch Roman Catholic of the medieval persuasion.


Said to be the founder of Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth preached a message of peace that has undoubtedly affected the course of history in a considerable way. He was crucified ironically due to religious leaders fear of his movement growing too powerful.

Types of Jesus Sightings

Since the zombie apacolypse many Maltonites have claimed they have seen Jesus and that he has returned. This Catalogues the types of Jesus sightings.