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Sir Fred of Etruria
[Sir Fred of Etruria]
Affiliation: Quartly Study Group
Rank: Librarian

A little over two thousand years ago, Sir Fred was a midlevel noble in Etruria. His day to day life was simple, consult the omens and proceed appropriately. Unfortunately the omens led him to be trapped in a bog, and to become a terrifically preserved specimen. This specimen was unearthed by the brave anthropologists of the Keane Museum. And if not for some minor thing like a zombie apocalypse, Sir Fred would still be happily displayed in a 'Tuscan' exhibit. S.F.o.E. is searching for other anthropological exhibits.

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The Big Bash.png Roftwood hosts the Big Bash
The Big Bash brought a shuffling horde of zombies through my Library while my Librarian was shopping in the mall.

July 19th '06 to July 21st '06

Blackmorebastard.JPG Bastard
Hey, the Templars were wiped out on October the 13th.

August 18th '06 to October 13th '06

Doc hayworth.JPG Quartly Library's tangle with Apocalypse Horde
The Apocalypse Horde devistated all of Roftwood, keeping it barren for months.

The Quartly Librarians continued battling till the end.
August 16th '06 to November 13th '06

Podium.jpg Defender of the Podium
This user/group bravely defended the zambah guests who were lecturing us, from devivification by illiterate undead. We fought them from our walls, our entry point, and our supermercado.

November 15th '06 to December 15th '06

I am ok.jpg Take Back the Night
This Librarian reclaimed a ransacked mall with a couple friends, a cinema, and two libraries.

Mar 21th to mar 25th of 2007

Library ransack.JPG Expedition for Literacy
This Librarian was invited to the Chudleyton Area to wage battle over the suburb's ransacked libraries.

Dec 16th to Dec 25th of 2006

Skullz n books.jpg World Traveller 2007
This user walked upon the road less travelled with the QSG, and, despite four different attacks by assassins, survived six months of Malton in barricade free environments.
Open air.jpg Open Air: Feb 24th to Mar 19th
This user/group celebrated the
Quartly Library's no barricades policy
until an undead horde came to town.

Banana.gif B-A-N-A-N-A-Z!
This user knows exactly what to do with a banana.
Shadow-of-the-colossus.JPG A Colossus Of Class
This user or group is part of the New Malton Colossus.

Librarian small.jpg Free Information
Libraries are for everyone and should remain barricade free.

Dungeonmasterguide.jpg Quartly Study Group
L i b r a r i a n
Crayon children.jpg The Great Bookstore Rescue
With the help of the The Zodiacs, this Librarian rescued the ruined bookstores of Roftwood from the illiterate undead twice in one week

January 29th to February 3rd of 2008