The Wolfendall Arms

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The Wolfendall Arms
The Wulves and their survivor friends use this pub as their main headquarters and hangout. It's reliably safe, powered, and occupied.
--VVV RPMBG 17:38, 9 May 2024 (UTC)
the Wolfendall Arms

Wyke Hills [57, 95]

the Ruxton Museum Cowie Library Bubcar Avenue
Honeybone Walk the Wolfendall Arms Shepherd Auto Repair
the Needs Building the Cosh Motel the Wicksted Building

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.
The Wolfendall Arms, with heavy blockhouse barricading developed by the Wulves as a part of the defensive bulwark for eastern Wyke Hills, connects a pair of Necrotech buildings with other valuable tactical resource buildings.


Home to the rockinest group in Malton, Fear of Fridays, plus it's street team.

A paramilitary group named Wulves has adopted this apparently abandoned Rock Club as an advanced Observation Post. Having discovered that the sound system was functional, Wulves operatives were pleased to discover previously unreleased LIVE concert recordings of the mysterious rock group Fear of Fridays and were blown away by their awesome performances. When it was discovered that the ground floor's beer taps still worked, this post quickly began to be the most requested duty station.

Further explorations of the Wolfendall Arms has revealed a secret basement shooting range complete with Smythe and Westonne 12 gauge shotguns. These prototype experimental weapons called "Zedguns" are over and under types as opposed to the side by side shotguns standard to Malton. This has lead to speculation that the Wolfendall has yet undisclosed secrets from before the outbreak, and that the reason for all the loud rock music was to cover the noise from the secret basement levels.

Everyday, a hidden radio plays two specific Irish drinking songs.

The band styx played a memorable concert here and is rumored to be in negotiations for a return gig.


Somebody has spraypainted Daisy Hill Puppy Farm onto a wall. As a result of this tag, the Wulves have started to refer to Wolfendall Arms as Daisy Hill Puppy Farm-because Snoopy IS Joe Cool.


While not much is known of the club's origin, an old sign and ledger were recently discovered underneath one of it's three bars by an overzealous patron who ended up on the floor looking upwards at the underside of the bar. This turned out to be an actual tavern sign that had been laid down to make a third bar in an attempt to keep up with the rowdy patrons of the Rock shows during the club's heyday. The sign depicts a curvy blond female clad only in a red riding hood walking arm in arm with a large gray wolf and has lead to the theory that the pub's original name may have been the Wolf and Doll Arms. The Ledger may provide the answers but as it is written in Old Norse, it has yet to be translated.

Barricade Policy

In accordance with the Wyke Hills Barricade Plan, this building is to remain extremely heavily barricaded.