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June 2008:

I have been lying dead for several months now. Blame this lassitude on a mental condition, possibly related to the virus, in which the sufferer lapses into a hypnagogic state ( sometimes termed "real life" by the more deluded of Malton's residents ). Specifically, I seem trapped in a recurring nightmare in which I am stuck in a cheap apartment unable to organise a decent broadband connection. This could continue for some time.




Ca devait être mon premier grand voyage outre-mer. Je me suis arrêté en route dans Malton pour rendre visite à mon neveu. Les gens m'ont averti, ils ont dit qu'il y avait un certain genre d'infestation. J'ai pensé qu'ils n'étaient pas serieux. J'avais tort - mon cerveaux a été mangé en une journée.

It was going to be my first big trip overseas. I stopped off in Malton on the way to visit my nephew. People warned me, they said there was some kind of infestation. I thought they were soft. I was wrong - my brains were eaten within a day.


Cliquez ce lien pour voir mon profil.

Click this link to see my profile.


If you want to contact me for some reason, and cannot find me in-game, click the "discussion" tab at the top of this page and leave a message. Don't expect a quick answer though: entire weeks pass without my watchlist being checked for updates. If you're new to the wiki, just follow the prompts to create a user profile; it's a fairly easy process.


I'm gradually compiling a small French-English dictionary at G.I.F.D./Glossaire. Additions, corrections and suggestions are all welcomed.

--Dan Everyman 11:49, 12 September 2007 (BST)

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