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Lieutant Cullinane joined Urban Dead on 2006-09-04 00:49:56. His full name is Liam Cullinane (pronounced Lee-um Cull-en-ayne). He has not participated in any major events as of yet. He wishes to be revived if found, and frowns upon PK'ers. Hates Pathetic Bill with a Passion. Friggin' Jerkass......


Character's biography:

Born on November 28, 1980, in a small town in New York state, his father was of Irish descent and his mother had a myriad of ancestral heritages, due to a scattered family. He enoyed playing in the arcades as often as he could as a child. He loves firearms, and is very loyal.

He was seperated from his company, which was attached to the First Infantry Division, AKA The Big Red One due to their patch ([[1]]), when the plane he was supposed to airdrop from was shot down by an unidentifed group with an unidentified weapon. He managed to bail out, but is not sure if his buddies made it out. He is working his way to the nearest Fort or concentration of survivors, hoping to link up with fellow fighting men. He knows just what he needs, and will always back another survivor up against the zombie menace.

His words upon hitting the ground? "I need a Boomstick."

People who He would like to contact becuase they have helped him in some way: (Email

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NOTE: Not offically a member of the CDF, but tries to help defend the Fort when possible. To the CDF: Keep being awsome!

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