The Anti Mob Penguin Society

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The Anti Mob-Penguin Society
Abbreviation: AMPS/A.M.P.S
Group Numbers: 17, and growing every minute!
Leadership: yellow_birdy, DillyDally.
Goals: Destroy the Mob Penguins!
Recruitment Policy: Anyone, bar the Mob, can join
Contact: Yellow_Birdy, DillyDally (#1008015) (KoL), CarHarTar (UD),

The A.M.P.S (Anti Mob Penguin Society)

The AMPS is a clan, based both in KoL and Urban Dead, it is a group of several players, most notably: Dalsworth, DillyDally, Kuthulzrah, Ghost of Smashery, and yellow_birdy.

General Information

Below is general information about this group.


Currently, the small, but powerful group is situated in East Boundwood. We are setting encampments around Stapleton Arms.


The AMPS Aims to eradicate the Penguin Mafia (also known as the Mob Penguins) (MP), and in doing so, all their associates. In this game, however, they just want to win. By "win" I mean:



  • Destroy all the mob in the area
  • Bring in a large group.
  • Not be a zombie
  • Kill the Mafia!
  • Fix his PC
  • Kill the Mafia!
  • ????


First Goal: Secure a few buildings surrounding the Stapellton Arms as AMPS territory. Second Goal: Grape Drink, Watermelon, and fried chicken.

Recruitment Policy

You may join the AMPS anytime you wish! Unless you are a member of the mob hoping to infiltrate and sabotage us! Otherwise, talk to CharHar Tar, and he'll set you up.

If you want a special position in the crusade, K-Mail (if you play KoL) DillyDally (#1008015), with your: Required

  • KoL: Username and ID Number (EG: DillyDally, #1008015)
  • UD: In-game name, and, for communications, much preferred, a link to your profile (for our phones)
  • Your name written down on the list of crusaders (above, this helps us keep track).


  • Sign up for the forums here
  • Be part of both UD and KoL
  • Devise, and better the ranks (UD), IE: help make a rank system
  • Make/create/find more members/players/multis.
  • Your wiki name.
  • Why do you want to join?
  • What can you provide for us, what can we do for you?


  • You don't HAVE to put "AMPS" under "groups", it is optional.


Members of the AMPS that play Urban Dead:

  1. Ghost of Smashery
  2. DillyDally
  3. Dalsworth
  4. Smashery
  5. J Diddy
  6. CarHarTar Pker!!!
  7. Shaun Bidgood
  8. Sambo Jones
  9. Badgerman of DOOM
  10. romeisburning
  11. Paul Chown
  12. Richard Garde
  13. PO
  14. Kuthulzrah
  15. Sexymonkey69 (a very sexy monkey)
  16. DesertMagic
  17. badwolf3000

Want to join?

Anyone can join! Just chat to CarHarTar, and we'll set you up! if you cannot find him, post all relevant information on the discussion page, where it will be checked by badwolf3000 who can contact a group leader.




(Note: positions depend on your class and level, if there is more then one option you may choose.)

  • Hunter: Scouts, Firemen, Policemen, Privates
  • Healers: NecroTech, Doctors, Medics
  • Revivers: NecroTech
  • Dead: Zombies
  • Looters: Consumers




currently we have no base but we are looking for a suitable site, which will then be decked out and used as a base to destroy the mob.

Hitlists/ Intelligence


AMPS hitlist

This is the list of people who, unless underneath the direst of circumstances:

The Don's Hitlist

Who is a certified enemy of the Don, a potential ally of us, and a person who can't infiltrate them. Potential intelligence for both sides. People who have been retaliated against, have more joining chance.

"The following people are wanted by the Family; if you take out one of them and give *some* proof, you may get a reward:

  • Forzan for the unprovoked attacking and murder of a living member of the family.
  • tui for the unprovoked attacking of a living member of the family.
  • inuy4sh4 for destroying vital machinery. (Last seen heading toward St. Simplicius's Church - July 31 2006)
  • Tschudimann2 for insulting the Family.
  • BigJohnson for the unprovoked attacking and murder of three living members of the family (while in the Penguin Mafia HQ, no less). (Retaliation'd) x2 (/3)
  • Anal Probe for the unprovoked attacking a living member of the family while they were standing on Sacred Ground.
  • Private Dick Hurtz for intrustion on the Stapellton Arms and the subsequent repeated unprovoked attacks and murder of living members of the family, as well as insulting the family. (Retaliation'd) x3 (/∞+1)
  • User Amc for screwing up the timestamp on the recruitment page and causing our ad (and many others) to be deleted. [1]
  • Wo0t Wo0t for the assault and murder of living family members inside the Stapellton Arms. (Retaliation'd) x1 ( /∞)
  • Sgt Dragunov Killing a living family member and then taunting said member. --Tharivol 12:31, 20 December 2006 (CST)
  • Thom Bee for interupting a trial held by the Penguin Mafia (us) by killing tonberryspoon (the plaintiff/defendant). And another time for attacking a member of the Family. (Retaliation'd) x4 ( /6)
  • c138 For the murder of a regular and helpful patron of the Stapellton Arms Nurse Bettie. (Retaliation'd) --Rgon 16:36, 7 January 2007 (UTC)
  • betteroffdead for the (apparently) unprovoked murder of Cold as Ice, a stated ally of the family. Said event took place inside the Stapellton Arms. I assume retaliation would be appropriate? In unrelated news, Foreigner Rocks! --Rgon 06:39, 8 January 2007 (UTC) Also again for destroying two pieces of waluable machinery. Also also, again for several pks. However, "betteroffdead attacked you for 1 damage.",indicates a lot of devotion to his cause. (Retaliation'd) x5 ( /7)
  • James Of Minnesota For the murder of a regular and helpful patron of the Stapellton Arms Nurse Bettie.
  • day after for the unprovoked attacking and murder of a living member of the family. (Retaliation'd) x1 ( /1)
  • Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh for the unprovoked attacking and murder of a living member of the family. (Retaliation'd) x1 ( /1)
  • Drayke2 As a zombie spy, contributing to the fall of the Stapellton Arms, and instructing zombies to attack meh64. (Retaliation'd) x1 ( /1)
  • Silar Slear for the unprovoked attack and murder of a living family member, Darth Xander. According to what he said, this attack seems to be incomprehensibly prompted by the victim's relation to the works of Joss Whedon."

Known enemy locations

Secret Family HQ: [41,7] < the Stapellton Arms < East Boundwood < Malton
The Official Unofficial Revive Point For Members: [42,7] < the Lynn Monument < One block east of the Stapellton Arms
Closest correctly spelled Cemetery: [43, 6] < One block north and two blocks east of the Stapellton Arms
Nearest Mall: [43, 9] < Bale Mall < Two blocks south-east of the Stapellton Arms

Links to Intelligent sites, and parts of sites

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.52 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: All Controlled Buildings