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The Coalition
Abbreviation: TCs
Group Numbers: 20+
Leadership: The Core
Goals: The Improvement of Life (or Death) through acceptance of our current 'State of Being'
Recruitment Policy: Only those rare individuals who can live in both worlds as one
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.00 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: A Factory in Miltown

Who We Are

More than a group, The Coalition are a close-knit community of like-minded beings who just want to live out their lives(or deaths) according to the nature of their state.
Intent on finding a safe haven to allow continued exploration of their existence, The Coalition have taken up residence in Miltown - mainly due to the quality of the local amenities and the friendliness/tastiness of the local populace.

The Coalition Department of De/Res is a group dedicated to assisting those stuck in a life state they are unhappy with. Anyone may make a formal request for a life-state change to the De/Res Dept (through The Coalition email address) with the happy confidence that they will soon be altered to how they wish to be.
Please ensure the email subject contains "[De/Res]", so that it can be filtered through the bureaucracy appropriately. Be sure to include in the email a profile link and location for the requestee.


The intent of The Coalition is to live according to the state they are in. ie: Zombie members hunt and kill the living, while the living members hunt and kill zombies.
(Coalition members should not hunt each other)
The Coalition are a group out to bring fun back into their (un-)lives. After can't spell Zombies without it being and anagram of Bozeism.

Dual nature.JPG Dual Nature
This User or Group supports the Dual Nature Policy & believes that the citizens of Malton should embrace their two-fold nature.
EOE.jpg Equal Opportunity
This user/group supports the equal opportunity policy and does not discriminate on grounds of vitality, welcoming members/friends from both the living and the dead.

Harmanz.gif Spray Addict
Tag anything that sits still long enough.

The Coalition Accords

1) We define Player-Killing (PK) as unprovoked murder of survivors. We do not consider sabotage of generators to warrant PK as light draws zombies towards buildings and threatens occupants.

2) We define Zombie Player Killing (ZK) to be the unprovoked attacking of zombie by zombie. Whilst doing so can stimulate post-mortal neurons to greater recollection of their previous life, it should not be done at the expense of fellow post-mortals. There's plenty of survivors out there, and no-one really dies anymore (well...not for long).

3) Both ZK and PK are punishable by the offender being temporarily reduced to a dormant state (call it death if you like, but you'll be up and around in no time).

4) Necrotech is responsible for maintaining our imprisonment in the city. Whilst the Necrotech staff within Malton are as much prisoners as us, we cannot allow Necronet surveilance of our new society. Do not power up Necrotech Buildings.

5) Other than those simple rules, have fun in Miltown. We welcome survivors and zombies all - But don't get shirty if our dead friends kick down your doors and eat your brains. It's all part of the circle of life, innit?

Relationships with Other Groups

The Coalition do not actively stand for or against any other group. In fact, some of the events they hold are open to all.
If you have been altered (from life to unlife or vice versa) by a Coalition member and are unhappy with your new state, please feel free to lodge a formal Rev request with the Department of De/Res (via provided email address)
All requests will be considered by the department.
Please be aware that the De/Res Dept is often over-worked. Be patient. Explore your new outlook while you wait, you may find it more interesting than you initially thought.

Coalition Event Board


The Coalition officially announce the upcoming Zedball Rally.
A race around the outskirts of Malton that is expected to take place soon.
Entry is limited to Zombies only.

The Coalition is currently attempting to regularly broadcast on 27.00Mhz to provide helpful information and essential music to make your time in Milton and Fryerbank a more pleasant one, zombie or human.

Watch this space for further details.


The Core

Howling Dan - Spiritual Guide for The Coalition. Our Confessor and Our Absolution
Redback - Unlife Liaison and Crossover Counsellor
mingthemerciless - Resource Management Officer
Sugadonut - Head of the Department of De/Resurrections
Max Hudd - Life Liaison and Head of Security
John Keats - Head Cheese of the Inquisitorium

The Mantle

Hungry Dan
Mr Midnight
Devis Mal
Hungry Uncle Jack
Seven Solders
Charles Dahmer
Bader Baiter
Justice Jim
monkey glockenspiel

Known Player Killers

Player Name Crime Date Group
Blood Hunter P Killer Unknown Maltoners
Born Evil P Killer 01/01/06 Red Rum
BRAINS I WANT BRAINS P Killer Unknown brains r yum
Cantaloupe P Killer 01/01/07 Red Rum
damnsomatic P Killer 01/07/08 Shadows of Hell
Dfaran LEniarc P Killer 20/06/06 Philosophe Knights
Eranikus P Killer 11/08/08 Danversbank Relief and Reconstruction Project
FireFighter Mike P Killer 21/11/06 Malton Mob
Flogging Molly P Killer 20/06/06 Philosophe Knights
godsonlyhope P Killer 13/12/06 Shadows of Hell
Gunther Callahan P Killer 25/07/06 Unknown
Gus the Gasman P Killer 12/07/09 PHOBIA
HAL equals IBM P Killer 14/12/06 Red Rum
hum bug4 P Killer 20/06/06 Philosophe Knights
Hymen Goldsilver P Killer 08/01/07 M.D.F.
Jennifer Thrush P Killer 01/01/07 Red Rum
Jono loves Enrique P Killer 21/09/06 Unknown
Jougers P Killer 20/06/06 Philosophe Knights
kodak7 P Killer 11/02/09 Shtriga
Lallander P Killer Unknown Philosophe Knights
lamborn P Killer 04/02/08 Unknown
LazereyE P Killer 20/06/06 Philosophe Knights
Locknut P Killer 20/06/06 Philosophe Knights
Masque P Killer 20/06/06 Philosophe Knights
Mr Shadows P Killer 03/01/09 Malton Mob
noc II P Killer 20/06/06 Philosophe Knights
Oponn P Killer 17/12/06 Spartan Group Alpha
Parrot Thames P Killer 19/09/06 Philosophe Knights
PJ85 P Killer 10/05/07 None
poguemahone P Killer 20/06/06 Philosophe Knights
Propaganda Orange P Killer 20/06/06 Philosophe Knights
PsychospecterNinja P Killer 25/07/09 Unknown
Shock Arish P Killer 20/06/06 Philosophe Knights
Sigfrid P Killer 20/06/06 Philosophe Knights
Sniper Buddy P Killer 25/07/06 The Fortress
Squiggliespooch P Killer 20/06/06 Philosophe Knights
Taraken P Killer 04/02/08 The Damned
TheAleph P Killer 20/04/07 Top Ten
The Caz P Killer 04/02/08 The Damned
Torec Shadecrow P Killer 22/03/07 Cybele's Slayers
utu P Killer 15/01/09 Order of St Birinus's of Texas and Whitianga
wburke P Killer 17/09/06 Philosophe Knights
Zugbar P Killer 01/01/07 Red Rum

Those in bold have had their state altered at least once.

Known Z-Killers

Player Name Crime Date Group
Albert Braddock Z Killer 31/03/07 Starcake Faction
Baily Z Killer 21/06/06 Unknown
Barloth Z Killer 02/07/06 Unknown
Besterberg Z Killer 04/07/06 Unknown
bwanadick Z Killer 01/07/06 Shacknews
Charmrot Z Killer 20/11/06 Unknown
DarkEld3r Z Killer 02/03/07 Unknown
Dave21 Z Killer 10/07/06 Unknown
devestater Z Killer 20/11/06 Unknown
dsldsl Z Killer 27/02/07 ANTI-HEROES
el'johnson Z Killer 27/11/06 Unknown
Enoch the Red Z Killer 27/11/06 Philosophe Knights
Greenmario16 Z Killer 02/03/07 Weaklings
gwaping Z Killer 27/11/06 ocean's 12
Hoethir1 Z Killer 11/07/06 No Group - Freelancer
ilovecarly Z Killer 28/02/07 Unknown
Jazzpilot Z Killer 20/11/06 Unknown
Jewl Essence Z Killer 20/11/06 Youngsters
Mellors Z Killer 19/06/06 Deadsouls
mudkeznare Z Killer 10/07/06 Unknown
nebub Z Killer 11/07/06 Unknown
Quatermaster Z Killer 10/07/06 The_Peoples_Fr
Reeper16 Z Killer 04/07/06 Unknown
Rubbia Z Killer 24/03/08 The Know Nothings
Serrinon3 Z Killer 11/07/06 Unknown
Shaede Z Killer 02/03/07 Unknown
shortshorts Z Killer 28/02/07 Quartly Study Group
Skye Lightstar Z Killer 25/06/06 darkstars
Snipper Buddy Z Killer/P Killer 02/07/06 The Fortress
Terash Cas Z Killer 18/07/06 The Buoyant Armigers
unblessed Z Killer 19/09/06 Unknown
Yo Morten Z Killer 12/07/06 Unknown
Zac Heisenberg Z Killer 20/11/06 Unknown
ZedDed Z Killer 20/11/06 Unknown
zergermeister Z Killer 20/11/06 Unknown
Zyion Z Killer 04/07/06 mofoticon
155mm Z Killer 10/07/06 Unknown
2010 Z Killer 10/07/06 Unknown

Those in bold have had their state altered at least once.


While The Coalition do not bear grudges against any particular group, they have had significant interactions with several other groups in the suburb of Miltown. Some of these have resulted in short term conflicts, mainly resulting from misunderstandings by the other groups or an unwillingness on their part to accept the lifestyle of The Coalition.

Some of these groups still maintain their emnity of The Coalition (along with their own coloured interpretation of what occurred).

This section provides a brief description of the events associated with each group.

The Alliance of Giddings

This was a territorial dispute regarding the AoG claim of ownership over Miltown. It was resolved peacefully through discussion.

This may have led to the conflict with:


This group, a supposedly unauthorised offshoot/splinter from DK13, began targetting Coalition members of PKing. Their reasoning was based on an unfounded accusation of Zombie-Spying (primarily based on the fact that The Coalition includes both survivors and the undead).

Discussions regarding the issue ensued and the conflict eventually fizzled out as the original point was shown to be in error.

Doom Patrol

Yet another group who made the vast assumptive leap that, because The Coalition contains both survivors and undead, they must be Zombie Spies. This group has now faded into a minor bootnote in the annals of history.

The Brainiacs

This group arrived in Miltown claiming peaceful intentions and academic goals. This was soon shown to be false when they PKed members of The Coalition for using a Radio the Brainiacs had set up.

Discussions began, but faltered quickly due to The Brainiacs inability to respect the goals and lifestyle of The Coalition. They halted completely when it turned out that The Brainiacs had asked the Philosophe Knights to step in and fight the conflict for them. (which the P-Knights did eagerly).

Though only guilty of a small number of PKs, The Brainiacs alliance with the Philosophe Knights has shown them to support the abhorrent act and places them firmly in the PKer Group camp (or at least the PKer Supporters camp =).

This group has now also faded into a minor bootnote in the annals of history.

Philosophe Knights

A group of PKers who seemed to originate in Old Arkham (I think). One of our members ran into them while exploring Malton looking for those with similar ideals to our own.

He was PKed by this group and his questioning of their justification led to them following him across the southern part of the map to bring their PKing to the rest of The Coalition.

They later came to Miltown in greater numbers at the behest of The Brainiacs.

This conflict has now fizzled out - primarily because the Philosophe Knights finally realised what being a Dual Natured group actually means and decided to move on to somewhere where their actions would actually cause annoyance to their targets.

Be Warned - This group claim to follow a particular set of rules when choosing targets, but experience of their operations has shown those rules to be merely excuses for their bloodthirsty nature, and as such they are often interpreted in whichever way allows them to justify a kill.

The Damned

An odd group which opened hostilities with the Coalition after two of their members attacked and killed a member. After swift retaliation, The Damned opened up negotiation (after attempting to vandalise our page) and hostilities ceased.

Barricade Policy

For Miltown

90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
90 Bizzell Gover Factory Newborough Banbury Salde Loftus Mussabini Travers Carpark
91 Glyde Cartwright Eccleston Finnerty Otero Wasteland Cowdrey McCullock Chiles Sigel Arms
92 Hitchcott Warehouse Wasteland Old Gough Hodson Perriam Batts Weir Glode
93 Hanham Postlethwt Carpark Wasteland Wadham Shuffery Berrow Robinson Stockwell Gill
94 Fricker Restrick Derham Ketley Herward Tickle Byers Randle Baynes Birmingham
95 Carpark Snoad Hogyson Olive Factory Fliney Balle Carpark Richardson Currington
96 St Francis Villar Tite Way Quarles Hatwell Whitefield Josephine Bodd Junkyard Woodborne
97 Stroude Factory Yorke Callistus Atyeo Dollery Carpark Barns Weymouth Cottell
98 Red Park Merrywthr Bradley Porter Whittaker Warehouse Bloom Ferriss Dawson McCullack
99 Donoghan Junkyard Brancker Horsnell Maguire Junkyard Pickering Strutt Perram Nickells
outside Revive EHB VSB
Building NecroTech Police Fire Dept Hospital Monument

This matches the UBP plan for Miltown, but is neater, better looking and easier to read/understand.