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The ODRS (Orbital Drop Response Soldiers) Were created by Congress, as a civilian militia that would be deployed from orbit in the scenario that something catastrophic happened.

Orbital Drop Response Soldiers
Abbreviation: ODRS
Group Numbers: Five, but growing =)
Leadership: Prince Oberyn
Goals: To pacify Malton without getting any mud stains on our spit polished boots
Recruitment Policy: none.
Contact: www.odrs.tk


Mission Statement: -To recruit civilians and military alike to swell the ranks of the ODRS and replace those soldiers that were lost upon orbital reentry. *Splat*

-To protect and save as many survivors as possible. -To look fashionable. (Good Luck guys Zombie drool aint a good fashion statement)


The ODRS is a sanctioned member of SEQA.

The ODRS are friends with DK13 =)

The ODRS are trying to pick a fight with the Feral Undead... Crazy Bastards

We operate a revive point in Miltown, at Atyeo Crescent.

This will be added onto later.

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