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Bastards Of War
Abbreviation: BOW
Group Numbers: 17 Active Members
Leadership: Joint Leadership
Goals: Safety and Security of the Suburbs of Earletown ,Pashenton and Chancelwood
Recruitment Policy: Information is available on our forums
Contact: Message the forums

Words of Advice from the Bastards of War

"When all else fails, throw your gun at them."

About Us

The Bastards of War were formed in Urban Dead on December 5th 2005 in the suburb of Earletown and have called it their home ever since. We are a group that have found a common enemy in the form of zombies and make it our highest priority to ensure the safety of every survivor that passes through our borders, from the lowest of levels to those who can handle themselves. Through implementation of our custom barricade plan, we intend to make it possible for everyone to find a safe haven from zombie assaults. We are a group that does not fear death, as long as we take several zeds down with us!

We intend to make the suburbs of Earletown , Pashenton and Chancelwood easily accessible to every survivor. Several safe houses and revive points will be set up and made public knowledge. All resources in our suburb will be made available to everyone, only overbarricading the most necessary of buildings.

If you're looking for something that used to be up here check out the archives.

Active Revive Points

Revive Requests:

  • If you're a zombie looking for a revive please post on our forums. You don't even have to register!
Earletown revivification requests, click here.
Ames Plaza (79,6)
Pashenton revivification requests, click here. Stringer St. (73,15) and Homer St. (77,12)
Chancelwood revivification requests, click here. Curton Mansion (67,4) & (68,5)


  • Area of Operations: Currently our members are pacifying the suburbs of Earletown and Pashenton, maintaining barricades as needed. While moving into Chancelwood with similar objectives. We also operate several revive points in the dual-suburb area. In Earletown you could shamble on over to Ames Plaza (79,6) or in Pashenton you could visit either of our two convenient locations at Stringer St. (73,15) and Homer St. (77,12). Don't forget to tip your server!
  • Group structure: BOW is divided into three subgroups: Hunters, whose primary task is eliminating hostiles; Scientists, who operate the revive points and and give real hands on medical care to your average survivor-on-the-street; and Engineers, who actively maintain barricade levels and radio transmitting equipment, as well as acting as supervisor over a section of the suburb. It is not strictly necessary to become a member of any particular subgroup when joining; it is mainly a way of keeping a level of organization during planned missions.


  • THEM - As of March 26th, 2009, BOW and THEM are allies.
  • The Fortress - As of late February 2009, BOW and The Fortress are allies.
  • Zombra's Pub - As of late February 2009, BOW and Zombra's Pub are allies.


  • PKer's, GKer's, and ZKer's. Oh my!: BOW will not recruit survivors that are known to be PKer's, GKer's, or ZKer's. We take a dim view of players that randomly or purposefully PK, GK, or ZK. We believe that excessive PKing, or any kind of griefing, ruins the fun of the game.
  • Random Revives: BOW does not condone random revives as we respect a zombie's choice to remain a zombie. Revives will only be provided at the designated revive points (Ames Plaza in Earletown, Homer Street or Stringer Street in Pashenton, Curton Mansion in Chancelwood) after a DNA scan has been performed. On the other hand, if you want to make the whole process easier on everyone, you can post your profile on our revive request forums. Want to know how? Read above, my friend. Revives have slowed down somewhat,but BOW is coming back around to restart their trusty serivce. I mean,who wouldn't want to stab a zombie with something pointy?
  • Radio Frequency: BOW is currently not broadcasting on any frequencey. Our old frequency was 26.40.

Recruitment Policies

BOW is open to all survivors, with exception of those that are known to participate in malicious PKing. Your level is not an issue, we will work with you in order to help you survive and grow. Remember, our survival depends on your survival. Interested parties should follow this link to the recruitment section. Instructions are available on the proper recruitment procedure.

Active Member List

not on the list click here

BOW MEMBERS (Inactive Members)
Name Level Position
Aphra Fox 41 N/A
Brother Jak 36 Hunter
Cooper Catz 41 Healer/Scout
Dirty Dellaway 41 Reviver
Dr. Deputy 11 N/A
Dudeman1 30 Hunter/Scout
Jakob Bishop 31 Hunter
Joe East 41 Hunter/Scout
Kit Arl 9 Healer
me101 41 Hunter/Barricader
Nekudemus 3 N/A
NIccodemus 30 Hunter
Oni Zuka 41 Hunter/Barricader
SJC Cato 27 Reviver/Barricader
Skippy Joe 41 Reviver/Barricader
Stuart Redman 20 N/A
yell101 22 Scout/Hunter

Updated: By Skippy Joe 14:32, 27 March 2009 (GMT)

Barricading plan

Our current barricade policy is basically to keep all buildings at a safe level, allowing all survivors from level one and up, a safe place to hide.

As of February 18, 2006- BOW has an official plan for the barricading of Earletown, dubbed the BOW Suicide Prevention Protocol. The plan calls for all buildings that survivors can jump out of to commit suicide to be barricaded to extremely heavy. This prevents zombies who have been revived, and who do not possess Free Running, from simply commiting suicide. Currently BOW is maintaining barricades across the whole suburb except for the North-West Zone. In the West Zone, we are simply trying to keep the barricades at least Very Strongly Barricaded but many buildings will remain overbarricaded until the area is more secure.