Bale Mall Elite

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Bale Mall Elite
Abbreviation: BME
Group Numbers: 19 as of 5/18/07/ # will change as members are added/deleted.
Leadership: Donnie Baker
Goals: To protect Bale Mall at all costs.
Recruitment Policy: Anyone who wishes to defend Bale Mall to the death.Please stop by the mall and say hello.
Contact: Ask DonnieBakerr in Yagoton or on discussion page.

The Bale Mall Elite (BME) is a survivor group made up of people who defend Bale Mall in East Boundwood and Yagoton from player killers, bounty hunters, and zombies. The BME declares that they will not let the mall be threatened in any way. The BME does not tolerate survivors killing other survivors, with the exception of cases where the survivor killed is on the BME's ENEMIES LIST.

The main goal of the BME is to keep griefing PKers out of the mall. These players, in the BME's opinion, attack randomly for the sole purpose of ruining other player's fun. The BME is of the opinion that by sticking together, the PKers can be driven out.

Enemies of BME


  • GioV PKing BME members.
  • Akule Killing survivors in the mall.
  • 15242 PKing BME members and others inside the mall. Another ALF idiot.
  • Ahmik PKing inside the mall. Get rid of him and his group - Cannibal Corps.
  • Keichix Pking inside the mall after we told him to stop.
  • The 6th Horsemen / the 6th horsemen PKing inside the mall. In addition, the group "La libération de Yagoton" and all it's current and future members have been declared an enemy of B.M.E.
  • Rhiyu PKing inside the mall.
  • Technerd PKing inside the mall. Kill with extreme prejudice. This bozo goes around killing people, who are not affiliated with BME, and claiming that they are.
  • HOKO - continual destruction of barricades, generators, radios, etc.
  • hurn0003 - Pking Abandoned members inside the mall.
  • The Joker - I have no ID page for him as the reporting player didn't provide it - but I did get a valid screenshot.
  • [1] - Lucifer The Scorpion. PKing
  • Yuri Ruler 90 - He spreads lies, slander and disinformation as well as killing multiple BME members.
  • Sherry Z - Zerging PKer.
  • Illiuar Luin - Zerging Pker
  • Holly Slutbag and her group 'Team Marathon' have been killing BME members in the mall.
  • Penis Piper - Another Team Marathon member.
  • Kristen Holden - Another 'Team Marathon' member.
  • Zaknrfama - Attacking people in the mall. Attacking/injuring players is treated the same as PKing.
  • Filial Justice - Another 'Team Marathon' member.
  • Jeanne Schneider - Repetitive killing of BME members.
  • Jaques Mesrine - Repetitive killing of BME members.
  • Gary Payton - This ex-Sonic is now Pking at every turn inside Bale Mall.
  • M Tek - One of the friends of Tim Drake, this annoying idiot continues to kill in the mall and act like a twelve year old in his ranting and PKing obnoxiousness. This character is the biggest jerk we've come across in-game.
  • Denzel Washington - Killed BME members, inside the mall, on numerous occasions and continuously vandalizes and edits our WIKI page without authorization. A very immature and sad person who nonetheless must be killed on sight.
  • Malton Brewers Union - Especially their leader (McBrewski) Killed BME members, inside the mall, on numerous occasions.
  • Men In Flak - (Shawn Crahan and Joe Loki)
  • Amish Liberation Front - This group is a random PKing horde that beleives the Bale Mall is the source of all evil in Malton. Not only is their claim without merit but they will kill anyone, at anywhere, at anytime.
  • The Neon Knights - ([2]) This group thinks the Yagoton Revive Clinic started the pandemic, which is stupid. They have spread to Harkness Street and beyond, killing mercilessly.
  • sMartMan - Attacked BME members without provocation.
  • Jimberino - Attacked BME members without provocation.
  • TimDrake - This idiot is believed to be friends with M Tek and another Tim Drake (with a space between the 2 names). This one is low level and just as stupid as the others ones but he does attack for 1 or 2 laughable points of damage. Infamous for lying about BME and changing spraypaint.
  • Mover - Attacked BME members without provocation.
  • LibrarianBrent - Bounty hunter.
  • Sloppy Joe - Numerous screenshots of him PKing inside the mall and also a notorious barricade destroyer.[3]

The "ENEMIES" List will also serve as a "KILL ON SIGHT" List for official BME members. Zaknfarma is NOT a member and I would appreciate it if he would stop adding stuff to our WIKI. --Legend X

Join the Bale Mall Elite

Anyone can join, as long as they aren't active bounty hunters and will defend the mall and protect the innocent people inside. Let me just repeat this so it's perfectly clear, BOUNTY HUNTERS ARE NOT WELCOME IN BALE MALL.

If you wish to join BME, ask one of the members at the mall.

The mall is a sanctuary. NOBODY is to be killed in Bale Mall and NO bounties are to be collected. Do not take the law into your own hands. We will protect you.

If ANYONE is killed inside Bale Mall, then a registered official member of BME will add the responsible party to our "Enemies" list. Please provide screenshot analysis in order to expediate that claim.

After that, ANY player on the list may be killed by ANYONE at ANYTIME.


Bale Mall and all buildings that directly surround it should be Extremely Heavily Barricaded + 4, with the exceptions of St Spyridon's Church [42, 10] and St Matthew's Hospital [45, 9].

Note to Vandals (in response to Denzel Washington's continual vandalism)

6/12/2006 - Here is the link (UDWiki:Specific Case Editing Guidelines#Group and Group Talk: pages) establishing Groups as the controlling force of their pages. Henceforth ALL Denzel's and MTek's (i.e. Banana Bear's) vandalism adding their opinions to our NPOV will be treated as vandalism and cause them to be banned. This decision stems from the very griefing vandalsim they have been perpetrating on this page for the past 5 months.

Posted by an admin from the Vandalism WIKI

"Group pages are the exclusive property of the creator.... 
If you post something and the page's owners remove it more 
than once - then the more you repost it, the more it becomes 
stronger and stronger cases of your vandalism...."

In closing, if you are not a BME member, or you don't have permission by ME to alter our WIKI, then don't change our mission statement. This first page is used by BME, and was created by BME, for factual informational purposes to prospects and other non-members. We will not allow false information to be placed in our doctrine. All and any civil discussion can be taken to the 'Discussion' page. Any uncivil discussion, lying, or profanity will be deleted.

BME is back

As of 5/31/23 BME is back protecting Bale Mall. More information may be added later.