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Clock.png Inactive Group
The Neon Knights are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 13:48, 16 July 2010 (BST) Not Inactive?

The Neon Knights
Abbreviation: The Knights, Neon Knights, whatever.
Group Numbers: Real number unknown, speculated to be between 1-6 members.
Leadership: Zaknrfama.
Goals: To give the supposed creators of this zombie epidemic a taste of their own medicine.
Recruitment Policy: Read the rest of this page to see the basic idea..
Contact: Post here.

Lame group is inactive and not coming back. I have no idea how to delete this page, but I'd like to. I hope you enjoyed fighting with us, guys, but if I'm gonna start playing Urban Dead again it's not going to be as a Neon Knight. --Zaknrfama 06:06, 8 August 2007 (BST)

The Neon Knights are a PKer group, but they have nothing to do with senseless killing. The Neon Knights are a ragtag band of survivors that believe that the folks at the Yagoton Revivification Clinic are the ones that started the zombie epidemic in Malton, and that they are running experiments on the public by reviving them and letting them go off and die again.

Their goal is to kill all the members of the clinic, to show them just how their experiments feel to the lab rats. They don't enjoy killing people; after all, they're fighting for a good cause. If anyone tries to get in their way, however, they do what they wish with them.

Crazy Liar On The Loose?!

I don't know what is going on, but this guy named Carthoris seems to have snapped. I got into a completely stupid 'argument' with him a few days ago.. I was killed by somebody, then I was revived and came back, asking why I was killed. Carthoris responded, apparently as if he killed me, saying I'm evil and yadda yadda and he didn't know there was a truce then. Then he told me things like 'god go kill some zombies you jerk' (which I WAS doing) and 'at least we're doing something useful here' and 'go ahead and kill me, I have other characters all over the place here and I'll kill you with them if you do it', which makes him a zerger. Anyways... He then went on to call me a zombie spy and so on, so I got mad and killed his ass. Today, I think two days later..

Carthoris comes into the building I was in (which I think was very heavily barricaded at first), hits me twice and: 'carthoris said "Hey Zak, you zed infiltrating, zerging mutha beware, its coming, when and where is the only question you can ask…, hope you have a few faks" (04-25 03:18 BST)' After that I found myself killed by zombies. I don't know if that's a coincidence, but either way, he called me a.. Zed infiltrating, zerging mutha? Whatever that is supposed to mean, it's definitely not true. So disregard whatever Carthoris may say, and for now I've got to think of him as a zerger for a couple hypothetical reasons. What a dork. --Zaknrfama 21:01, 25 April 2006 (BST)

End of Truce?

Well, today, April 24th, I have gone many blocks through Yagoton and only seen a total of two zombies. I revived one and scared the other off. I think it's safe to say that Yagoton is pretty much safe from the zombies for now. Time to go back to killing the YRC bastards that we had to work together with all this time... I don't think any of us enjoyed having to work with them, but it's over now.

So, go forth and kill some more of the evil bastards that did this to us. There's barely anything else to worry about in Yagoton than the fact that the masterminds behind this all are sitting right here, happily. Let's show them what's for once again, alright, men? --Zaknrfama 21:16, 24 April 2006 (BST)

Alert: Zombie Horde In Town

Just recently a zombie horde, The Shining Ones, has found its way into town and is rampaging around Bale Mall. While we are no allies of the Bale Mall Elite, we are allies of the citizens of Yagoton in general. We shouldn't let Bale Mall be destroyed. We should fight the zombies off now, so they don't get any closer to destroying Yagoton.

As your leader, I, Zaknrfama, advise you to at least be mindful of the current situation for your own safety, and suggest that you help fight off the zombie horde. This is just a suggestion, like I said, not an order. If your personal feud with our enemies is strong enough for you to keep after them at a time like this, go ahead. God knows the bastards deserve it. But if you feel for the town of Yagoton, you might want to help with the zombie problem.

I've heard that these zombies are part of some somehow-organized group that has caused a lot of damage elsewhere in Malton, and we need to show them that they won't roll over Yagoton like they rolled over other parts of the city. Good hunting, boys. --Zaknrfama 02:30, 2 April 2006 (BST)

- OK, will do.--Ian Sturrock 23:33, 3 April 2006 (BST)

Today I killed another human, Carthoris. This is no indication towards the end of our truce with the city. Carthoris insulted and threatened me and suggested that I might be zombie spy. As much as I would like to spend my time doing something useful right now (i.e. killing zombies), I was not in the mood for this. I'm saying this just in case Carthoris decides to spread lies about how we are back to killing 'innocents' and so on.

Keep up the good work, men. Yagoton is looking nicer today, but it's not zombie-free just yet. --Zaknrfama 21:01, 23 April 2006 (BST)

Kills: 178

  1. samthetrue, scientist.
  2. MintSauce, suspected key member of the Revivification Clinic. (killed four times)
  3. DragsHisFeet, scientist.
  4. pinkgothic, suspected member of the Revivification Clinic.
  5. Necromia, scientist operating out of a Clinic-owned building.
  6. MorthBabid, confirmed member of the Revivification Clinic (killed ten times). Our 90th kill!
  7. Tophmeister, confirmed member of the Revivification Clinic.
  8. Danielle Holland, confirmed member of the Revivification Clinic (killed 3 times; she was the NKs' 40th kill! What an honour!).
  9. Doubler, former leader of The Abandoned (killed eight times).
  10. MorphineMonkey, former member of the Revivification Clinic.
  11. Dougward, member of The Abandoned, he revealed me to be a danger, see note below. (killed twice)
  12. Dawn Aries, member of the Revivification Clinic. (killed twice)
  13. the deadline, memrber of the Abandoned (decapitated, head nailed to wall) (killed four times).
  14. Molecule Man, member of the Revivification Clinic (killed four times)
  15. Son of Uborkapete, co-founder of the YRC and evil mastermind behind the Plague (killed fourteen times, woot)
  16. Aith, self confessed volunteer for the YRC (killed twice)
  17. Ev3r3tt, confirmed member of the Revivification Clinic (killed five times)
  18. the sixth horseman, an impostor claiming to be a member of the Abandoned (killed once)
  19. Chezzard, member of the Abandoned (killed thrice) (Left and joined Neon Knights)
  20. Furtleburger, member of the Abandoned.
  21. Van Zam, YRC member (who refused to revive me 'cos I wasn't the kind he needed for that experiment) (killed six times, ouch)
  22. Richelieu, YRC member (and villainous Cardinal of France in the 1620s)[1] (killed twice)
  23. MickDansforth, Major in the Abandoned (tried to stop me killing Richelieu; I had enough ammo for both)[2] (twice)
  24. Dexter Manley, confirmed member of the Clinic. (killed four times)
  25. Rasetsu Something-or-another; we didn't catch the girl's surname, just saw her Clinic badge (Rasetsu Sayoko)
  26. Skyth, confirmed member of The Abandoned.
  27. Riser, confirmed member of The Abandoned. (killed seven times, whoa)
  28. J Money, confirmed member of The Abandoned and wearer of dodgy scally garb. (killed thrice)
  29. Flytrample, founder member of the YRC and suspected warped geneticist behind the Plague. (killed thrice, NK's 70th kill)
  30. Captain Flutergork, confirmed member of The Abandoned. And suspected captain of something. (killed thrice)
  31. Funesto, confirmed member of The Abandoned.
  32. Jaihson Smith, confirmed YRC member, suspected silly-named boffin with damned hippy parents.
  33. Downed Pilot, confirmed Abandoned member, suspected nameless thug. We 'downed' him again ha hah. Hah.
  34. Abi2, confirmed member of The Abandoned.
  35. some tall, non-descript, heroic former fireman type whose name I don't remember, confirmed YRC member.
  36. Darker, confirmed member of The Abandoned.
  37. wesley H, ally of the YRC. He attacked me when I attempted to execute YRC member Brujo Medina, allowing the bad boffin to escape. (killed twice)
  38. Brujo Medina foolishly came back to aid wesley H, and I offed him into the bargain. Whaddya call 50 dead YRC? A start!
  39. Gerund, or something grammatical; our memory is fading, so many kills - he was YRC anyway (killed twice).
  40. Jackdaw, self-confessed ally of the Yagoton Clinic and all-round bad boffin.
  41. SuperTed, professional zombie-making boffin and member of The Abandoned.
  42. ALACE, member of the Yagoton Clinic and well-known weirdly named boffin. (killed thrice)
  43. Pendarrin, confirmed member of the Rev Clinic.
  44. Eric Wolton, confirmed member of The Abandoned. (killed thrice)
  45. Flashflood, Abandoned member (which sounds kinda painful, as well as disgusting after a few days). (killed thrice)
  46. Iceblue, confirmed member of The Abandoned.
  47. Paddy O'Brian, confirmed member of The Abandoned.
  48. Carthoris, man who got very deeply onto Zaknrfama's nerves. Killed during The Truce as a personal offence. Oh, did that feel good.
  49. B Anger, confirmed member of The Abandoned.
  50. shehee5, confirmed member of the YRC. Our 80th kill! (killed twice)
  51. Nissel, confirmed member of the YRC.
  52. Bunny Z, confirmed member of the YRC. (killed twice)
  53. Something-or-other 2000, member of the YRC, I think. I know he was an enemy, but I can't remember the guy's name.
  54. Magus III, confirmed member of The Abandoned.
  55. The Fifth Horseman, confirmed member of The Abandoned (thrice)
  56. Hida, confirmed member of the YRC.
  57. Miikro, Confirmed Member of The Abandoned.
  58. Chipper2001, Confirmed Member of The Abandoned.
  59. Gendou, confirmed member of the YRC. (killed twice)
  60. Aristharus, Confirmed member of The Abandoned.
  61. Scratch'nsniff, confirmed member of The Abandoned.
  62. Danny252, confirmed member of The Abandoned. (killed twice)
  63. The Silver Shining, confirmed member of The Abandoned. (killed thrice)
  64. No Dont Bite Me, confirmed member of The Abandoned, whose parents must have hated him.
  65. Dr. Tom Blackburn, confirmed member of the YRC. (killed twice)
  66. McBlackjack, confirmed member of The Abandoned. (killed twice)
  67. Orie Shizuoka, Confirmed Member of The Abandoned.
  68. jackieohno, confirmed member of the YRC.
  69. Altair Corbin, confirmed member of The Abandoned. (killed twice)
  70. Monad, confirmed member of the YRC.
  71. Wileysez, confirmed member of The Abandoned.
  72. PHADE to black, confirmed member of The Abandoned. (killed twice)
  73. Reiji Okazaki, confirmed member of the YRC.
  74. Will Kurada, confirmed member of The Abandoned.
  75. Sakura Matou, confirmed member of the YRC.
  76. Jake Malcolm, confirmed member of the YRC, 150th kill.
  77. Kantika, confirmed member of the YRC.
  78. Zizi Booba, confirmed member of the YRC.
  79. The Angry Scientist, Guardian of the YRC.
  80. Natick, confirmed member of the YRC. (killed thrice)
  81. Head Masher, confirmed member of the YRC.
  82. D00dMAn, confirmed member of The Abandoned.
  83. UNSC Trafalgar, confirmed member of the YRC.
  84. David Friend, confirmed member of the YRC.
  85. Francis Snottly III, confirmed member of The Abandoned.
  86. Dr Edgar, confirmed member of the YRC.
  87. cody6, confirmed member of the YRC.

(+24 zombies.)

Let's start writing it like this just so the whole page isn't cluttered with stuff. Sorry if you do mind that I got rid of what you wrote. And thanks again for actually showing up and working with me. You're the only other member we have. Zaknrfama 22:24, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT)


The Neon Knights are not a group of griefers set on making people angry. They simply want to make the game more fun and interesting by spreading chaos in the only real safe part of the city. People are bound to get angry towards them, but they have to at least remember that they're not sitting there laughing at everyone they killed.

The Knights don't kill just anyone. If you're a Knight and you just go and kill some random citizen, the rest of the Knights will probably go after you. They just kill members of the Yagoton Revivification Clinic, any of their allies, and anyone that stands in their way.

The Knights will warn the public of their existence by spraying around Yagoton. They don't want to kill innocents, so it's advised that innocent people get out of the way when the Knights are around. Before attacking anyone they should say something IC about what they're doing, so people don't just wake up dead from a survivor's attack.

(Old posts in this section can be found here. [3])

People get too pissed off sometimes over a momentary inconvenience like being PKed. Especially in a suburb like Yagoton, where it's quite easy to get revived. Your group isn't just going around killing random people just to be jerks, like those Zeko homos, so it's all right.--Captain Flutergork has his own page now!
Oi! Flutergork! Support much appreciated, but please avoid the homophobic insults on this page, and indeed in your life in general, unless you want people to think you're a fuckhead. Thanks. Incidentally, on the Zombie Attack front, Everyone Else got killed by the Mall Tour last time they were in the area, and ended up fighting as a Zombie for ages... because the YRC wouldn't revive them! Ah well, not a problem -- I presumed they didn't want us defending their suburb against Zombie attacks.... Everyone Else, aka --Ian Sturrock 17:36, 10 March 2006 (GMT)
Sorry, I didn't mean for that to sound homophobic... I'm actually quite open-minded when it comes to that, but those Zekoites piss me off, and when I'm pissed off sometimes I don't state things as clearly as I ordinarily would. My point was, there's a right way and a wrong way to do PKing, and although in-game you can expect some shells from me to be directed your way, at least you're PKing the right way.--Captain Flutergork
Zaknrfama is right, the point is to make things more interesting. And what makes things more interesting than your friendly naighborhood seven piece death cult? You ungrateful people should be thanking me. I've given you something that you all desperately needed: A villian. Someone you love to hate. For who could possibly be more evil than one who ends life merely for the sake of ending life? --RedZeko 19:11, 16 March 2006 (GMT)
As long as you and yours are not immature jerks, go out and kill people. My original plan was for Yagoton to become complete full of chaos and PKing and the like, so while I ICly don't like you, the more the merrier. Also, damn. How the hell'd you get that many people in one go? Haha. --Zaknrfama 22:30, 16 March 2006 (GMT)
As long as we're on the OOC section, I should say this. You're character may have reasons to hate my characters, but honestly, you should have no reason to hate me. Do you see what I'm saying? Honestly, I don't apply the same principles in real life as I do in MMOs. We're just having a bit of fun. Oh, and I don't mean to be a braggart or anything, but 56 kills? Not to bad, but I have to say, each of disciples of Zeko has probably made that many on their own. Every disciple of Zeko put together is probably around a thousand. You don't have to believe me if you don't want, but the Disciples of Zeko have existed for quite some some time, and have more members than you know of. We only became open when kills were noticed by other players. As for seventeen people at once, check out the Valentine's Day Massacre page. I'll let you in on a little secret, we plan to by far top that number next Valentine's day ;). --RedZeko 18:30, 17 March 2006 (GMT)
Um, dude. I just said I liked you and talked to you in a friendly way. XD You seem like an okay person OOCly, it's Horseman and Legend X that can't seem to realize people aren't evil because their characters are, not me. I believe you, I've just, oddly enough, never seen a Disciple kill in a building I was in. I don't often sleep in central Yagoton, though, so that's probably it. Good luck next year. XD --Zaknrfama 21:07, 17 March 2006 (GMT)
Ah, well, as I said, most of these kills were made before the "Kills and Generator destroys will be noticed by other players" update. You have no idea how easy it was back then. Sure, there was always the chance of people talking, but most of them never seemed to for some reason or another. In fact, one of my characters started Right at a police department, and stayed there constantly collecting more ammo and continually PKing until he was level 12. Ahh, those were the days. I felt like such a ninja. Oh well, this way is fun too. At least I can be given credit for my work.

You almost had me. I was watching TV, and then decided it was time to be on my way. Moved, and what's this...Zack shooting me? Healed up and then came for you, and then I almost got you. One more shot and that would have been that. But alas we both live to kill another day, or so.--NathanDansforth 21:50, 17 March 2006 (GMT)

Haha, you scared me when you left the room. I didn't realize I was at such low HP until later, so it's a good thing I decided not to take any chances at all. XD --Zaknrfama 05:13, 18 March 2006 (GMT)

Everybody Else, PKing during a major siege is just cheap. We are all easy to find and out of AP. It's just shooting fish in a barrel. If we can't hold Yagoton, the zeds might decide to stay. --MickDansforth06:01, 4 April 2006 (BST)

Sorry about that Mick. We didn't realize how serious the siege was till we checked the site to update the death list, and saw the request from Zaknrfama. We've put our campaign against the bad boffins on hold temporarily and will be working to help clear the Zombie threat once we've replenished our ammo. (That said, speaking out of character for a moment, it makes perfect tactical and roleplaying sense for us to hit you hard when you're already weakened; I refute your "cheap" allegation. In any case, the Abandoned and YRC lot are *always* pretty easy to find, siege or no siege...). --Everyone Else, aka --Ian Sturrock 12:20, 5 April 2006 (BST)
I will post on our forum that you are fighting zombies and should not to be killed until after the seige. --MickDansforth 22:18, 6 April 2006 (BST)
One can only hope ;) --RedZeko 19:14, 4 April 2006 (BST)


At 23:00, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT), The Neon Knights announced their alliance to The New Inquisition. They fight to the same effect as the Knights, even if their beliefs are a bit off. After all, the Knights can use all the help they can get, outside of aid from murderers or monsters.


The Abandoned

Reason: The Abandoned defend the Yagoton Revivification Clinic, and clearly want the members of The Neon Knights dead.
  • Actually, some of them want you dead, buried and sent to Alpha Centauri in mail envelopes. Oh well, one cannot have everything, I guess ;) --The Fifth Horseman 11:59, 15 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Amish Liberation Front

Reason: Mindless murderers, don't deserve to live. They've been rampaging around Yagoton for quite a while, and they need to be stopped.

Yagoton Gas & Electric

Reason: A few members of their company have killed Neon Knights before without any explanation. I'm assuming this means war.


Reason: Insulting The Neon Knights and allegedly posing as a member of the Amish Liberation Front to get people to kill them. That's called 'stooping to their level'.
Anyone else who openly threatens the Neon Knights will be killed as well. Think before you speak.

wesley H

Reason: Ordered Everyone Else to "leave the Whatmore building or die, Neon Knight" then attacked them.

Ryan Wilson

Reason: Killed the leader of the Neon Knights. Apparently specifically targeted the leader and and spread spraypaint saying 'SIC SEMPER NEON KNIGHTS'. Revenge is in order if you see this man, Knights.

Nature Creature[4]

Reason: Murdered everyone else in Stickling Mall, glad that he'd "finally caught up with them." This unprovoked act of mass murder must be punished!

John Carter

Reason: Killed the leader of the Neon Knights while the Knights were allied to the rest of Yagoton.


Reason: Badmouthed and threatened the leader of the Neon Knights. Also, apparently a zerger. 'carthoris said "You can kill this character if you’d like, I’ve got more and they are close by. Knock yourself out kid. I have more characters and they will replace this one and you will be killed again." (04-17 21:07 BST)'

Logan 1911

Reason: Killed the leader of The Neon Knights and didn't specify as to why. All he did was insult Zaknrfama's name. Whether or not this was just a random griefer killing or a bounty-hunting, this guy killed Zak so payback is in order.

Norflung Jaw

Reason: Killed the leader of The Neon Knights, probably a random PKing act.

'I Wanna Join' Requests

My human, BladeSlayer, who's a former trenchcoater-turned-medic is in Millen Hills right now, but with his trenchcoater ways calmed down, he seems almost sane. He needs a new, completely bizzarre cause to go to and your group sounds like it. I can SO see myself walking into the YRC, blasting a clinic member, muttering something about them bringing it upon themselves, healing a wounded bystander, and walking out to blast zombies again.

I'm kinda busy helping out wounded in Millen right now, but soon, I might wander on into Yagoton, if you'll have me. --Echo 03:12, 23 July 2007 (BST)

I have a level 16 survivor, currently in zombie form, that is on the yagoton border in Millen Hills. Im sick of the YRC, and Them folks The Abandoned who protect them. The reason im sick of them is because i was tagged with a really long number, and it makes me feel In-Human. I Would very much like to join, but i will only talk Via secure means. --DarkStar2374383 Talk NK

Just replied. --Zaknrfama 07:38, 3 June 2006 (BST)

I have a high level firefighter named "Smokey the Grizzly" who I would like to join up. He has every human skill and a few useful zombie ones as well.

Hey, cool. You're in. Just make sure you don't do anything wrong. Only kill members of YRC, The Abandoned or ALF. Say something about why you killed them before they die, so people don't freak out too much. Don't kill anyone inside of Bale Mall or you'll never be allowed to sleep inside there. Add the group name to your profile if you want, but you don't have to. Safer for you if you don't. Good hunting. --Zaknrfama 20:52, 8 March 2006 (GMT)

  • Hey, i dont want to join but I have a PKer group called The End and i am intrested in forming an alliance with the Neon Knights. We have few people and we need some allies so yeah. -Phish Dude
Could you tell me what The End's purpose is? Because if you're just a PKing group, we won't ally you. And, judging by your name, it sounds like you are just a group that kills random people. XD --Zaknrfama 20:21, 19 March 2006 (GMT)
  • our groups Philosophy is If you kill them (zombies) they will stand up. so we just want to end the game, humans wont make any progress in defeating the zombie menace just by killing them. to acomplish this goal we would have to kill all of the scientists and anyone with the lab experience skill, and have our own group of scientists to revive End members only, this would take sheer numbers and a lot of allies, thats where you come in. what do you say? -Phish Dude
The answer's no, then. Your group's philosophy makes no sense. The Neon Knights, like most survivor groups (and all ones that they'd have any respect for), want to fight back against the zombies. Even though the chances seem slim, we still have hope. We're not going to go help some people that just want to force humanity to give up the fight. --Zaknrfama 21:08, 20 March 2006 (GMT)
  • you dont have to say yes to this propasition, but i will have you know our groups philosophy makes perfect sense. how can you beat somthing that cannot be killed? by the way, we dont want to force humanity to give up, we want to put the fate of urban dead in our hands, we dont want to force kevan davis (creator of game) to end the game himself. -Phish Dude
Malton is surrounded by the army. The entire world knows what's going on in Malton, there's still a chance the zombies can be beaten (in an IC point of view, OOCly we know that won't happen). And besides, after reading your user page, um... You can't kill all humans. Even if you somehow were able to, people would just make new characters to revive them. --Zaknrfama 00:33, 21 March 2006 (GMT)

i whanna join the neon knights, i cant fight yet but i can provid some probably much needed reviving assistance. i think u guys make life in a yagaten far more interesting as there is a shortage of zombies now...

Reviving isn't as hard to find as you'd think, but you can join. Just make sure to only kill our enemies and so on. I hope you're ready to fight soon and yeah, if you see a dead Knight a revive would be great. --Zaknrfama 21:05, 8 August 2006 (BST)