Arkham Asylum Avengers

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Arkham Asylum Avengers
Abbreviation: AAA or The AAA
Group Numbers: a few, but enough to raise hell
Leadership: say what?
Goals: We're here just for feeding ourselves
Recruitment Policy: none currently
Contact: avengerit(at)gmail(dot)com

Home suburb: Old Arkham


The Avengers are former patients of notorious Arkham Asylum, or Arkham Sanitarium if you are familiar with that name better. Most of us are tormented even more deeply in madness when so called nursing staff of the hospital have "treated" us. As result, we're a bunch of quite crazy undead people, even when resurrected properly we do have a strong suicidal sense and will eventually rejoin again the people with no pulse.

Despite our horrible past in the Asylum, we still consider the other half of it, St. Luke's Hospital (Old Arkham), our place of home, most likely because we will not know any better place anymore.

General policy

In our half-witted rotten brains, we do consider other zombies brothers and sisters of us, and we will not attack them deliberately. However, if we're being attacked from another zombies, we do not have any obstacles repaying the service.

During our time in the Asylum when alive, we have created a strong sense of fear towards cemetaries. That means in practice we will consider them a sacred area, and we will not harass their occupants in any way.

The living? Well... they're food. A zombie got to get its daily dosage of fresh brains. Unfortunately to us, most carriers of fresh brains keep hiding themselves inside heavy fortified buildings and doing so hinder our feeding habits.

Sometimes the Living have an urge to revive our members. We do encourage our members to have brain rot just for against unwanted revivification. It is not meant to aid any griefing, we're strongly against it.

Tokens of appreciation

A wee collection of graffitis and utterances are a clear proof of how lovable people (sorry, corpses!) we are!

# Nils Nervo said "Die, AAA mofos!!!"

Somebody has spraypainted Death to the Avengers - permanently! onto a wall. McKay Lane Police Department

Somebody has spraypainted avengers? but i don't see Diana Rigg in a catsuit! onto a wall. Flambert Motel

--Former Patient 10:29, 16 September 2007 (BST)

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.