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User preferences are relatively self explainatory, but this quick guide will make them easier to understand


The Preferences page isn't difficult to understand.

At the top is a notice reminding you who you are logged in as, and your internal ID number. Don't mind this number, as it means little to the average user.

Below is a link to this page, and below that is a simple notice about refreshing pages in certain broswers.

Finnally, there is the main portion, which we'll be discussing.

To the left is a menu of categories. User Data, Skin, Files, Date format, Time Zone, Editing, Recent changes & stubs, Search, and Misc. To the right is a box with the various options. Clicking a link in the menu will change which options can be edited.

User Data

Real Name

Self explanatory: Your real name can be entered here.


Also Self Explainatory. Entering your e-mail will allow certain automatically generated messages to be sent to you, as well as to allow other users to send you messages from the wiki.


This is what you want to be displayed in your signature. If this is left blank, the Wiki will use your username.

Raw signatures (without automatic link)


Leaving this unchecked will automatically turn your Nickname into a link with the following syntax: [[User:<yourusername>|<yournickname>]]

Note: For special signatures, check this box, then type your signature as you wish it to be displayed, using normal wiki code, in the Nickname box.

Change Password

Use this area only when you want to change your password.

Three boxes are here:

  • Old password - Enter your current password here.
  • New password - Enter the password you wish to change to here.
  • Retype new password - Retype your new password to make sure you aren't making a typo.
  • Remember accross sessions - This checkbox has the same effect as "Remember me" on the login page.


This holds a few options concerning email notifications, as well as a note indicating when your email was authenticated (meaning you confirmed that the address was correct by responding to an email sent to you).

  • Send me an email on page changes - When checked, this will send you an email whenever a page on your Watchlist is changed by another user. You will recieve one, and only one email until you check the page.
  • Send me an email when my user talk page is changed - Same as above, except it will only notify you on changes to your talk page.
  • Send me an email also for minor edits of pages - If this is left unchecked, you will not recieve notifications for any changes that are marked as "minor".
  • Disable e-mail from other users - Checking this will prevent people from sending you an email using Emailuser.


Under this menu you can change the layout of the Urban Dead Wiki. Each one has a preview button. Click on the button to see if you like the layout and if you want to change it click on the bubble for the layout you want and click save.


Under this menu you can change the maximum size that a picture will load at and also the max size of a thumbnail. To save your changes click the save button on the bottom of the page.

Date format

Under this menu you can change the way dates are viewed to you. Default is no preference. To save your changes click the save button on the bottom of the page.

Time Zone

This menu allows you to change the time that you see when you see events that are not set at GMT. You can either manually put in the time difference, or, if your browser supports it, have it look up your set time zone. To save your changes, click the save button on the bottom of the page.


These options all modify behaviour of editing the wiki.

  • Rows: - The height of the text box on editing pages.
  • Columns: - The width of the text box on editing pages.
  • Enable section editing via [edit] links - Checking this will add [edit] links to the right side of any header. Clicking these will allow you to edit a single section instead of the entire page.
  • Enable section editing by right clicking on section titles (JavaScript) - When checked, right clicking on a header will allow you to edit it just as if you had clicked on the [Edit] link.
  • Edit pages on double click (JavaScript) - With this checked, double clicking on a page will allow you to edit it just as if you had clicked the "Edit" tab at the top of the page.
  • Edit box has full width - Makes the texbox on the edit page the full width of the screen. This overides Columns.
  • Show edit toolbar (JavaScript) - When checked, creates a toolbar of wiki-code shortcuts in the edit page.
  • Show preview on first edit - When checked, displays a preview of the page when you start editing it, just as if you had clicked the "Show Preview" button.
  • Show preview before edit box - When checked, places a page preview before the edit box. When unchecked, shows it after, which is usefull for editing large pages.
  • Add pages you edit to your watchlist - Automatically adds any page you edit to your Watchlist
  • Mark all edits minor by default - Automatically checks the "This is a minor edit" checkbox on the editing page.
  • Use external editor by default - Allows for the use of an external editor upon clicking the "Edit" link at the top of a page. Doesn't appear to work at the moment.
  • Use external diff by default - Allows form the use of an external diff program, so you can compare two versions of a page against each other. I have no Idea how to use it.

Recent changes & stubs

This is for when you click on the history tab on the top of the page. The options are once again self explanatory. To save your changes click the save button on the bottom of the page.


This menu is for setting your default search parameters. This is mainly self explanatory. I would recommend that you become comfortable with the search before changing anything on this menu. To save your changes click the save button on the bottom of the page.


This is for changing things not covered in the previous menus. Self explanatory and not difficult to work with.

Editing Help
Basic Editing

Advanced Editing

Advanced Timesavers

Page Tricks

Communicating your Edits


Policies and Guidelines

Policy Documents