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This wiki attempts to work on the same guidelines as most wikis - policy is made by the users, not by the gatekeepers. In light of this, here is the place for people to discuss hot-topics regarding what we should consider acceptable and unacceptable. The community should keep track of what's going on here, and work to ensure that any guidelines or policy statements are indicative of the general mood described here.

How to start a policy discussion

To start a policy discussion, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Create a page for that policy.
    This is meant so this page doesn't get lengthy and unreadable. Create this page as a subpage of the Policy Discussion page, like UDWiki:Administration/Policy Discussion/Your Policy.
  2. Write a draft about your policy.
    This draft is not the final text for your policy, it is the general idea of what you want to vote for.
  3. Link this page here.
    In the Under Discussion header. Write a few words about what you want to discuss in this policy. Also, add your policy to the tally of policies undergoing discussion at {{Wiki News}}.
  4. Discuss it on the talk page.
    The policy's talk page. People will be able to elaborate on the written draft, and add their opinions of what should be changed so this draft gets approved by the community. Any policy should remain at least 3 days under discussion before it goes for voting. Any discussion which doesn't go to voting in 2 weeks will be archived.
  5. Write the final text on your policy.
    Write the final text for your policy based on what was discussed on the policy's talk page.
  6. Start voting.
    The policy must then be moved to the Under Voting header here. A Voting header should be added to the policy page. Only for and against votes are valid, and any discussion MUST go to that policy's talk page. To easily add all of the necessary voting information, just type {{subst:PolicyVoting}} at the bottom of your policy's page. Be sure to remove your policy from the discussion section on {{Wiki News}} and add it to the undergoing voting section.
  7. Voting closed!
    Voting closes after 2 weeks of voting. In order to pass, a policy must receive a two-thirds majority. Policies that pass are then added to the Approved Policies header, and should be announced on the Wiki News box on the main page.

Policy Discussion

Under Discussion

There are currently no policies under discussion.

Under Voting

Recent Policies

Approved Policies

A policy that archives UDWiki's suggestions system.
A policy that aims to change the promotion guidelines to more accurately reflect the long-term activity of the contemporary UDWiki community.
A policy to change the frequency and timing of sysop re-evaluations and bureaucrat elections.

Rejected Policies

A policy to add a line restricting signatures that obscure images or text on a page.
A policy to clarify the circumstances under which a banned user may create an account as part of a permaban appeal.
A policy aimed at creating exceptions to the blanket ban on mainspace redirects to userspace pages.

Withdrawn Policies

A proposed new version of signature policy.
An amendment to vandalism policy to include promotion of zerging.
A proposed timeframe change from four months to 91 days.