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Place newest at the top of the list.

A policy to add a line restricting signatures that obscure images or text on a page.
A policy to clarify the circumstances under which a banned user may create an account as part of a permaban appeal.
A policy aimed at creating exceptions to the blanket ban on mainspace redirects to userspace pages.
Aimed at extending the one week discussion to two.
A policy to clarify the requirement for a signature to contain the users handle and a link to their page.
A policy about unbanning User:Amazing.
A set of three independent policies, all of them aiming to streamline the sys-op promotion procedure and bring it closer to actual practice.
A policy creating a structure for adding groups to the 'historical' header of {{SuburbGroups}}.
Policy to add a new SD criterion relating to group sub-pages
A policy that increases ban lengths of the A/VD escalation system.
A policy to shorten the time between sysop re-evaluations.
A policy to make English the sole language of official/administrative discussion, voting, etc.
A policy to remove Criterion 12 from the Speedy Deletions criteria list.
A policy to trial an autoconfirmed group.
A policy to create an autoconfirmed group of users.
A policy to set a required number of edits to be eligible to vote.
A policy to limit the length of arbitration rulings.
A policy to add another level of sysops.
A policy to regulate who can vote on wiki related voting processes.
Proposal to thrash out a workable NPOV Policy for this Wiki.
A policy to establish clear rules for the striking of votes.
This policy proposes a clear system of trial and punishment for Misconduct.
A third bureaucrat position to be created.
Proposal to turn arby guidelines into actual policy.
Proposal to create a new group of users that will have some features similar to a sysop's.
Proposal to split sysop powers in minor sub-classes
Proposed Overhaul to candidate guidelines
A Proposed change to the deletion guidelines
Conflict resolution area and changes to the current Arbitration system.
This policy creates the requirement for sysops to have an active role in the community..
A policy to allow a vote to remove distracting or obnoxious sigs.
A regular review process for the position of Sysop.
A policy to change the way Vandal Banning is handled.
A second draft of a policy to address some holes present on the current Arbitration process rules.
Policy to outline and protect free speech on the wiki.
This is a policy designed to restrict the locations personal attacks can be made, and to increase the level of civility on the wiki without restricting free speech.
Policy designed to tweak banning system for long time users
A policy that gives the community the power to review the Administrational team perceived performance and make decissions based on this.
No summary provided.
A policy whose main philosophy is don't overdo it.
A further discussion on what, exactly, should be allowable on User Pages
A Policy for making Group Pages
A policy to remove links in common areas to sites run by users that try to ruin the urbandead experience for others.
A policy to regulate templates when used as signature
A policy that would formalize the definition of Impersonation as it pertains to moderation.
This policy aims to establish what an appropiate signature is and is not.
A policy that would ban the use of alternate accounts on the wiki
A policy to bring some life back to the wiki.
A policy to enact the process of reviewing bans.
A policy that redefines the relationship between policies and vandal banning.
Gives users the right to get rid of ridiculous claims.