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Newer polices at the top.

A proposed new version of signature policy.
An amendment to vandalism policy to include promotion of zerging.
A proposed timeframe change from four months to 91 days.
A policy allowing sysops to permaban posters of grossly offensive material on sight.
A policy to instate a 3rd bureaucrat on the wiki.
A policy attempting to clarify when an off-site request is valid and when not.
A policy attempting to clarify when an off-site request is valid and when not.
A policy to transfer control of the wiki to a box of puppies.
A policy to allow SysOps to ignore SpamBots until a wiki modification is enacted to lessen the onslaught.
Attempts to make group listings unbiased.
A policy meant to prevent harassment.
A policy meant to provide better protection to Kevan's talk page from spam, harassment and off-topic comments.
A policy aiming to prohibit usage of "orphan" templates to clear Special:lonelypages.
A policy aiming to make all signatures compatible across all the major browsers.
Attempts to restrict the amount of times a user can attempt to send an article to A/D that has already been on A/D and kept, within a certain time period.
A policy to prohibit new Historical Groups.
A policy that requires user notification in cases where their A/VD data is altered due to an escalation or de-escalation.
  • Group Page Policy
    Proposing a limit on vulgar content to bring Group Pages closer towards the rest of the wiki.
A policy to change the inactivity thingies.
A policy to create mandatory guidelines when creating A/VB cases.
A policy to change the way commenting and discussion is done on the A/VB page.
A policy for sysop reevaluation.
A policy to update and clarify the wiki's sig policy.
A policy to determine a conduct policy for all users.
Adding a review to the current Misconduct system.
An attempt to change and finalize the current rules of the Recruitment page.
About adding an autoconfirmed group to the wiki.
A policy which attempts to change A/PD voting from something that is isn't to something that it already is.
This policy attempts to offer an amnesty for all users banned before the vandal escalation was changed.
Attempts to rework Misconduct.
This policy attempts to remove red tape and make sysops moderators.
This policy attempts to fix perceived issues with misconduct, by adding different levels of misconduct.
This policy attempts to fill the uncertainty left for the lack of written regulation over soft warnings.
This policy forbids the use of soft warnings by the administrational team as a dangerous way to force the wishes of the administrational team over the community.
A second attempt to create a workable neutral point of view policy for the wiki.
A change on Protection Policy.
Refresh of the Sysop promotion guidelines.
Reform the arbitration process.
A policy to ban policies like itself.
Policy on vote striking V.2
Policy to change sysop promotions guidelines.
Intolerance to be considered vandalism.
Vote striking policy
A test of the infamous red notice box.
Proposal to set limits on the amount of time a bureaucrat may hold their seat.
Proposal to unban funny user whose name I have forgotten.
Mistakenly added to A/PD.
Proposed to prevent a single sysop to ban users for long periods of time.
Proposal to elect a Tribunal to determine how to follow wiki rules when necessary.
Proposal to protect the use of group sub pages for humor and parody and exempt from NPOV tags the eliminate the effect of the parody.
If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining Urban Dead, ignore it.
Suggestion rule changes should be discussed like policy discussions
A policy that forbids Sysops to ban themselves just for the hell of it.
A policy to update the copyright policy made made unneeded with the creation of UDWiki:Copyright Project
Just like the name says.
This is a policy designed to address the several flaws in the existing Historical Event system.
A policy to address some holes present on the current Arbitration process rules.
A policy about civility, and how it will be discouraged to be uncivil mostly through a buff on A/A.
A policy that changes the way to vote for scheduled protections and deletions alike.
A policy that allows Sysops to jump over some unneeded bureaucracy.
This policy attempts to create some accountability to the community for sysops once they are elected.
This policy is created to deal with all those unused images.
The fine line between trying to help and just being a nuisance?
i wish we had this sooner.
An amendment to the current Historical Groups policy.
Clarification of a groups PKer status and formation of Human Group/PKer Group criteria
Sets restrictions on cursing, obscenity, racial slurs
Specifies mediation duties, creates two kinds of wiki officers
Demotes idle members of the moderation staff.
Let Wikipedia do the hard yards once again; adopt their policy on sockpuppets.
A policy to deal with problem users.
A policy to deal with images that violate Project:Copyrights in a timely fashion that doesn't spam the deletion page.
Arbitration is for solving edit conflicts, not personal conflicts.
A policy to further restrict what users can do with their signatures
A policy to place cases against mods on the appropriate page.
To get of confusion between l and I.
A policy to allow users to demote members of the moderation staff by consensus.
A page that would list deleted non-historical groups.
Stop making stupid policies.
A policy to create a new namespace for official UD groups.
A policy to establish intent to abuse Moderator power as a severe offense.
A Policy that would mean all suburb pages remain neutral
A policy to modify the current limitations of the suggestion policy.
A policy that establishes talk page spam as vandalism.
A policy that changes the promotions system for Moderators requesting Bureaucrat status to the same system used by Users requesting Sysop status.
A policy that would change the procedure by which an unused groups page may be speedily deleted.
A policy to help new groups make useful, informative group pages and create a category to sort useful ones from unused ones.
Same concept as New Suburb Tag (edit, new vote) but with disabling flaw.
A policy to prohibit hate speech on the wiki.
A policy to ensure that voting is done only by legitimate wiki contributers.
A policy to better organise the suggestions page into 3 sub pages.
A new policy to clean the wiki from unused group pages and protecting the imporant ones into the category Historical Groups.
Note: Duplicate of approved policy "Historical Groups". Reason for duplication was problem with vote counting on the original policy proposal.
A policy to change the way suggestions are set up.
How and where can the namespace pages as templates exploit be used.
An attempt to find default values for voting process outside the policy discussion page.
A policy discussion to remove and forbid any images from being used on signatures.
A simple set of rules to avoid confusing or misleading conversations due to comments being altered after they were written and replied to.
Permitting users to revert their own edits / delete portions of what they have just added without being erroneously accused for vandalism.