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This page will be used for users to request that pages falling into certain categories be deleted as appropriate by a sysop without having to go through all the red tape of Speedy Deletions and Deletions. A list of pages in the Scheduled Deletions list is located here.

Deletion Scheduling

Deletion Scheduling requests should be requested in the same general format as normal Deletions. Votes will occur in the same general manner, and like normal deletion requests will be voted on for two (2) weeks, as judged by the initial datestamp. Votes in this case shall be as follows:

  • Yea - For approval of the deletion scheduling request
  • Nay - For disapproval of the deletion scheduling request

Remember that votes must be signed and datestamped (use ~~~~)

After the two weeks are up, if the page has reached at least a 50% majority in favour it is added to the Scheduled list. If the vote fails, it will be cycled as unsuccessful. The closed request can then get shifted to the Archive.

Scheduling requests under consideration

There are currently no requests under consideration.

Recent Requests

There are currently no recently served requests.

For older cases, please see the archive.

Scheduled Deletions

Image revision removal
Image revisions that are older than 7 days are to be removed.
Approved 16 May 2006
Monumental Screw Ups
Pages in this form: with//////lots//////of//////slashes, and this one: http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Example_monumental_screwup are unable to be moved or edited via normal means. Their content is to be manually moved to a sensible pagename without extraneous //s in its title and the original page is to be deleted on sight.
Note to sysops: A method for deleting these pages can be found here.
Approved 23 August 2006
Unused redirects resulting from page moves
redirects resulting from moves, that only show admin pages in their "what links here" list.
Approved 3 Mar 2007
Copyrighted images
Images that are requested to be deleted by the copyright holder
Approved 10 Nov 2007
Broken redirects
redirects that lead to nonexistent pages
Approved 12 Dec 2007
Personal Information
If a user wants personal information about themselves deleted from the wiki, they should be able to get it speedy deleted. Things like your name, your phone number, your email or home address, your workplace, pictures of your family etc. Link
Approved 11 July 2008
Porn is to be deleted on sight.
I like porn, you like porn, but this isnt the place for it.
Approved 22 July 2008
Revoked 2 August 2009
User page redirects
in the main space should be delete on sight as crit 3 or 9 (excluding those redirecting to Kevan).
Approved 26 November 2008
Swearing in page titles
Pages that have swearing in the title that is directed at a user or group (or their actions).
Approved 22 July 2008
Crit 7 by Proxy
If a user leaves a sysop a note on their (i.e the sysop's) talk page requesting deletion of a page that falls under Crit 7, the Sysop may delete the page on sight, making clear in the edit summary that the user requested it via talk page.
Approved 26 March 2009
As of January 2010, this scheduling now includes pages that the author has blanked or replaced with text indicating a desire to be deleted. However, pages used as inclusions (such as many templates) are excluded from this criterion.
Approved 3 January 2010
Crit 11
Userpages/Journals that are in the User: namespace but are non-existent users, and are already duplicated in the appropriate User: or Journal: subspace may be deleted on sight.
Approved 30 June 2009
Adbot-created pages
Pages created by Adbots and Spambots are to be deleted on sight.
Approved 30 July 2009
Unnecessary banned user pages
The User: pages of permabanned spambots and vandal alts (that have no contributions showing) are to be deleted on sight.
Approved 27 November 2009
Grouped location pages
Grouped location pages are to be deleted once each individual location has its own page and all incoming links (excluding those refrencing deletion) are diverted.
Approved 1 December 2009
Unused Image Removal
Images on the Unused Image list that are two weeks old are to be deleted. Images that are linked by text only will appear on the unused image list also.
Approved 10 December 2009
Associated talk pages
Talk pages associated with pages that are deleted under other policies, including talk pages missed in previous deletions.
Approved 19th May 2010
Amended 14th August 2011
Crit 9
Personal Page (Prefix Rule): The page is named after a user without the "User:" or "Journal:" prefixes and its content has been moved to the appropriate User or Journal page. Includes pages that should be User subpages, ie. in-game characters.
Approved 29th August 2011