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Character Page

Making your userpage

Making a userpage on UDWiki is very simple. Once you've made an account, you'll always have the links to your talk page and user page at the top right of every UDWiki page:

Help userpage.png

If you ever want to create your user page, you can create it by clicking on the red link.

Characters and other nifty pages

If you find yourself with more than one character, or just want a separate page for characters, and don't want to clutter up your wiki userpage, you can create a User Subpage.

You can do it by creating a subpage to your username. eg:

When the links show up red, as above, you can click on them to edit/create the page. You can continue to write a page about your character there. You can have pages for anything you'd like, for example:

If they are blue, it means they already exist and you have the option to click on them and read/edit them.

Note: Make sure that there is a "/" to separate your username from the page at hand.

Do's and Do Nots


All the pages within your User: pages and User: subpages are referred to as a Userspace. You can write whatever you like in your userspace, write heresy or just make up blatant propaganda. You cannot, however, modify another user's comments to change the context or message of what they posted. This is vandalism and can get you warned, and, if it persists, banned.


Users can not have redirects from the mainspace into their own userspace. For example, User:DanceDanceRevolution cannot have the pages DDR and DanceDanceRevolution redirecting to his userpage. If you do, you won't be put up for vandalism, but your redirect will be deleted on sight and you'll probably get a kind message explaining not to do it again.

Group Page


Creating a group page is a fun experience, but there are a few guidelines and hints to adhere to, in order to give your group the best chance on the wiki, and to protect yours- and others- pages from potential abuse.

Name Availability

When you choose to make a group, you need a page to put all the information on. You can do this by searching the group name in the bar to the left of the page.

For example, searching "Example Group" will get you this:

Create This Page.jpg

You can click on "Create Page" to create the page Example Group. If the link 'isn't red, it may mean the page is already taken for a group. Try having a look, and if so, you may need to re-think a name of your group. In situations like this contacting a member of Project Mentor or asking a sysop for assistance in the matter.


Displaying the group's information on the newly created group page, can be made easy via the Group Box template. The template conveniently lists group information in a pleasant looking box, and gives the group page a backbone to work off of.

Information on the group is important- Readers need to know what the group does and why it is special.

Personalising your page can be done using wiki or HTML code. Some examples are here and here.

Group rights and restrictions

Because of UDWiki's guidelines for page rights, your group page will technically "belong" to you and you may control the information on the page, and the talk page. But this is a double edged sword, it leaves other groups, including your enemies, rivals, or even allies to control what information they display on their page. The UDWiki's Vandalism page gives a good source of information as to what Vandalism is. Remember, you may not remove or modify other users' comments in most cases and cannot edit other users User: pages in a destructive or misleading way. Sysops do not take kindly to this behaviour even if it is a result of in-game politics.

If you are a victim of such edits, you may go to A/VB, the wiki's vandalism reporting page, and report the user. If it is vandalism the user has committed, they will be dealt with by sysops. If someone makes an unwanted edit to your group page, you can always undo the edit in the "history" tab at the top of the page.

Groups can also have a nearly unlimited number of redirects to their page. For example, the Beatbox Kids might want to have BBK redirect to their original page because it's easier to type, or "BBK" is a well known tag used in-game to reference them. To learn how to do this, be sure to see Help:Redirection to give you a hand at learning the ins and outs of redirecting. Note: Characters can not have such redirects if they go into someone's userspace.

If you do see something on another group page you don't like, the first step is to go on their talk page and (politely) ask for it to be removed. If that doesn't work, take them to Arbitration. This is the page on UDWiki that sorts out personal and subjective arguments between groups or users.

Remember that most of the community on UDWiki will always want to help, and a lot of them might even be watching in on your work even if you don't realise it, ready to help if you need it. Good luck on the wiki, and remember to have fun.

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