NT Mappers

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NT Mappers
Abbreviation: NTM
Group Numbers: recruiting
Leadership: Seb Wiers
Goals: Update and maintain the NT Status Map
Recruitment Policy: just work on the map
Contact: use the talk page here or on map related pages


Ideally, I'd like to see the NT Status Map updated in such a manner that no building ever gets more than 2 weeks out of date.

What's Up So Far

If you are here, you probably already have a NT Mappers template on your discussion page, and don't need much explanation. The map so far is updated by folks like you acting on their own. At some point we might get together and organize, do some active recruiting, or some other group actions.

If somebody (probably me) put the template on your talk page and you don't know why, check your contributions page for an edit of a page called "User:NTstatus/Suburb Name" or some such. If you have no further interest in this group, think of the template as just a nice "thank you note".


Every group needs a template, right? Especially a wiki-oriented group like this. {{Template:NTmapper}} gives

MiniNT.gif NT Mappers
This user helps to maintain or update the NT Status Map.

Yes, that is a tiny map of Malton, with a scale of each block being 1 pixel in size, and all the NTs in glowing yellow. At the right is an expanded version (400px sized) of the same image.