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This category provides a sorting house for many of the templates on the wiki. For a full list of pages in the template namespace, see the Special:Allpages list for templates.

If you need help of making a template, or information regarding special template functions, see Help:Templates.

Categorization Schema

You should categorize all templates where possible. Ideally you should categorize it under one or more appropriate subcategories. If you are unsure as to the best category, just place it in this category so it can be sorted later.

When categorizing templates, you should use the following syntax (change the category as needed):


Use noinclude tags so the category does not get added to pages that use the template. Use the pagename magic word in the sort key so the template is sorted by it's name, without the "Template:" prefix that otherwise sorts all templates under the "T" heading on category pages.

Do not add pages for outside the template namespace to this category or its subcategories where possible. If it is intended as a template for all to use, move it to the template namespace. If it is not really a template, or is intended for personal use only, remove the category and leave the page where it is.

<noinclude> Tags

When adding content within these tags, please do not add more than is necessary. Content within these tags still counts towards inclusion limits. Explain how the template works, but don't provide lengthy backstory or unrelated information.

Auto-Categorizing Templates

If you want pages using the template to be added into their own category, use includeonly tags:

<includeonly>[[Category:Example Category]]</includeonly>

You may wish to add the pagename sort key to this as well, so namespaces are ignored when sorting. If the template is for user pages only, adding this key is useful.

It is generally good practise to add the template to this category if that is it's sole purpose. For example a nationality template. Use a space as the sort key to force it to the top of the listing and wrap it in noinclude tags.

<noinclude>[[Category:Example Category| ]]</noinclude>

Remember to create this category so it does not appear as a redlink when the template is eventually used.

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