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This is a queue for current community projects that need to be worked on. There is no need to post something here before getting started, this area is just to help get the community involved and ask for help. If you would like to work on a project just post within the subheading what you are doing or would like to do, and add yourself to the members list. If you would like to create a new project put it at the bottom of the page using the following format.

Adding a Project

*'''Title of Project'''
:What you are proposing, and why you think the wiki needs this. ~~~~~

Cycling Projects

Once a project is announced here, It will stay under New Projects for 3 months. After this time, if it is still active (has had an edit on its page within 1 month), it gets moved to Active Projects. If it has not had an edit in on month or has been completed, it gets moved to Old Projects

Once a page has been in Old Projects for 6 months and hasn't been resurrected, it is moved to Projects Archive.

Project Guidelines

This page is for:

  • Cleanups
  • Redesigns
  • New Pages You Need Assistance With

This page is not for:

Project List

New Projects

Please remove entries more than 3 months old and put them in either "Active Projects" or "Old Projects"

  • Removing Ancient History
A Wiki project to sweep through the Location pages and archive (or even remove?) any 'history' with the page that's older than 2018. THE CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER 06:27, 12 September 2018 (UTC)
  • Removing stubs
There is some 6800+ stubs in this hole. Most of these are plain boring things like lanes, drives and other crap we can't hide in, or trash. I made some quick generic streets, lanes, drives and boulevards to use on whatever I come across on the random stub location thingy.
If someone wants to help out (there is alot) it would be nice. If this could inspire someone to actually work out some more great stories that would be even better.
List of streets etc. to be used. -- SomethingSomething.gif 22:43, 11 September 2018 (UTC)
This is a huge project, I think it should have its own page, particularly because it warrants some serious discussion. Particularly, that I don't think we should be throwing paragraphs of generic, cloned text onto masses of stubs. I would push back against this and insist that we only flesh out stubs with original, if basic, blocks of flavour text. THE CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER 06:27, 12 September 2018 (UTC)
Not much bigger than doing half the city's dangerupdates I assume? It's not like the streets should all be generic - just some. But I get where you're coming from, and with the above project I can only see more stubs incoming. My idea was based on some page I found in User:Rosslessness space where Peralta had made a generic restaurant to use on some of the stubs. I think my interest in this is gone again, but worth a shot. -- SomethingSomething.gif 07:01, 12 September 2018 (UTC)
Fair, but here's a bit of history regarding the status of these stubs. They were all made by early wikizens, and as I recall, around 2009, The Rooster went and unilaterally re-merged them all into pages such as Roftwood Parks, Ridleybank Streets etc. because if they aren't TRPs and are useless pages with no in-game value, they shouldn't be sitting there as stubs that can't be fleshed out. Then, sometime after he left, people re-de-merged them into their own pages again. I don't know what side of the fence I sit on (outside the obvious goal of "all of them should have original, fleshed-out pages", but that's the hardest outcome), but one thing I'm certain of is that if we go down any mass-produced stub actions, they should be preceded by some decent discussion with more of the community than has happened in the past. THE CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER 00:03, 13 September 2018 (UTC)

Active Projects

Old Projects

Please put inactive/completed projects here. If a project has been under this heading for 6 months, please move it to Projects Archive.

Removing "Dark" from the barricade plans

Due to confusion it was "agreed" that the dark part of the barricade plan was useless and could be removed. Perhaps some of the locals would want to help remove this from their barricade plans to avoid (stupid) survivors removing generators from buildings due to thinking they need to be dark. -- SomethingSomething.gif 12:32, 10 September 2018 (UTC)
Finished --AORDMOPRI ! T 23:22, 11 September 2018 (UTC)
Awesome! -- SomethingSomething.gif 07:04, 12 September 2018 (UTC)