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Abbreviation: I
Group Numbers: new group, open membership
Leadership: founder / chairman Seb Wiers
Goals: strategic inovation
Recruitment Policy: see below; see also Imagine/Nation
Contact: Use the Talk:Imagine page

Imagine is a wiki group and a "container" for projects spawned by the Imagine group.

Editorial Structure

Imagine intends to write articles and spin off projects. These will be tied to the Imagine group by making them sub pages and giving them in the [[Category:Imagine]] tag. See below for list of articles

Group Structure

Imagine is intended to have a Board of Directors. I am currently recruiting board members, with a focus on the following positions / skills:

  • Chairman: that's me for now, but I need not remain or be the only chairman; this is a position of oversight and direction
  • Publicist(s): should be a respected member of the wiki as well as multiple survivor forums and groups, with a good ability to communicate and recruit for Imagine's projects
  • Administrator(s): people with the experience and patience needed to set up and run forums, chat rooms, and other common meta game tools
  • Programer(s): may be an administrator, but must also have programming skills; Imagine projects will likely require creation of new interactive websites that manage game related data
  • Editor(s): people with good writing and editing skills who can help with creation / publishing of articles; right now this position is largely carried out by the Chairman, as the ONLY function of Imagine at this point is publishing articles