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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.

NOTE: This is an in-game movement. It is not a Wiki Policy or an official rule of the game. The TinyURL for this page is



RESCUE is a policy that incorporates concepts from the Sacred Ground Policy and the Uniform Barricading Policy and provides a replacement for the former and a substantial improvement to the latter.

The Sacred Ground Policy is a nice idea, but it isn't the best way to do the job. Taking a certain location type (or types) and making them revive points is clearly a good idea, and certainly a popular one, but a Cemetery (or any outdoor location) is a lousy choice for this work. RESCUE provides a better location for revives, with many benefits, while preserving the idea that revive points should be easily recognized and widely distributed.

The Uniform Barricading Policy is a good idea, but has so many exceptions and special cases that, even if it were universally obeyed, it would be hard to predict what buildings will be viable entry points when. RESCUE provides for constantly open free run entry points. Even during the worst zombie sieges (in fact, especially then) and even when survivors (or death cultists) over barricade every occupied building, RESCUE ensures that there will always be some buildings you can get in and out of- most importantly, buildings that you can easily enter after being revived. Although this doesn't much aid survivors who do not have Free Running, it ensures that those who do, can always find shelter.


Revive points should generally be inside a building if possible. Isn't this obvious, really? Just to get into Necrotech Buildings, revive providers generally need to have Free Running. However, the Sacred Ground Policy forces them to go outside, do some reviving, and then locate and enter a "entry point" and then move to a safer location. Some selected revive points have VSB buildings nearby, but still force the tech to go outside, and who knows if the designated entry will remain at VSB or less? At best this is a waste of AP, and in some cases it actually proves quite dangerous.


Obviously, to make it easy for people to get in to the Revive Point building, it should also be an entry point building, and hence kept at VSB or lower. In fact, because dead survivors (zombies) will be seeking entry, it should have NO barricades, and also ideally no doors. Such a building can serve as an entry point to the free run network as well as a revive point, and poses no threat to the danger of nearby buildings.

So, have all the folks who want to be revived gather inside a building, and the revive technicians can free run in, revive a few folks, and free run back out. If this building was near a Necrotech Building, it could save massive amounts of AP, and even potentially the lives of revive technicians who get lost or can not get back inside due to over barricading that occurs while they are outside. Sounds, good, no?


Clearly it is safer to work at an indoor revive point, but another consideration is that indoor revive points are less visible to zombies who do NOT want to be revived, and so it is harder for them to judge if the revive point would be worth "jamming" , whether the local area has been suffering heavy casualties lately, and so on. Zombies who stay inside buildings can not hear Feeding Groans, which would either discourage revive point clogging by brain rotted zombies, or reduce the chance that those zombies will join in killing more survivors. Clearly, putting a revive point inside makes sense if you want to keep unfriendly zombies out of your revive line.

It should also be noted that if a revive point is indoors, the revived bodies can be left inside the building- they do not need to be dumped outdoors. This saves the revived person at least one AP after they stand up, because they need not enter a building to be able to use Free Running to move into other buildings.


Every Church should be declared a revive point. The barricades would be removed (by living or dead survivors) and any zombie would then be free to enter. To ensure that barricades are not again erected, a dead survivor with the required skill could Ransack the Church. In fact, zombies are rather good at getting into Churches, which is why nobody likes to sleep in them if they can avoid it. In fact, the more dead survivors there are, the better this process will work- so you have good revive points just when you need them. If for some reason those needing revives can not get into the church(es) being used as revive points, they can still wait for and be revived outside the church- which makes as good a location as any graveyard.

Note: Per the 24th August 2007 update, attempting to free run into a ruined building will result in user appearing outside of it. Survivors attempting a revive run will have to spend an additional 1 AP entering the church if it is ruined, which is often the case. Repairing the church is not possible until all zombies have been revived or killed. This makes the RESCUE policy slightly less attractive, but engaging this policy is still less risky than traveling to an outside revive point, reserving AP to find/reach an entry point and the risk of being left outside.

Note: Per the 23rd January 2008 update, attempting to free run into a ruined building not only results in the user appearing outside of it, he may lose 5 HP. This makes the RESCUE policy even less attractive since to avoid the HP loss, he/she needs to exit the safe-house (or enter an adjacent empty block), move to the church square and finally enter the church, costing an additional 1 or more extra AP, depending on the route, over the last update. Pending report of the probability of the loss of this 5HP, a survivor may still find it AP-efficient to run this risk if he/she is near a powered mall and has First Aid since restoring the HP is not very AP intensive.


So, this creates a building full of zombies (folks who want revives) that has no doors and can not be barricaded until all the zombies are gone. It is the ideal revive point- and also the ideal free run entry point, as it is all but immune to over barricading. If somebody DOES come along and kill all the mrh cows, dump them, and barricade the building- well, removing barricades now earns zombies experience points, so in a way it would be a blessing! And hey, you can stand around and pray while you wait to be revived- that's got some nice flavor.


Are There Enough Churches for Everybody?

There's about as many Churches as Graveyards, so it shouldn't make much of a difference in the number of revive points or the average distance traveled to one of them from any point where you might die.

Worth considering, perhaps, is whether most churches are close to and have easy free running access to one or more NT buildings, and vice versa. However, this is really a luxury consideration, when you take into account the fact that NONE of the graveyard revive points are part of the free run network!

Anyhow, to illustrate the point, below is a map that shows NT Buildings in green, and Churches in yellow. The open areas (including graveyards etc) have all been colored black- anything you see colored is a building of some sort, or a junkyard. Cathedrals are not included as churches on this map, so there may in fact be MORE potential indoor revive points (buildings without doors) than shown here.

As you can see, some areas are better covered than others, but there are only a few places where you have to travel more than 10 blocks to reach a church that has an NT building within 5 free run steps of it. That means revive techs could start the day in an NT building (or neighboring building) and, spending less than 50 AP, go to a church, revive 4 people, and return to the NT building (or a neighboring building) to sleep- without ever going out doors.

If this plan were in effect, if might be beneficial to spray tags inside churches saying how far the nearest (via free running) NT Buildings are, so people have an idea of the locations usefulness as a revive point. Similarly, NT Buildings could be tagged inside with locations / instructions to Churches that are easy to reach from that NT Building.

Map of Malton's Churches and Necrotech Buildings


Map Legend
__Necrotech Buildings__

How to Make the Change

Sacred ground will likely need to be completely abrogated to gain the benefits of RESCUE, but almost all the present barricade policies can remain with only the minor modification that Churches are designated to be maintained at the "ransacked" level.

To put RESCUE in practice, there are several steps that need to be taken to make these changes. I suggest implementing these steps in phases.

Phase 1

  • Publicize the idea. This page is a step in that direction.
  • Another good step would be to tag inside NT centers and outside / inside churches with information about the policy. The following tag would likely be effective:
    Revive safer with RESCUE! {wiki > RESCUE} 41 characters

Still a work in progress - please DO add to the "How to Make the Change" section if you have any ideas. --S.Wiers X:00x-mas tree dead pool 15:17, 17 March 2007 (UTC)

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