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In Malton...

On 19th September 2009, Chief Seagull became the first member of 'the family' to land in this not-so-fair city - trouble is, he landed right on his head from a great height and so instantly became one of the undead. After a few days shambling about on his own, he met up with bunch of zombies known as the Militant Order of Barhah who just happened to be passing by his neighbourhood. After receiving promises of plentiful meals, he converted to the ways of Barhah and has been on tour ever since where he quickly learned all the tricks of the zombie trade. His hobbies include eating out, random acts of vandalism, and groaning a lot.

On the 29th October 2009, Doctor Parrott parachuted into Malton to search for his dimwitted cousin. After landing a job as a NecroTech lab assistant, he soon developed a penchant for jabbing things with needles. He was assigned to the Peet Building where he became a member of Judgewood Vector Control, a group of locals formed to fight the zombie menace and beautify their 'burb. Despite his relatively high IQ and his doctorate in jabbing needles into things, he has a habit of forgetting his job and wandering around outside for no good reason.

Just as things were settling down, he received word on 4th December 2009 that his psychotic little brother Tarquin Parrott (known to his prison buddies as Cometh the Axeman) had escaped from his luxury padded cell and had somehow found his way into central Malton - worse still, he was armed with his favourite fire axe. Surrounded by dozens of zombies and with no police to stop him, he found himself right at home... but is it only a matter of time before he starts taking out his violent tendencies on the living?

And the less said about his ditzy and slightly violent daughter Cutey Snugglekins, the better....

In real life...

...I'm someone who's been a Gashead for almost twenty-five years, a Muslim for fourteen years, and a Zebra for three years – I'm usually an umpire, but I loved the couple of games I've done as a white hat. When I'm not farting around on the internet, I'm a technical writer based in Cardiff.

So why 'Chief Seagull'? I don't live by the sea and I'm not a seagull enthusiast. It's in honour of the psychotic seagulls that live in my street and occasionally divebomb passers-by (you haven't lived until you've seen a traffic warden twatted in the head by a seagull). When it came to naming my first UD character, I couldn't be arsed to think of a new name. Trouble is, the name Seagull was already taken, so on the spur of the moment I stuck a random rank onto it. Hey presto, Chief Seagull.

Elsewhere on the web I am also known as Bettia which, depending on the source, is either a country whose football team are the two-time World Cup champions, or an administrator on Wikipedia.


To do list

Scored 8 points total - nowhere near the winner! Ah well, best crack on with the other Judgewood stubs.


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Doctor Parrott repaired Club Dury (Ridleybank) for 242 AP.
Doctor Parrott repaired Wriford Bank (Ridleybank) for 302 AP.