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CS High Value Targets

Common Survival

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This is our current list of High-Value Targets, that is, our rogues gallery, and reason they were placed here.
If they are on this page, consider them armed and skilled.
In event of an encounter, follow the directions at the bottom of this page, with time and sig.
Insults are up to you.
Once the deed is done, place a bold "l" Beneath their name in their respective sections in the color of the job.
White "l"s represent bounties out on them to be filled.
Non-Rotters with Purple Backgrounds and all rotters are considered DNRs.

Penalty Assignments

Offenses are gauged as follows:

  • Injuring or Killing Common Survival Members
  • Injuring or Killing non-members
  • Destruction of Common Survival Property
  • Parachuting
  • Additional conditions given at the discretion of Common Survival Members

Rotters tend to be punished more severely than non-rotters,
and PKers punished for killing members more harshly than zombies.
Parachutists and Zombie Spies shall be summarily executed, or neutralized.
Neutralizing (reviving parachutists) shall not count as a collected bounty.
Bounties are usually given once per incident, though attacks on the group earn multiple bounties.
Bounties are usually tit-for-tat, harm warrants harm, death warrants death.
However, attacks against buildings, or by PKers, generally warrant multiple bounties and higher consequences.
Serial offenses yield higher bounties per incident.


Procedure for collection

Once you've located the individual, announce their name, their crimes, "" and the shared links information, to all in the room, even if it is just them. Take a screenshot of this and upload it to the Common Survival account under the "Bounties Announced" folder.

  • If under a blue bounty, announce that their actions have led them to be watched.
  • if under a green or yellow bounty, attack them for how ever much damage, announcing their starting and ending health. If a death results, announce the death and dump the body.
  • If under orange bounty, kill on sight, announce the death, and dump the body.
  • If under red bounty, kill on sight, announce death, dump the body, and update the HVT page (here) with the coordinates of their last location.
  • Special Bounties: TBA.

Upload the screenshot of the kill/maim to the Common Survival account.

Afterward, take note of the individual's group, performing a search for it, update the HVT page with shared links to the screenshot.

Non-Rotting Individuals

Shambling Killer-- Parachuting into the HQ, and infecting the inhabitants.

First bounty: Jon Aiken RSZ ! -17:50, 6 November 2010 (UTC)

MartinKeamy-- Killing two people in the HQ.


Value Levels

On Our Good Side (But Under Watch) Bust 'Em Up, But Do NOT Kill Maim Or Kill, At Discretion Kill On Sight Pursue And Kill Special Orders