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The Creedy Defense Force Field Manual


DO NOT Edit this page, editing this page without permissions from the Creedy Defense Force is considered vandalism

Section 1 - Introduction

(Original document written by Cowboy Up, one of the founding members of the Creedy Defense Force)

  • You search through the armory in Fort Creedy, and you find a book. It is entitled "The CDF Handbook." Upon opening it, you notice the table of contents.*
  • 1 Section 1 - Introduction

o 1.1 Goals and Objectives o 1.2 Signing Up o 1.3 Security Status o 1.4 Specialty Squads o 1.5 Expectations

  • 2 Section 2 – The CDF’s Area of Operations

o 2.1Fort Creedy o 2.1.1 Siege Conditions o 2.2 Giddings Mall and the Greater Giddings Area

  • 3 Section 3 - Spying
  • 4 Section 4 - Rules of Engagement

o 4.1 Player Killing o 4.2 Generator Killing o 4.3 Zombie Killing o 4.4 Revive Point Killing

  • 5 Section 5 - Revive Points/Sacred Ground
  • 6 Section 6 - Alt Character Regulation
  • 7 Section 7 - The CDF Badge Explained
  • 8 Section 8 - CDF History
  • 9 Section 9 - CDF Tools of the Trade
  • 10 Section 10 - FAQ
  • 11 Section 11 - Final Notes

Section 1 - Introduction

Hello, and welcome to the Creedy Defense Force, also known as the CDF. The Creedy Defense Force is mainly responsible for the immediate area around Fort Creedy. Fort Creedy is located in the south-eastern corner of Peppardville and its walls cross the south-western line into Pitneybank. The Fort has always been a beacon for survivors looking for protection and shelter. We intend to keep it that way.

Goals and Objectives

As a Creedy Defense Force member, your job is to keep Malton as a whole free of hostiles at all times, and to keep all survivors healed up with a safe place to spend the night. This is a huge task, and of course can never be fully completed. The CDF operates mainly within 20AP of The Fort. This is where you, as a CDF member, will be doing most of your day to day jobs; be it healing runs, zombie purging or watching barricades. We want to make Fort Creedy and its surrounding area as safe as possible so that the survivors may better help themselves. We want to work with all pro-survivor groups and will extend our home to them, as long as they need it. The only thing we ask in return is to respect our members, and the people we look after.

Signing Up

So, you want to join the fight? Well, we never turn away a defender. Drop your information on our recruitment board. All it takes is PMing your name and ID# (Profile Link) to El Satanno and posting in this thread and you can consider yourself a part of the "CDF Unranked." When you complete the registration process, please be sure to throw on our patch (in your profile): Creedy Defense Force. However, if you have already posted in that thread and have come here upon being welcomed by a current CDF member, continue on reading. No need to fill out extra paperwork.

Security Status CDF Security are well-known CDF members who have proven themselves worthy on the field of battle as well as in the Intelligence Office. What they say has significantly more weight than the words of an unranked member. With this privilege also comes an entirely different part of the forums in which you can access and discuss more secure topics like timed attacks, safe-houses, as well as security only operations.

Promotion to Security

Wondering how to get Security Status? Well, there is no set way. Some unranked have been known to gain Security status in a matter of days, while it took others months. It all depends on the intel you give us, fights you engage in, friends you make and the impression you leave on the Staff. With determination, you will get your rank quick enough. Asking for it directly does not assist you in any way. If anything it throws suspicion down as to why you want it so badly, which is never a good thing. The best way to get promoted is to remain active, posting useful helpful information. At any rate, I'm sure you're an upstanding survivor citizen who will fly through the unranked and one day be leading a crew of your own. Good luck!

Specialty Squads Security is not the highest status you can acquire in this group. As of now, there are two other squads that have their own hidden boards; Malakim and PKRU.

The Malakim Squad is an elite group of survivors that get sent out all over Malton to aid in the efforts of our allies. They do any kind of work and are highly experienced, battle-tested machines. If you need something done in Malton, this is who you call on. To apply for Malakim, security members should watch for invitation threads to be posted in the secure boards. Any openings needing to be filled will be mentioned in a thread there, and should only be applied for when that occurs

The PKRU (or Player Killer Response Unit) is dedicated to hunting down survivors who have fallen off the beaten path and resorted to harming their fellow survivors. Their main base of operations is around Fort Creedy, where they can watch over the CDF and Giddings. They will take on any job regardless of size. Just ask the CGR after one of PKRU's nightly assaults on their safe house. They have been known to hunt PKers straight out of suburbs and even the game itself. Their Intel is outmatched only by their Shotgun Accuracy, if you find yourself on their list, its best to leave the area. Also, the PKRU are the only members of the Creedy Defense Force that are allowed to PK. If you are not a PKRU member please do not pester Spider or other Admins with requests to attack any survivor. At this time the PKRU is invitation only, prove yourself to be a valuable member of the CDF and Spider will contact those he wishes to join as openings occur.


As a CDF member, certain things are expected of you. The CDF is one of the largest groups in-game, and in turn, one of the ones looked to most to set an example for other people/groups. We expect you to have good sportsmanship towards allies as well as enemies (even if they don't give it to you). We expect you to follow the rules set by your peers. They don't make them because they like talking. They want everyone to be on the same page, and they want the CDF to be looked up to as a quality group, with quality members. We also expect you to devote at least one character to the CDF cause at all times. This is your group as much as it is anyone else's, and your help is never trivial. That said, mainly just use the coined phrases: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." and one I made up for occasions like this: "Those who have the means to help, have the responsibility to help."

Section 2 - The CDF’s Area of Operations

Fort Creedy Fort Creedy, as said earlier, is a beacon to all survivors. People come to our Fort for safety. Whether or not they help protect it is up to them. We still have to treat them as our guests. So, seeing as there are no Free Running lanes in, The Gatehouse is to be kept at Very Strongly +2 AT ALL TIMES. Some groups (such as the former Jamoomba and Fort Overbarricaders Union) try to keep the barricades up as high as possible, to deter people from getting inside. This gets people killed when they go out to hunt or restock and plan their APs to have just enough to get back inside, and also locks out our medics from Giddings who are trying to heal our men back up. So, whether you have to barricade up, or use a crowbar to debarricade, always keep the barricades at Very Strongly +2. Don't feel it as a waste of AP, because it is one of the most important jobs to be done at the Fort. Siege Conditions

If Siege Conditions are called, ALL CDF members (unranked, Security, Malakim, etc.) are expected to bring ONE (and only one) alt to the Fort to defend it. Not doing so may result in punishment unless a better reason is supplied (ex: Both characters tied up in another issue of more importance). This does not give anyone reason to violate the CDF's strict guidelines on Multi-abuse or Zerging.

AP conservation during a siege is important. When the Fort is under siege, try and use your AP in shifts if you're going to be at your computer for any length of time. That way, your character can be active in more than one break in. If a zombie is in the Fort, but inactive, don't waste all your AP killing it. Someone else will be more than willing. Barricades are the only thing survivors have to really shut the zombie forces down. Remember: We take more AP to revive and get back into the action then you killing one extra zombie. Open doors can potentially kill dozens of people.

If the Fort is overrun, or it is so close that there is nothing anyone can do to save it, a retreat will be called by a Leader, Top Brass or Staff Member. The CDF fallback point is Giddings Mall, unless otherwise specified. Go there, to restock and prepare for the zombies to follow. They don't always, but the more persistent ones do. Once in Giddings, CDF rule still applies BUT it is not our area. We DO NOT give orders to anyone but our own men. CDF Leaders will most likely brief you anyway on what the current location's rules are.

Giddings Mall and the Greater Giddings Area

While Fort Creedy is the primary home of the CDF, and we fight with all we have to protect our home, it is important to not understate the level of importance that Giddings mall hold with the CDF. In addition to being our fallback point in the event of a rout at the fort, during times of peace and when we need to prepare for action quickly the majority of our members generally choose to stock up at the mall. Furthermore, Giddings mall is also the basing point of one of our allies the Army Control Corps (ACC) and has stood as a bastion of hope and relief to survivors across Malton, having weathered numerous sieges over the years, there have been many times where the CDF, allies, and the “mall rats” (AKA: unaffiliated random survivors that base themselves around the Giddings area) managed to buy enough time for other suburbs to prepare in the face of massive zombie hordes. Because this warrants mentioning again, the CDF does not have total authority in Giddings, while our tags carry a certain level of respect from survivors, we cannot order them to do anything outright if they are not members of the CDF. Instead, we place ourselves in the line of fire to protect them and more often than not, they back us up and keep us alive and fighting.

The usual entry points for the mall itself are the Auto repairs on either side of the Morrish building (1S of the SW quad of Giddings.) Make sure that these buildings are kept at VS+2 unless otherwise diredted.

Section 3 - Spying

Spying is illegal.

We DO NOT spy on zombie/enemy groups. Period. People caught doing so will be judged and punished accordingly. Any claims that the CDF has been caught spying should be brought up to a leader with the appropriate evidence. We take such accusations very seriously because we are an RP group. We try and do our best to keep the intel gained by in-game means, or means that our characters presumably could accomplish in-game. Punishment can be anywhere from a slap on the wrist and a week with rank stripped, to a complete permaban from our forums.

Section 4 - Rules of Engagement

Just because you have a shotgun, does not mean everything needs a hole in it. Zombies are always ok to kill, unless they are at a revive point. Revive Points ARE NOT meant to kill at. This includes all areas marked on the Creedy Intelligence Tool (CIT) as revive point, all cemeteries (the security rank members of Creedy Defense Force has voted to support the Sacred Grounds Policy) and all other revive sites which are being hosted by other groups. Note: Big sites like Walrond and the Way Monument don't get changed, so if a spray says otherwise, it's probably some griefer messing with the system. Always check to see if a point is a revive point or not. 30 zombies sitting in some nondescript street, probably means it’s a revive point.

Player Killing

Player Killers in any form except Bounty Hunters (from our own group, or others) are handled by our PKRU. The penalty for PKing innocents is death. The PKer may put in an appeal if he has proof of being wronged first. The CDF strongly believes in the "eye for an eye" method. If any player gets PKed, he may submit his proof to the PKRU for vengeance, and they will handle it. We don't wipe our list of PKers by a point system. We hunt them until they leave the area, call for a truce through the boards, or stop playing.

It should be known that we do NOT recognize the UD Resensitized Forums PK list or the Brainstock list.

One final note: ONLY PKRU MEMBERS ARE ALLOWED TO PK ANYONE. PERIOD. Do not ask for premission from the PKRU leader or any other admin. The answer will be "No"; and continual pestering of the admins is a good way to slow or stop your advancement through the ranks.

Generator Killing

GKing is illegitimate.

It is not tolerated under any circumstance. A GK reporting thread already exists for the purpose of reporting offenders. These offenders are then banned from using the CIT's revive request capabilities. Some people will destroy Generators in nondescripts because of the "Lights On" message it gives, attracting more zombies. These generator kills may be ignored if it is a first time offender.

Zombie Killing

ZKing is legitimate.

The CDF neither agrees or disagrees, and allows the judgment for the individual player to decide. However, ZKing at a revive point is considered illegal by the CDF, and will be dealt with accordingly. The exception is if the player has a known PKer or Brain Rotter on his contacts, and decides to purge them from the revive point.

Sample Argument: One reason why we do not care if our members ZK is because of the fact that a zombie will die anyway. A zombie death is much better than a headshot. Zombies won't argue that.

Revive Point Killing

A recent argument sparked some controversy as to whether or not this was a legit strategy or a form of griefing. The general consensus of the CDF is that this as a form of griefing and it will be dealt with accordingly.

Penalties for all of the above (except regular ZKing):

First Offense: Verbal Warning via PM and a mention of the offense in the offenders Account Notes. Second offense: A 1-week stripping of rank and or a temp ban. Again, a mention in account notes. Third offense: Banned from CDF board, banned from CIT and added to the PKRU hit-list. Killing at revive points will not be tolerated. The offender can ask for an appeal if he believes he was unjustly banned.

Account notes may be wiped and warning bars refilled at the discretion of Staff.

Section 5 - Revive Points/Sacred Ground

The revive points that the Creedy Defense Force use are the Way Monument in Peppardville, Walrond Square in Pitneybank, and the Cemetary North East of Farmer. The CDF supports the Sacred Ground Policy which declares all cemeteries as revive points. Killing at a cemetery is like killing at the Way Monument. So don't do it. Also note that emergency revive points may be instituted during operations to allow less APs to be spent moving to and from the RPs, these will be announced to whomever needs to know by the Brass (Any Admin or Global Moderator)

Section 6 - Alt Character Regulation

Zerging is illegal. Multi-abuse is illegal.

Zerging - Creating massive amounts of characters to complete a common goal (ex: attacking a mall, hunting a group, standing zombies up to "soak up bullets" for a main character or group of zombies, etc.) usually in the same suburb or building.

Multi-Abuse - Having two or more characters cooperate to complete a single goal, usually the same suburb or building. (Ex: Reviving your main character with an alt, barricading a building with one character and healing the people in that building with another, killing zombies in one location with two different characters, etc.)

The CDF frowns upon the use of multiple characters in cooperation with each other. Current new rules only allows for two characters to be registered with the CDF. Also, those characters may never be in the same suburb at the same time; in fact, they should always be at least 10 action points (APs) apart at all times. This radius will leave you plenty of room to enjoy the CDF with two characters while following the rules. To see if you are in the clear, or need to move your character(s), simply count the fewest number of action points that it would take for your characters to meet. If it is 10 or less, you need more room. More than 10, you’re OK.

Talks with the RRF made us totally rethink and change our policy. While we don't agree that anything more than one character in a group is "wrong" or "multi-abuse" we do think we should do our best to keep track of things and make sure we are all playing fairly. In respect for the RRF and the few groups like them, please do not initiate hostilities with them if our home front is being attacked. In other words, you may only have one alt fighting a single enemy group, even if it's in another location and/or suburb. This includes barricading Ridleybank. Thank you.

Section 7 - The CDF Badge Explained

The CDF Badge (Creedy Defense Force in a player's profile) holds a lot of weight in-game. We are one of the most respected and highly held groups’ in-game due to the way we run our group, and the way we play. Wearing this badge does not give you the power to push people around. That is not what the size of the CDF is all about. We got this big because of how well we used the power we have. When wearing the tags, make sure you are doing your best to be a good sport, respectful, and helpful in-game. Griefing started by our group will not be tolerated. If you wear our badge, hold your head high. You are part of the strongest and most tight-knit group of survivors’ in-game.

Section 8 - CDF History

We are currently gathering the numerous files that are scattered about the fort. Please bear with us until we can compile the data. Thank you.

Section 9 - CDF Tools of the Trade

One of the main things that sets the CDF apart from its allies and enemies is its superb communication and gadgets at our disposal. If you're going to be one of us, you're going to want some techie gear.

Guide to Gearing Up Comm. Systems - Includes how to get our Tracker, ShadowLord's UDTool and getting hooked up with our CIT. [color=Blue]Some of the links in the above thread may not work at this time. Please bear that in mind when you peruse the thread. If someone wishes to volunteer to see what works and what doesn’t, PM Jeremy Daniels (THEllisor) and inform him of what changes need to be made.

CIT - The Creedy Intelligence Tool. It is best known for its revive lists with auto-purging of revived members, and auto-denying of enemies. When you make Security status, it turns into one of the best tools you could dream of by giving a beefed up number of revive lists. Furthermore, make certain that you use this tool whenever you die and are needing a revive. It speeds up the process many times over. Also, when you have the chance to, please make certain that the sprays at revive points in Peppardville and Pitneybank are pointing to the CIT

Section 10 - FAQ

The FAQ board is up and running. It will be kept updated. Feel free to ask any questions, about anything in the handbook or that you need clarified on that board.

Section 11 - Final Notes

All staff have the right to take forum matters in their own hands. They may ban at their discretion if you are doing anything ignorant. They will give a warning first, if you don't follow it, then you deserve your punishment. Examples of bad forum etiquette are: excessive swearing, trolling, baiting, flaming, dodging bans, abusing CDF tags (as in throwing your weight around in any uncouth manner), and any assortment of stupid, evil things. If you wouldn't want it done to you, or your grandma, don't do it. Admins have final say.

Check back on this thread from time to time, as it may be updated. If it is updated significantly, a mass PM will be sent out. Enjoy your stay with our group and good hunting!

"Those who have the means to help, have the responsibility to help."