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NOTE: This is an in-game movement. It is not a Wiki Policy or an official rule of the game.


After considering the current policies on use of NecroTech properties Salt the land and Fertilize the Land, the Coalition to Avenge Malton has decided to put forth it's own policy concerning NecroTech properties. CAM hereby submits Feth the Land for your approval.


There seem to be two basic ideas on how to handle the use of materials manufactured by NecroTech. On the one hand, dedicated members of the Zombie community maintain that the use of revivification serum as tantamount to a war crime, by forcing a member of the Undead to return to a state of life. On the other hand, members of the former company who have joined other survivor groups are advocating a policy of reviving on sight any and all undead that enter a property of the now extinct corporation. The justification on both sides is that NecroTech buildings are the key to defending a suburb. Zombies want to render them useless, Survivors wish to keep up their function.

CAM suggests a third route. You see, it is very clear to our members that the culprit behind the current state of things in our fair city is thanks to NecroTech. The leadership of that company has either successfully fled or were killed in the early crisis, and were not subsequently revived. But the scientists, who are even now continuing their work through studying the undead are alive and kicking. CAM recognizes that the ultimate fate of everyone within Malton is already determined. It is only a matter of time before we are nuked into oblivion. Therefore, Feth the Land requires the execution of all NecroTech employees seen operating in a matter that advances the company's goals of researching the undead, or acquire the skills necessary to do the same.

The Name

Let's face it. The land is screwed. No matter whether the zombies successfully keep as many NecroTech buildings as possible ransacked, no matter how many dedicated zombies survivors successfully revive and prevent from ransacking, it's all gonna go up in one big mushroom cloud. It is, as they say, fucked.

The Policy

Simply put, kill all scientists fulfilling their role as scientists since they are to blame for the continuing downfall of Malton and the eventual nuclear fireball that will engulf us all. Especially around NecroTechs, but mostly because that's the most likely place to find them.

The Benefits

Thanks to Feth the Land, there will no longer be any reason to hold NecroTechs, because under ideal conditions, no one will be able to operate them. This will also allow for easier use of River Tactics (geez, come on, if your going to run from the horde, at least actually run from the horde).

The Downside

Could get kind of hard to find a revive. Of course, CAM is willing to suppose that there may be some Scientist types out there that have the necessary skills to hand out revives, yet have rejected their study of undead and are therefore exempt from the policy. If this is the case, they should register by posting on the Talk page.

The Template

All ridiculous policies must have a template, and Feth the Land is no different. As soon as CAM decides on the official template, it will be displayed here.