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So, your standing outside the mall in a huge mob of friendly zombies. What a great feeling! But wait- is attacking the barricades worth your trouble? We all know its hardly worth the effort unless another dozen or more zombies join in with you at almost exactly the same time. Gee, wouldn't it be nice if you knew when other zombies were going to attack? Sure, feeding groan is nice, but that only works after the barricades fall, and who has the time (or IP hits) to sit around refreshing the map page, waiting for the barricades to fall and the groans to start echoing out through the streets?

Hmm, why can't every zombie just announce to the other zombies present when they would like to attack, ahead of time? It's not like there's any humans standing around listening...

They can. And that, in a nutshell, is X:00 Tactics. In game communication of attack times by zombies, for zombies.

How can we zombies accomplish this, you ask? Zombies can barely talk, can't use spraypaint or radios or cell phones, can't see each other's profiles, and generally just suck at in game communication. Well, below are a few simple guidelines to using X:00 Tactics while on the Mall Tour so that yes, indeed, zombies CAN communicate this vital information.

What's That Rattle ?

Gee, theres a zombie outside the mall who keeps saying weird stuff like "Grab mah zamba gab. Zambaz wanna ram baragagz w!b mah? Agz ar Grag!" Then he points at a building, and points at himself, and rants some more...

Who the hell is this guy? Well, why not click on his profile and find out who he is? Isn't that obviously what he wants you to do? If you do, you will very likely see a profile like the one shown below.

Preacher of the o'clocalypse.jpg

What this zombie is telling you (by getting you to look at thier profile) is his attack time. Pretty handy info, eh? Well, it is if a couple dozen other zombies decide to join him. And how will you (and he) know if that is the case?

Simple- if you want to join in on that zombies attack, add the zombie to your contact list and edit your profile to include the same information (use the exact same group affiliation and a similar time specific description) and then talk back to the zombie.

This accomplishes two things:

  • If enough (10 or more) players have the same attack time info in their group membership, it shows up on the stats page. This lets ALL of them know that there is a "critical mass" ready to attack at that time. All such groups will also link to this page, encouraging more people to take up the same idea and (hopefully) the same attack time. Your profile and group affiliation become tools for attack co-ordination.
  • Talking back to the zombie lets him see that somebody has gotten the message, and passes the message along to others who can then join you both in the same way you joined that attack.

Of course, a character's profile can be changed to include any information they wish to advertise. The above profile could easily include an attack LOCATION as well as a time, for example.

OK, Who's The Human?

To get the ball rolling, Mall Tour '07 is recruiting death cultists from the Chaos Wing to go out into the crowds of ferals and preach the word of the o'clocalypse. Their profiles will have "Mall Tour '07/X:00" in them, and a link to this page. They will explain X:00 tactics, verbally give links to this page and perhaps even specific strike times, "point" to zombies who are using X:00 profiles (giving links to their profiles) and generally entertain the troops with o'clocalyptic rants or even their own tasty flesh. Because these death cultists spend time indoors, their profiles will NOT reveal specific attack times the way a zombie who was using X:00 tactics would. Of course, if they get killed, they are quite likely to use and promote X:00 tactics as a zombie

But wait, what about the bang bang harmanz- won't they be waiting for us?

Doesn't the above strategy let survivors know exactly when you will be attacking? Well, no, not really. Zombie profiles aren't often seen by survivors. In fact, nobody will ever get a link to your zombies profile unless you attack them, talk in front of them, gesture in front of them, or kill somebody in front of them, or in some other fashion make it visible. And since there's not any humans around while the zombies are talking, the information in your profile is really only available to other zombies. If you are really worried about folks getting this info, change your profile (put the group back to Mall Tour '07) before your attack and leave it that way for a while, so that any humans who you attack don't see the info you put there "for zombie eyes only".

But really, it doesn't matter. If you have 10+ zombies all smashing on the barricades at exactly the same time, the barricades will come down faster than the humans can respond, and all of the zombies will EASILY enter the mall before they go back up. It doesn't really MATTER if the defenders know when the attack is coming, because you burn off your AP taking down the barricades and chewing up the humans (use the default attack for speed) before they can react and protect themselves.

To that end, use this clock when making X:00 group attacks. You want to attack EXACTLY at the same time.

Hmm, I like this idea

Cool, hopefully you are on the mall tour already. Poke around the Mall Tour '07 message board for more information, and check out the currently promoted public attack times. Then get those profiles and that "zamba gab" working!

Also, use the mall tour message board or talk:Mall Tour '07/X:00 page to let us know abut your efforts, but do NOT post a link to your zombies profile on this Wiki.

Also, if you want to promote X:00 tactics in general, here's a handy little wiki template:

Xoclock.jpg Punch In
This user or group supports X:00 tactics.

To use this template, just paste this text into a wiki page in the appropriate place: {{X:00}}

Zombie Oratory

Here's some handy phrases that work well for those with a slight case of death (rattle, that is).

Z mah zambah gang nam? B an mah zambag gang! Sums up X:00 tactics in 10 words of rattle.
Ram barragagz a mah gang nam. Z mah gang nam? Same purpose as above. Not sure which is clearer- the one above looks cooler, though!
Grab mah zambah gab. Get's people to look at your profile. Hopefully.
!z ganna b agz ar grag ana m!na na. Ganna ram barragagz! Use this one right before your attack time.