The feeding the young policy

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NOTE: This is an in-game movement. It is not a Wiki Policy or an official rule of the game.

This Policy is for high Level Zombie can pull Survivors out of the barricaded safehouses.

Please feed the zombies.gif

What It Means

Low Level can't get XP from killing survivors because they are all hiding and it take 3 zombies 50 AP to even get into a building. Therefore, high leveled Zombies should destroy barricades. Drag the living outside and watch the lower levels kill the silly humans. By doing this Humans become zombies and help zombies take over Malton, and help low level zombies become stronger. If you support this policy then put a template (added soon) on your page.

Your Return

A fellow Flesh eater who may one day help you out. A warm feeling and then the new stronger zombie may help out another low level zombie.

Feed the Zombie Drag the Living into the Streets