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A relative newbie to UD, I am currently running four characters:

Jerome Hargatai

A NT technician currently based in Hollomstown. Jerome was recently honored to be present at the wedding of Ashate and Marion Wells. Following the reception, he was inducted into the Lesbian Pirates (okay, HARD) and christened with a wine bottle.

Zoe Aliniski

A military scout in North Blythville, doing her best to help defend the 'burb from the latest Zombie horde. Zoe died one time too many at the factory next to the Hebditch building, and has decided to take an "If you can't beat them, join them" approach, and is now part of the residual force keeping Hebditch and Julie General in ruins.

Fifi Martinez

A zombie who just participated in the sacking of a mall. After getting hit with a random revive (hello, 6th level with no survivor skills), Fifi is struggling to adjust to survivor life.

Lance Reddick

Initially intended to see how long he could survive out of cover, he was quickly killed, zombified, and revived. Since then, he has been wandering around the North East edge of the city, looking for a cause. He has now decided to join the Big Prick, and is currently stocking up on needles and generators before heading off to Darvall Heights.