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Hi Kip Saunder's here just an average middle class Brit with a black lab called Lucy. No silver spoon to speak off :) though!

A while back I was part of the K9 search and rescue team brought into Malton just after we heard strange goings-on reported into the K9 HQ east of the city of Malton. A team of eight were choppered in but I was the only one who escaped the initial onslaught. The inhabitants ate all the others plus their dogs.

After several months of surviving solo, (hence the name One Man & His Dog a pun on yester-year British TV programme), I found a pot of red paint in a ransacked junkyard and I remembered an old story I had read as a child called the Black Hand Gang, it gave me an idea! I started to dab Lucy's right paw in the paint as a secret sign to the humans that we are here! After witnessing the sad plight of a group of x-pet dogs, being cornered & eaten by the zombies. They just gorged themselves on the injured & starved strays! The sight of it so sickened me that I decided use some paint to write a message on a billboard in the hope that one day others would join and adopt a starving mutt of Malton to be a force for good. So it came to pass that K9 search and rescue group One Man & His Dog came into existence.