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Initiating Zombies to Obtain the Naturalization of Earth
Abbreviation: IZONE
Group Numbers: Unknown - Majority of members act in secret
Leadership: None: independent covert cells
Goals: Naturalization of Earth
Recruitment Policy: All committed to our goals may join
Contact: None

Initiating Zombies to Obtain the Naturalization of Earth (IZONE) is a radical group committed to returning the earth to its pre-human state.


When we die, we give our bodies to the earth. The earth has turned those bodies back on us.

For years, humans have been destroying their environment. Now the Earth has risen up, imbuing our former dead with her spirit to rise up against us. This is her final weapon. Repent now and Mother Earth may allow you to live in a peaceful symbiosis with her once the culling is completed.

Why has this "zombie epidemic" occurred in a city? Cities are the epicenters of human destruction. It is in cities that humans breed incessantly, spreading their evil throughout the world. Mother Earth, in all her wisdom, has created a Holy Weapon that strikes these population centers most effectively. She recycles her defeated foes to continue her battle. How great is she! None may stand against her.


The Book of Life by Elron Hubberd

I was once lost. I was working with NecroTech to find a "cure" for Our Earth's "disease". I learned many things about the "disease", but the more I understood, the more I realized that it was The Cure.

Our Earth Mother has chosen a very potent Cure as Her Final Weapon, indeed. I have been in Her Realm and returned to bring the Good News of Her Wonder.

All of the reanimated dead, henceforth referred to as "zombies", are capable of basic animal reasoning. Some of the more advanced forms of zombie may be capable of higher level cognitive thinking. These zombies have shown that they can open doors and speak in a garbled form of English. I hypothesized that they retain at least some of their former mental power, but that their decomposed bodies restrict their ability to communicate.

I was determined to test my hypothesis of zombie thinking. As a NecroTech scientist, my goal was to learn more about zombies, in order to better fight them. The situation in Malton was getting desperate, so I was willing to use drastic methods. I see now that Our Mother Earth, in all her wisdom, intended exactly this. I came up with a plan to die, so that I would be reanimated in my zombie form in order to test my hypothesis of zombie thinking. My fellow scientists, working to develop a "cure" discovered a solution of unholy artificial chemicals that could revive zombies. It would, in essence, bring them back to their evil human selves. Armed with this solution I began my Great Experiment.

I took many precautions. I armed my colleagues with dart guns loaded with revification darts, and swallowed a revification capsule rigged to release its solution by remote control. My colleagues placed me in a fortified test room and fully bound and secured me. Then they injected me with a death serum. Everything grew very, very dark. Soon after my death, I arose again as a zombie. My first sensation was a rush of scents. I don't even remember if I could see. I may have been able to, but my mind was completely focused on the new smells I was experiencing. My sense of smell was extremely acute. It seemed to be tuned to human flesh, and more specifically human brains. Initially, I did not understand this, but my confusion was suddenly resolved by an overpowering desire to feed on human brains. I tried with all my might to show my colleagues that my reasoning abilities were inact with the predetermined signals we had discussed extensively, but my mind was overwhelmed with the feeding instinct. All of my mindpower was devoted towards my one goal—feeding on human brains. Even with this entrallment of my mind, I was still as clear as ever. I immediately realized that I must pretend to be harmless, in order to relieve them of the dart guns and remote control unit. Unfortunately, I was too smart for my own good. I gave the other scientists explicit orders to keep me away from any of the devices which would revive me and to revive me at the first sign of trouble. We all had seen what zombies could do, so we took no risks. Nonetheless, I attempted to show that I was harmless, but I couldn't cause my mouth to form words. I tried to write a message, but my hands were too clumsy. Having failed I grew perturbed, and broke free from my bindings and lashed out ferociously at the bulletproof glass pane. I managed to crack the glass before my colleagues released the revification serum into my blood.

I see now why I was filled with an insatiable urge to consume human brains. Although philosophers debate where the humans mind is housed, my visit to Our Earth's Blessed Realm caused me to understand that the human mind is kept in the brain. The key to destroying the humans is destroying their minds. Their minds are the cause of the evil. Other simpler, nonsentient animals are capable of living peacefully with Mother Earth, but humans, having stolen the Blessed Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, have worked to overpower Our Earth and subject Her to their evil whims.

Learning the truth, I spread the good news. Thus, I founded IZONE.

Elron Hubberd

Elron Hubberd is the enigmatic founder of IZONE, and considered by many to be the spiritual leader of IZONE. It must be noted that Elron Hubberd has no part in any of the day to day affairs of IZONE. As a high value target for the opposition, he spends most of his time in hiding, "channeling" the Earth's knowledge to IZONE members. Prior to founding IZONE, he was a scientist working for a secret project in NecroTech. He is the author of The Book of Life, the "bible" of IZONE.

Little is known of Elron Hubberd. Even high level members of IZONE claim that they have never seen his face. He communicates with his followers through radio transmissions and tapes that are passed from member to member. Critics claim that he doesn't even exist. Conspiracy theories about the past of Elron Hubberd abound. Some of the more popular theories are that he worked on a highly sensitive immortality project in NecroTech that resulted in the creation of zombies, or that he was merely a low level scientist working in NecroTech with a taste for glory. An opposition group maintains that Elron Hubberd is actually a high level executive working in NecroTech, and that NecroTech was developing weapons for the army, the latest weapon being the zombie contagion/cure combination. They claim that Elron Hubberd is working with the government and using Malton as a testing ground for NecroTech's superweapon. They point to the fact that there is a sizable military presence enforcing the quarantine, and that IZONE is clearly working to ensure that carriers of the zombie pathogen are not eliminated.

Current operations

Zombie/Human Cooperation

Zombies are perfectly capable of higher level thinking, although they are overwhelmed with a desire to please the Earth. None will suffer the indignity of martyrdom. Nay, our most devoted members die to be reborn as soldiers of Earth. We have developed methods of training our zombie members to not attack allies. We can not share these methods in open places such as these, though, as enemies of the Earth lurk everywhere. Unfortunately, we are unable to convince the general zombie population to not harm us as we are, after all, still human.

State of Affairs

The weakest humans were easily dispatched by The Cure's first wave. Now, like a virus, few resistant strains have adapted to the Earth's Medicine, and are living with virtually no fear of undeath. We must change this. Human strongholds are forming in areas all over Malton. Many strongholds are centered around malls. Malls, the centers of human consumerism, are now where the humans will attempt to make their last stand. For now, they are succeeding, but do not lose hope. IZONE scientists working to understand the Earth's Cure have found that the Earth, in all Her wisdom, is also adapting. She is improving and honing her Holy Weapon against the humans. There are rumors throughout Malton that the zombies are all but defeated, and that there are many locations where humans reign with no fear of death from zombies. We must change this. Humans are upsetting the balance of nature, and they must be destroyed.

Known Peace Cells

There is a group of our brothers and sisters working for world peace near Bale Mall. There have been reports of another group working in Quarlesbank. May Earth be with them.

Call to Arms against Earth's newest threat: Generators

All generators must be destroyed. They emit climate changing greenhouse gases, and will destroy Earth. Although the damage to Earth is already extremely severe, we must work to ensure that the condition isn't exacerbated. Global warming is a real threat and could result in a global catastophe resulting in millions of lives lost. It could very well bring about an apocalypse of biblical proportions. We must do everything in our power to stop this. We must destroy all generators and the misguided humans who insist on destroying the Earth. Remember, we are all citizens of the Earth and must do our part to keep it healthy for generations to come.

Criticism against IZONE

'These guys are nuts man! Think the zombie plague is Gaia's reaction to pollution.

  1. ^(&!wits!' This is the reaction sometimes seen when this group proselytizes in safe houses around the city. Most of Malton's population considers the entire notion laughable, stupid, or outright insane

I do not criticize IZONE. I simply do not join them. I am however opposed to the scourge of the world,

humans.--Pharo212 20:55, 7 August 2006 (BST) 

Response to Criticism

They will join us in life, or they will join us in death.

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