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Zombie News Network
This is ZNN..
Abbreviation: ZNN
Group Numbers: The Undying Horde
Leadership: Dead Turner
Goals: Well-Fed Zombiekind
Recruitment Policy: Just keep your fellow Zeds informed.
Contact: harmanzzz commm chossserrrr

Joe Pesci Approved News for Wednesday August 19 2009


ZBmainiac is resurrected as a man and comes clean on the horde : http://teophanytomcage.blogspot.com/search/label/docdropinglitleshit

and then Kevan woke up and made it a real zombie game and all the humans did weep and be ass-hats as the horde killed them all the end.

~cause not one goddamn thing will ever live up to "The Mall."

Haar !z ZNN - This is ZNN

English: --voice ident by Brains Earl-Jones
Zambazh: ZNN, za Zambah Narz Nazhaarg.
English: ZNN, the Zombie News Network.
English: Your answer for Brain Buffet news round the clock. Now bilingual!

Maz!a - Media

Zgraan Bhaagz - Video Blogs

Xoog 01:26, 5 August 2007 (BST)

Zambazh: Zaag Har. B!g Barhah Bazaar hazbbah !z RANSAG!!!Hazabbaha
English: This from Xoog. The massive medical campus near Caiger Mall is completely ransacked!


Ragz!a - Radio

Zambazh:  ?Zambah gaz rababz, !z Nah habbah.  ?Zambah grabz ragz!a az harman, an zhaz hzanna ahn ZNN, !z habbah zamba, an grabz Zambah Ragz!a bragabz. B arragh ab za graaahb, b habbah, b ar zambah - Zambah Razz!a!!!
English: If a Zombie gets revived, its not good. If a zombie gets a radio when human, and sets the channel to ZNN, its a happy zombie, and gets Zombie Radio broadcasts. Be aware of the world, be happy, be a zombie- Zombie Radio!

28.28Mhz is the official frequency for ZNN Radio. Zombies obviously can't make broadcasts while dead, but they CAN still listen to radios they carried when alive. Due to the difficulty of communicating numbers in Zambash, the best way to share this information with zombies is as a human, or through metagaming.

Razzah Bhaahgz - Text Blogs

H!zgarah - Archives

B!g Razzah - Manifesto


Za Naarz - The News




October 25th

Massive break-in at Mitchem Mall has resulted in a ruin in less than 24 hours. The Militant Order of Barhah's MOB Locator has been instrumental in assisting hungry feral zombies find the meals they need. At this time, there are upwards of 100 zombies in the suburb, and the remaining buildings are falling fast.--FLZombie 12:35, 25 October 2008 (BST)


February 29th

In continued harassment on remaining survivor positions around Ackland Mall, the Militant Order of Barhah attacked Club Kick with assistance of several feral zombies from the area. None of the 8 humans there survived. The Club was left ruined, since there was no intention of keeping it. They then proceeded to attack Chaffe Cinema, and found a dozen survivors hiding in there. The slaughter there is ongoing at the time of this posting.

With over 223 standing zombies, and an additional 194 bodies on the ground, as well as an undetermined number of zeds in outlying buildings surrounding Ackland Mall, it seems that the time has finally come for the final assault. The MOB has sent the Brain Liberation Front to attack surrounding buildings the past few nights at 00:00, GMT, to try to drain active defenders away from the mall and further lengthen revive queues. The MOB has also deployed as second later nightly wave - the Inquisition - to coincided with coordinated efforts from other groups, such as the Bash and Extinction and from unaffiliated feral zombies against the mall proper. The zombies succeeded in penetrating as much as two quadrants of the mall, and as frantic calls for help filled the airways the mall radio frequency, the barricades remained down for a longer period of time, allowing up to 40 zombies to enter and wreak havoc on the sleeping survivors. In their desperation, some survivors have also turned to readers of the somewhat NPOV Havercroft wiki page, with calls for assistance such as:

Arkland is falling we need all availabe reinforcements15 zeds in tearing the place up no power in half the mall plz send help. if you dont want to go directly into the mall the ive got the pitter building caded and pwered good stopping point ~ Democraticcommunist 2-28-08 9:42 Central


Constant break ins in the NW corner are starting to take their toll on the defenders of Ackland. Need all available personnel to push them back out and restore the barricades asap. 11:25 (GMT)

The survivors were able to finally kill and remove many of the attacking zombies, but something happened here last night. For a brief moment it seemed as if all was lost for the defenders after two quadrants were taken. If there was ever a doubt in someone's mind about the seriousness of the spreading zombie threat, it has been completely dispelled overnight. As the upper half of the map of Malton turns red, the quarreling survivor groups will have to forget their differences and work concertedly if they wish to overcome this latest surge in zombie activity. The time for survivors to act has come, and may soon be gone.

--FLZombie 12:58, 29 February 2008 (UTC)

February 28th

Zombies from the Militant Order of Barhah assaulted Rolls Cinema tonight in yet another attack to the surrounding structures to Ackland Mall. Fortunately, a few of them managed to make it to safety in neighboring Ackland Mall. Zombies from the Militant Order of Barhah assaulted Rolls Cinema tonight in yet another attack to the surrounding structures to Ackland Mall. Fortunately, a few of them managed to make it to safety in neighboring Ackland Mall.

In an interesting turn of events, many members of the oldest zombie group of Malton, the Minions of the Apocalypse, were seen destroying the barricades and entering Auston Auto Repair. For the readers that have not heard of this group, the MotA are a highly coordinated zed group that has evolved into a deadly killing machine over the years. They have earned the respect of the other zombie groups of Malton, and their methods and tactics were copied. They were considered the Deadliest Small Horde at the Brainies awards of 2007, recognized with the Gold Brain for Horde Efficiency and even the Bronze Intestine for Overall Horde Points the same year. The MOB entered the structure after the MotA had already began slaughtering the occupants. Needless to say, not many escaped the ensuing cooperative destruction they enacted upon the survivors. It is unknown at this time what the intentions of the MotA are, but if they decide to join the attack on Ackland Mall, we may see things worsen for survivors there as revive queues get longer. Both the MOB and the MotA declined requests for additional information regarding a timetable for the final attack on Ackland.

Edited to add: Since I stepped on a few toes in the Havercroft wiki, I have decided to not ruffle any more feathers there, and will continue to contribute zombie-related news as a freelance contributor to ZNN.--FLZombie 13:25, 28 February 2008 (UTC)

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