Cemetery 32,87

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a cemetery

Dartside [32, 87]

Alderson Walk the Stock Museum Knott Drive
St. Gall's Church a cemetery Ransom Grove
a carpark Taplin Crescent Hopping Alley

Basic Info:

Do not revive list

Cemetery 32,87


A revive point being run by the priest of the adjacent St. Galls church. Revives usually happen in less than 24 hours with medical care available inside the church. If there is a slowdown due to zombie attack, it is suggested that zombies go to Gee Ave (26,72)


The Dartside cemetery was first used in 1859 right after the construction of St. Galls Church. The cemetery is home to many past citizens of Dartside. Dartside has been a mostly immigrant neighborhood since it's founding, and there is an interesting mix of last names scattered around the quiet 5-acres with the beautiful church in the background.

One of the more popular graves is that of Mr. Malcolm Sharp, the former police chief that has the nearby Shapr PD named in his honor. The name of the police station is a well known spelling error and visitors to the cemetery are amused to see his gravestone which is inscribed "Here leis Malcolm Sharp." Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.

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