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NOTE: This is an in-game movement. It is not a Wiki Policy or an official rule of the game.

The Malton Constitution is a contract that defines all laws rule and regulations by the city of Malton. The "Outbreak Constitution" as the Malton Constitution may be called form time to time is a powerful reminder of the times we live in and the situations we face. (Note-Please look at the How to add a new law page before adding a new law)

The List below should determine where your law will be placed.
Article One-Rights of everyone, rights of one, rights of none.
Article Two-Pking, Territory of Groups, Disputes, Negotiations.
Article Three-Weapons, radio channels , Beer and Wine.
Article Four-SprayPainting, Creeping people out, Bounty Hunting.
Article Five-Taxes, wire-cutters, Binoculars, Rent, Farming, Fishing, Zombie Spies.
Article Six-Malls, Factories, streets, players with bad names, No-fly zones.
Article Seven-Zombies, Survivors, Suicide, revivication, walking, free-running.
Article Eight-flak jackets, safehouses, bathrooms, insurance, research, Zerging.
Article Nine-Rubik's Cubes, ammmunition, phones, radios, newspapers, flares.
Article Ten-Barricades, mercenaries, war, survival, things that rarely ever happen.
Article Eleven-Piracy, Police, Right to rule, freedom of the press, and Gkers
Article Twelve-Group Policies, Rules of naval engagement, marraige, divorce, Pre-Nups, fries.
Article Thirteen-Conspiracies, plots to take over malton, hamburgers, Treason, Dictatorships.
Article Fourteen-Anything else, action figures, Knockoff brands(G.I. Moe), flowers

Article One

It is sometimes necessary for sentient civilized being to consort in an effort to further an establishment that constitutes a lawful body or entity that enacts procedural and orderly customs over a national boundary of space. The consortium of such an entity is not without flaws and therefore the creator of this constable law form shall regulate the flow and format of the page for the sake of peace, prosperity , and order in the city of Malton. To enable a free and open democratic system the general Populace will receive one voice and said populace shall be empowered to drive hence forth new laws concerning the welfare of Malton. The people of Malton shall, and do deserve a free and open democratic governance,and therefore such a governance is now established for the good of all citizens. To this righteous cause the denizens of Malton will be ensured a free and open right to craft the fuel of governance that said body shall be constructed of. This lawful right of governance may or may not be hindered by the creator of said rights throughout the establishment of law. This is not a free Governance to enact chaos or anarchy or to disenfranchise the survivors of the city of Malton.

Section One-Sub Article One

Everyone in Malton is permitted to submit or create as many laws as they like, regardless of the insensitivity of the law or laws.This law cannot be hindered, barred, removed, banned, destroyed, eaten, eviscerated, disemboweled, mutilated, burned, shot, executed, hung, beaten, killed, abducted, murdered, drowned, sacrificed, blown up, exploded, molested or anything that the creator of this page(s) will not tolerate.

Section One-Sub Article Two

In the rare occurrence of a vote being undertaken by the creator of said page there exist necessary prerequisites

A computer
An Internet connection
an account on the Urban Dead Wiki
You must posses More IQ points than fingers OR toes

Article Two

The second article of Malton law is related to the act of killing other players, and group territorial disputes, negotiations among other items of similar context.

Sub Article One Subsection One

The act of PKing is allowed is an individual feels that the presence of another survivor is a clear and present danger to the immediate safety of that survivor.

Article Three

This section is meant to address the grievances of firearms, fire axes, knives, baseball Bats, crowbars (when used as a weapon), flares (also when used as a weapon), radio channels, and beer, and wine.

Sub Article Three Subsection One

Giving Alcoholic beverages to minors is expressly forbidden, the penlaty is eight zombifications by authorities.

Sub Article Three Subsection Two

The caliber of your handgun may not exceed the width of your larget eye, If you have no eyes then your Handgun caliber may not exceed the perimeter of your head.

Sub Article Three Subsection Three

Shotguns may not be set To "auto Kill" unless Santa Claus defeats Father Christmas in a tag team wrestling match by 2086.

Sub article Three Subsection Four

A fire-ax may not be given to a zombie under penalty of a 50$ fine.

Article Four

Sub Article Four Sub Section One

you may not spray-paint the phrase-

Inoperative workers convert to a new form of Antidisestablishmentarianism 

( yes That's actually a word

Sub Article Four Sub Section Two

If a group, clan, or cult, begins to freak you out-Kill Them, Especially if it's a cult.

Sub Article Four Sub Section Three

In the pressence of an offensive Tagging, You're permitted to kill everyone in the building to make sure no one's around when you spray a new tag on.

Article Five

SubArticleFive SubSection One

You may tax players depending on how much they use their wirecutters whenever they go fishing.

SubArticleFive SubSection Two

A zombie spy is anybody who looks at you funny.

SubArticleFive SubSection Three

You May charge rent is you posses a deed to the property .

Article Six

SubArticle Six SubSection One

You may not sell meat in a mall, in a factory, or on the streets.

SubArticle Six Subsection Two

Malton has rouhly 10,000 no-fly zones most of the time. Anyone caught flying is to be shot down and interrogated as to how they figured out how to escape the HellHole that we call Malton.

Article Seven

Article Eight

Article Nine

Article Ten

Article Eleven

Article Twelve

Article Thirteen

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