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Team History

The Malton Riptide (commonly known to fans as "the Rippers") was the first expansion franchise of the semi-pro United Basketball League. It began play in 2003-2004 season after the opening of Rodges Stadium. They were named for the infamous riptides of nearby Malton Inlet, which have always prevented Malton from establishing a successful port.

During the team's first season, they won only a single game, defeating the Wolverhampton Moorhounds by forfeit on July 3rd, 2004, two days after the Moorhounds' players began a strike that outlasted the season.

The 2004-2005 season began very differently, owing to a major shake-up of players and coaches. The team won several games during the first few weeks of League play, and showed promise for a possible run at the championship. These hopes were dashed, however, when the entire team was lost in the chaos of the Malton Incident.

Team Records

The Rippers' overall W-L-T record stands at 14-120-2.

Surviving Players

Players who survived the Malton Incident are encouraged to add their names, jersey numbers, and other information here.

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