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These are sites set up to help players co-ordinate and communicate outside the game.


There are countless forums dedicated to Urban Dead. These allow players to communicate and co-ordinate their actions without the in-game limitations, and are often

DEM Revivication Request Manager

DEM Revive Requests

This is a semi-automated website that helps coordinate survivor requests for revivification.

Brainstock Rogues Gallery


Iwitness automates the tasks of creating, storing, and archiving files that effectively serve as "screenshots" and, with a few minor additions, could serve purposes similar to various Revivification Request tools as well as many other tactical communication / data mining purposes.
After several months of use and development, Iwitness seems to be remaining a pretty low-level metagaming tool, both due to intentional design feature limitations, and due to a limited user base. It does now have a searchable database, but no cross indexing an minimal data extraction. In essence, its still just a raw dump of screenshots and links, with some organization added to make them easy to locate if they contain specific text strings.


There are a number of maps that people can use to find their way around the game without having to rely on their own explorations and memory.


Well, you're here, I'm assuming you know how it works.

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