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| '''Capacity'''
| '''Capacity'''
| ''4 Bullets from [[P|Rifle Clip]]''
| ''4 Bullets from [[Example page|Rifle Clip]]''
| '''[[Building Types|Locations]]'''
| '''[[Building Types|Locations]]'''

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This page is REALLY disorganized. Don't even try to find anything here.

Caffinated Drink

Locations: Bookstores(10%); Power Stations(2%); Gatehouse(2%); Barracks(4%); Club(4%); Hotel(2%); School(2%)
Encumbrance: 2%

If used, grants 1 HP. Cannot be pushed over limit of 50(60 w/ bodybuilding). At 2 drinks, your ranged weapon accuracy is decreased by 5%. At 3 drinks, your ranged weapon accuracy is again decreased by 5%. At 4 drinks, your accuracy for all weapons is decreased by 5% and you can't use revive needles. At 5 drinks, you can't use ranged weapons. At 6 drinks, you can't drink any more and you accuracy for melee weapons is decrased by 5%. All effects are reset at rollover.

Pack of Cigarretes

Locations: Liquor Stores(10%); All Fort squares(5%); Arms(5%); Club(5%); Auto Repair Shop(5%); Factory(2%); Junkyard(2%); School(0.5%)
Encumbrance: 4%

There are 1 to 12 smokes in a pack(random). Your first smoke deals you 5 damage. All the rest give you a 10% chance of becoming addicted. When addicted, if you don't consume tobacco products within 20 AP, you suffer from withdrawal. With withdrawal, your max HP becomes 40(45 with bodybuilding). Melee weapons deal 1 less damage(not includung fists), and ranged weapons


Discussion (Drugz)



Damage 6 points (5 against a flak jacket.)
Base accuracy 10%
Capacity 4 Bullets from Rifle Clip
Locations Mall Gun Stores (2%/3%), Armories (10%), Police Departments (2%)
Encumbrance 10%
  • Starting Skill: 10% Accuracy
  • Basic Firearms Training: 35% Accuracy
  • Rifle Training: 60% Accuracy
  • Advanced Rifle Training: 70% Accuracy

Rifle Clip

Used by Rifle
Contents 4 Bullets
Locations Mall Gun Stores (5%/8%), Armories (16%), Police Departments (4%), Gatehouses (2%)
Encumbrance 3% / 0% when loaded
Reloading A basic rifle ammo clip. It costs 1 AP to reload with a rifle clip (click on the clip to reload). Reloading will always fill empty rifle first. A rifle can only hold 4 bullets, so if all of your rifles are partially loaded, reloading a clip will only fill (4) the rifle in your possession that had the least number of bullets. Exceeding bullets are lost.

Mega UD Revamp

Timestamp: BoboTalkClown 02:10, 17 November 2007 (UTC)
Type: New classes, some new skills and items, and changes to old classes and an significant change to outdoor locations
Scope: Survivors & Zombies
Description: This is long...

New Classes

Doctor: First Aid, Surgery; Disease Medicine and a FAK(75%) or 2 FAKs(25%), Scalpel

Neurobiologist: First Aid, Neural Repair; Cell Phone, Book, FAK(60%) or Scalpel(40%)

Lab Assistant: Lab Experience, SciRevive Employment; DNA Extractor, Flask of Something, Scalpel

SciRevive Guard: SciRevive Employment, Diagnosis; Pistol, Sedation Syringe

Game Hunter: Shotgun Training, Radio Operation; Shotgun, Binoculars

Martial Artist: Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat, Martial Arts; Bottle of Water, Numchucks

Vacationer: Exercise, Bodybuilding; Aerosol Spray, Cell Phone

Priest: Book Search, Motivational Speech; Bible, Crucifix, Wine

Hobo: Shopping, Garbage Scrounging; Crowbar, Beer(20%) or Bottle(80%), Length of Pipe

Prison Inmate: Gang Experience, Knife Combat; Knife, Spray Paint(50%) or Beer(50%)

Punk: Tagging, Parkour; Spray Paint and Cricket Bat(90%) or Knife(10%)

Mechanic: Construction, Basic Mechanics; Toolbox, Crowbar

Electrician: Construction, Electrical Proficiency; Toolbox, Radio

Clerk: Shopping, Stock Search; 2 of the following items: Radio, Tin of food, Peice of Metal, Baseball Bat, Cricket Bat, FAK, Spray Paint, Knife, Toolbox, Backpack.

Sailor: Swimming, Boating Proficiency; Length of Pipe , GPS Unit

Librarian: Book Search, Radio Operation; 3 Books, GPS Unit

Radio Host: Radio Operation, Smooth Operator; Radio Transmitter, Beer

Rich Guy: Shopping, Book Search; Wine and 2 Books(20%) or Money and Tennis Racket(80)%, Cell Phone

Bar Owner: Brewing, Food Preparation; Beer, Knife(75%) or Piece of metal(25%)

Drunkard: Resignation, Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat; Bottle, Piece of metal

Thief: Lock Breaking, Hotwiring; Crowbar, Toolkit

Chef: Food Preparation, Cooking; Knife, Wine, Tin of Food

Civilian: Shopping, Food Preparation; Beer(80%) or Soda(20%), Random Blunt Melee weapon/Chainsaw

Police Officer: Basic Firearms Training, Police Employment; Nightstick, Pistol, Flak Jacket

Firefighter: Mechanics, Blade Proficiency; Axe, Boltcutters, Radio Receiver

Private: Basic Firearms Training, Rifle Training; Rifle, Rifle Clip, Grenade

Officer: Basic Firearms Training, Pistol Training; Pistol, Binoculars, Grenade, Rations

Medic: Basic Firearms Training, Battlefield Medicine; FAK, Smoke Grenade, Pistol

Scout: Parkour, Basic Firearms Training; Binoculars, Knife, Flare Gun

Rotted Zombie: Vigor Mortis, Brain Rot; A crypt or street

Sentient Zombie: Memories of Life, Lurching Gait

NercoTech Experiment: Experiment, Terrify

Carnivorous Zombie: Digestion, Infectious Bite

New Skills

New Items

Numchucks Flask of Acid Scalpel Sedation Syringe Bottle of Water Money Grenade Smoke Grenade Hunk of Wood Peice of Metal

Other Suburbs


Food supplies in the city have become scare and now survivors need to find sustenance. Food would be an item that could be found in most places: bars, hotels, barracks, school cafeterias, resturaunts at ground level, and of course, mall supermarkets. It is normally found in bulk, say "A box of soup cans" or "A large bag of jerky". It isn't used in your inventory but rather placed in buildings like generators or transmitters. So you might see in a building: "Several boxes of granola bars, a box of canned spinach, a large bag of popcorn have been piled here." There is a limit of 20 units of food per block.

A survivor needs to eat something within 150AP they spend or they become starved. Being starved reduces your maximum HP by 1 every 10 AP. If there is food in the building you're in, you would have an "eat" button. Also, if you are carrying food, you can use the eat button. Food has an encuberance of 20%, so it takes up space to carry it around. This gets rid of any starvation you have, but depletes part of one item of food. So in the building description a "unopened bag of jerky" might become "an opened bag of jerky" then "a mostly full bag of jerky" then "a half empty bag of jerky" then "a mostly empty bag of jerky" then it would vanish.

Discussion (Food)

Also, all existing charcters will be given 125 XP at the time of this implimentation.



Suggestions I like

20071213 Remove Super Mega Doors of Steel

Karekmaps?! 02:08, 13 December 2007 (UTC)

Suggestion type
Balance Change/Skill Change

Suggestion scope

Suggestion description
With barricades in the game the steel Doors have lost their purpose, they are no longer the thing to keep zombies out, for zombies with Memories of Life they are useless, to zombies without they are an impassable and indestructible barrier. "Never better has that been shown than in the case of the LUE horde during their early strikes close to 200 new zombies signed up and attacking at once, but even then they needed experienced players aboard to open the doors for them. 200 zombies who, without someone with MOL, can be denied by the 'Super Mega Doors of Steel' with which every building in Malton apparently comes equipped as standard"quoted from Lord Moloch(he inspired the suggestion), he said it best and it's true

No free ability should be that powerful, 1 AP that can, and has, stopped hordes of 200+ zombies in their tracks.

My suggestion is simple, Remove Doors and Change Memories of Life so that it allows players(human and zombie) with the skill to see the level of barricades(Instead of just Lightly they will see Lightly++, the real barricade level).

Voting Section

Voting Rules
Votes must be numbered, justified, signed, and timestamped.
# justification ~~~~

Votes that do not conform to the above may be struck by any user.

The only valid votes are Keep, Kill, Spam or Dupe. If you wish to abstain from voting, do not vote.

20070905 Really Long Suggestion(Malton Expanstion)

BoboTalkClown 21:50, 5 September 2007 (BST)

Suggestion type
New territory& New places(Not a dupe!)

Suggestion scope
Everyone, but mostly people who will move to the new suburbs.

Suggestion description
The military brass and NecroTech have decided to fall back. Yes, fall back. The do this because of several breakthroughs in the underground sector of the city. They cannnot hold their line, so they have decided to pull back their secondary wall that is far stronger, and hasn't been constructed in such a hurry. This gives the zombies new terretory to reign over, and survivors new places to hide.

Key Addition:

44 New "Suburbs", expanding evenly on all sides of the current map.

  • These suburbs represent the heavily industrialised zone of southwest Malton, and the northern green belt, made up of fields, farms and a few outlying villages and hamlets, and the southeastern blue belt, made up of ocean, hotels and vacation homes.
  • Additionally, remains of the original military cordon include watch-towers, bunker complexes and NecroTech facilities.
  • Many buildings in the green belt and blue belt would distinctly not be connected to the Malton Free Running network, although they may be part of their own, smaller networks, or through tunnels.

Current Locations: Industrial Zone

Of the existing locations, only the following could exist in the industrial zone:

  • power station, wasteland, auto repair shop, arms, fire station, junkyard, police department, railway station, warehouse, factory, carpark, street, fort/armoury (ie there could be a third), building (representing offices), NecroTech building, monument, hospital.
  • Additionally, both the 2-square power station and mall (that currently exist on the eastern border of Malton) may be expanded to 4 squares.

Current Locations: Green Belt

Of the existing locations, only the following could exist in the green belt:

  • mansion, arms, bank, church, fire station, hospital, police department, school, carpark, cemetery, monument, park, street.

New Industrial Zone Locations

  • Cordoned Street: Max VS 'cades. Anyone can attack through the 'cades in either direction, with any weapon type (n% reduced chance to hit), non-powerable, no items, no door. Represents anti-pedestrian military construction: concrete blocks, barbed wire, etc.
  • Prison:
  • Malton Airport:
    • Terminal: large building acts as Mall, but does not have a Gun Store or a Hardware Store, and the Tech Store does not have a radio transmitter, new "Waiting Area" store with a chance to find a
    • Control Tower: single building; allows binocular use; items: radio transmitter, portable generator, binoculars, flare gun.
    • Runway: open location, ?flare gun?
    • Hangar:
    • Airplane: Takes 2 AP to close door; Items: Radio Transmitter, Newspaper, Book, First Aid Kit

New Green Belt Locations

  • Field: acts as street / park. Could be named "Jeneknson's feild, or Smith's Feild", or something along those lines.
  • Reservoir: Survivors with Body Building and Zombies with Lurching Gait can enter this square at a cost of 4AP. (Combat, revives, DNA extraction, healing and so on: presumed to happen on shoreline, sandbar, small island, whatever.) Idea that a map could create a reservoir either as a movement barrier, or with an island in the middle - as a prestige location.
  • Observation Tower: Max. VS 'cades; binocular use; door; max. internal pop. 5 (+5 zombies); tall building (suicide); items: Flare Gun, Binoculars, Radio. (You can't 'cade a tower much, and there's not much room in it: you'd get a message - can't enter - overcrowded.)
  • Water Tower: Max. VS 'cades; binocular use; door; max. internal pop. 10 (+10 zombies). (You can't 'cade a tower much, and there's not much room in it.)
  • Farm: Beer, Book, Wirecutters, Crowbar, Length of Pipe, Kitchen Knife, Shotgun, Shotgun Shells, Fuel Can, Portable Generator.
  • Suburban Housing: Book, Newspaper, Baseball Bat, Kitchen Knife, Mobile Phone. (All booze taken during military occupation.)

New Anywhere Locations

  • Military Compound: No doors; initially padlocked shut (wirecutters to open); items: Pistol, Flare Gun, Pistol Clips, Flak Jacket, Fuel Can, Portable Generator, Radio, Radio Transmitter.
  • NecroTech Compound: No doors; initially padlocked shut (wirecutters to open); items: DNA Extractor, First Aid Kit, GPS Unit, NecroTech Revivification Syringe; no NecroNet, but has syringe manufacture and revivication of a brain rot zombie if powered.
  • Bunker Complex: Allows firing through 'cades if at Loosly, reduced chance to hit, must be a firearm; always surrounded on eight sides by open locations; items: Pistol, Shotgun, Shotgun Shells, Pistol Clips.
  • Malton University.

New Blue Belt Locations

  • Fancy Hotel, a hotel search rates- BUT: allows suicide, outside(normal) or in(gives option), and 4 square building

New Underworld Rules

  • Movement is according to the normal UD rules.
  • Impassable Locations: one key addition is that of squares that nobody can move through. Solid rock, essentially. The ratio of impassable : passable locations would be decided at a later design stage.
Entry / exit
  • If you are in a city square that has an entry to the Underworld, it will say so in the description (e.g. "You see stairs leading down to a sub-basement" or "There is a manhole cover in the street"), whether you're inside or outside of any building. There will be a special button allowing you to enter the Underworld (e.g. "Go down the stairs"). The same is true for exiting the Underworld.
  • It is possible that there be an Underworld location below a city location, but no entry/exit point. (E.g. a subway tunnel passing beneath a building.) How many squares per suburb allow entry/exit would be decided during a later design stage. (It would be several, to avoid choke/swarm points, as we have currently with Malls and Armourys.)
  • Whether the Underworld network be fully connected would be decided during a later design phase. (e.g. the current Free Running network has a few blocks that are not connected.)
  • You do not see what kind of Underworld location it is before you enter but you can get a clue from the Underworld Locations rules presented below. Only certain locations exist beneath certain buildings. (The opposite is also true: you do not see what kind of city square you're going to when you exit the Underworld.) This lack of knowledge would only last as long as it takes for someone to publish an online map.
  • Because you can't see the location before you go there, you also can't see what's down there in terms of survivors and zombies. This is the same as exiting a building.
  • It is possible to exit a heavily barricaded building into a non-building location, when entering or exiting the Underworld (as per the current rules).
  • In all other ways, this is just as if you'd clicked on a neighboring building under the current rules (vis-à-vis Free Running et al).
You can always see the type of location you are in, and the type of the surrounding 8 locations. Further, you can always see an exit to ground level, if one is there.
  • You can only see survivors, zombies, barricades, doors, bodies and generators in your current location if:
    • it's powered (either by a generator or a substation: see Locations, below).
    • you're a survivor with a Flashlight (see New Item, below).
    • you're a zombie with Night-Vision (see New Skills, below).
    • you're a survivor that just fired a Flare Gun. (Subsequent IP-hit hides everything again.)
  • If you can't see, you can't attack (survivors, zombies, barricades, generators – whatever) or attempt to enter or exit buildings (except exiting by clicking on a neighbouring open location), or close doors, or repair a ransacked location, or search. In fact, all you can do is move to another location or, if there's an exit to ground level, you can take it.
  • You can only see survivors and zombies in adjacent locations if:
    • it's powered (either by a generator or a substation: see Locations, below).
    • you're a zombie with Night-Vision (see New Zombie Skill, below).
  • Locations for which you do not have visibility will be greyed out (ie you can still see the type of location, but there will be a graphical indication that you can't see there.)
  • This gives zombies a clear tactical advantage in the Underworld, as long as they have Night-Vision: they can always see what's going on around them. Survivors, without a Flashlight or a Flare Gun, and in an area that isn't powered, are effectively blind. This has been done on purpose – the Underworld, as you'd expect, is somewhere where the undead flourish, and survivors need to be well organized and equipped to handle the dangers. Having said that, there are only two locations (crypts and caverns, detailed below) that can never have powered lighting - so in most areas of the Underworld, as long as survivors keep the lights going, it's still an even playing field.
Effects on existing items
  • Several underground locations will initially be padlocked shut and require the use of wirecutters to enter. (Details under Underworld Locations, below.)
  • Flare Guns, if fired into the air, will only be seen within a 1-block radius.
  • GPS doesn't work, and shows as (-.-), or (0,0).
  • NecroNet Scans don't penetrate.
  • Mobile Phones don't receive signals.
  • Radio doesn't operate, and Radio Transmitters cannot be setup in buildings.
  • Binoculars are useless, as there are no tall buildings.
Effects on existing skills
  • Scent Trail works as given, with an indication of whether the prey is above or below ground.
  • Scent Death works as given, with an indication of whether the group is above or below ground.
  • Feeding Groan does not penetrate from above ground to below ground or vice versa.

Underworld Locations Where a location may or may not have an entry/exit point from above ground, "none" is given as one of the options under "possible entry points" (see below).

As above ground, buildings can be barricaded, ransacked / repaired and powered with portable generators. Unless noted otherwise, buildings have closeable doors and a chance (suggestions given below) of initially being padlocked, requiring wirecutters to open.
  • Subway Station
    • Possible entry points: Railway Station (Padlocked: 10%; Tagging: +2XP)
  • Power Substation
    • Possible entry points: Building, Towers, Factory (Padlocked: 50%; Tagging: +1XP)
    • Special Rules:
      • Must have one only per suburb. Large Building. Always takes up two squares.
      • If one square is given a generator, then that square is lit, as normal.
      • If both squares are given a generator, then the emergency lighting is switched on for this entire suburb of the Underworld. That turns on lights in underground carparks, all three tunnel types (subway, sewage and utility) and Nuclear Bunkers, as long as those locations are not ransacked. This is the only way to provide lighting for those locations (except for the Nuclear Bunker).
      • Emergency lighting doubles the rate of fuel consumption by both the Power Substation squares.
  • Sewage Plant
    • Possible entry points: Street, Carpark, Junkyard, Wasteland. (Padlocked: 25%)
    • Special Rules:
      • Must have one per suburb.
      • If ransacked, makes subway tunnels in this suburb behave as sewage tunnels (i.e. sewage starts seeping into the subway system).
  • NecroTech Safehouse
    • Possible entry points: none. (Padlocked: 90%)
    • Special Rules:
      • UV Scanner: If the Safehouse has a running Generator, and a survivor has NecroNet Access, clicking this location-specific button will bring up a view of the 9-cell neighbourhood (i.e. 1-square radius) centred on the Safehouse. Numbers of zombies and survivors will be displayed (but not those inside buildings). For role-playing purposes, this is a surveillance system built to monitor the approaches to the Safehouse. The system has difficulty distinguishing multiple signals: if there are more than 5 zombies or survivors, the numbers show as "5+". (E.g. "3 humans, 5+ zombies".)
      • As yet undefined New Item should be unique to this location - something to encourage survivors.
  • Secure Vault
    • Possible entry points: Mansion, Bank. (Padlocked: 90%)
    • Special Rules: Easier to barricade up than other buildings.
  • Cellar
    • Possible entry points: Mansion, Pub. (Padlocked: 10%)
    • Special Rules: Homebrew - beer or wine drunk here provides an additional +1HP. (Silly rule, I know.)
  • Sub-Basement
    • Possible entry points: Mall, Power Station, Building, Cinema, Club, Factory, Fire Station, Hospital, Hotel, Library, Museum, NecroTech Building, Police Department, Tower. (Padlocked: 10%)
  • Nuclear Bunker
    • Possible entry points: none, Building, Library, Museum, Tower, School. (Tagging: +1XP)
    • Search items: Flashlight (+ maximum of 1 other item). +
    • Special Rules:
      • This building is never padlocked, and the heavy bunker doors are initially open, and cannot be closed by hand (see below).
      • Barricading this bunker is difficult due to the spartan, secure design: they cannot be barricaded past Quite Strongly.
      • If powered by a Portable Generator, that only provides lighting. (The other systems of the Nuclear Bunker are tied to dedicated circuits - linked to the local suburb Power Substation - and cannot be accessed by survivors. Typically poor thinking by the city planners.)
      • If the suburb's Power Substation (see above) is fully powered, the following special rules apply (as long as the building is not ransacked):
        • Emergency lighting remains on, even if there is no Portable Generator running.
        • Allows bonus +5HP in use of a FAK (as for a Hospital: the Bunker has a full medical facility).
        • Bunker doors become active:
          • A toggle button will allow any survivor inside the building to open or close the bunker doors.
          • Whenever the bunker doors close, they destroy the barricades compeletely.
          • While the doors are closed, nothing can get in or out - dumping bodies doesn't work, either.
          • As a failsafe, if the bunker is unpowered (i.e. the substation powering it is shut down) while the door is closed, it automatically opens.

Open Areas
As above ground, open areas cannot be barricaded, or powered with portable generators. However, the first four locations here (the carpark and three tunnel types) can have emergency lighting provided by the suburb's Power Substation (see above), and can also be ransacked and repaired to enable / disable the lighting. Caverns and Crypts never have lighting, and cannot be ransacked.
  • Underground Carpark
    • Possible entry points: Hotel, Carpark, Stadium
  • Subway Tunnel
    • Possible entry points: none, Street
  • Sewage Tunnel
    • Possible entry points: none, Street, Wasteland, Junkyard
    • Special Rules: Survivors must spend 2AP to move into any sewage tunnel square, due to the noxious atmosphere.
  • Utility Tunnel
    • Possible entry points: none, plus any except Fort / Armoury, Zoo, Monument, Park.
  • Natural Cavern
    • Possible entry points: none
  • Crypt
    • Possible entry points: none, Cathedral, Cemetery, Church, Mansion +
    • Special Rules: Zombies can "Gorge On Remains" (a special button for this location only) if they have Digestion – gives 10% chance of +1HP per AP spent.

Squares which have no potential entry points to the Underworld (on purpose):
  • Fort / Armoury
  • Zoo
  • Monument
  • Park

New Skills

Zombie Skill: Night-Vision
Prerequisites: Level 10
Allows a zombie to see in the Underworld as they do above ground, regardless of any lighting. This is a standalone skill that doesn't sit neatly within the other branches of the zombie skill tree. The prerequisite reflects that this is a mutation that can only occur after some time as a zombie. Has no effect for a survivor.

New Items

Inventory: 1 space
Locations: NecroTech Safehouse (?%), Nuclear Shelter (?%), Sub-Basement (?%), Cinema (?%), Mall Hardware Store (?%) [More..?]
Effect: Allows a survivor to see in an unlit Underworld location. The batteries in the Flashlight eventually run out, and may be old to begin with: every AP spent in an unlit location, there is a 5% chance for the Flashlight to be rendered useless (and disappear from the inventory with an accompanying message.) Has no effect above ground.

Gameplay Issues

  • GPS co-ordinates would have a new range from (-10,-10) to (109,109). In other words, (0,0) would not move and would still be in the top left square of Dakerstown. (The alternative is to re-write loads of pages on the wiki - not a nice prospect.)
  • Roleplay: Set yourself up in the countryside, running a local shop for local zombies. Expand your mind at Malton University, or try to get a flight out of this hellhole at Malton airport. Take a break from the action at the hotel, or try to catch a boat out of there at the marina.

Suggestion- Street Barriers

suggest_time= BoboTalkClown 01:07, 20 September 2007 (BST)

suggest_type= Barricade offshoot skill

suggest_scope= Large hordes, survivor strongholds.

suggest_plea= Don't auto-kill. Actually read.

suggest_description= Survivors now can set up more defenses to impede zombie movements. These are Barriers. Barriers can be set up on a square for 20 AP. This 100% accuracy, but high AP cost is there because in a post-apoclyptic scenario, debris to barricade with would be easy to find, but barricading a street is a lot harder that barricading a doorway. The barricades don't have any levels, and cost 15 AP for a zombie to destroy, for 10 XP. However, they can breach the barriers for just 4 AP. However, that gives you no XP, and does not damage the barrier. However, if that happens 10 times, the barrier becomes damaged, and all movement penalties are taken away, but it can be repaired for only 4 AP.

"But what do they DO?", you ask. Well, barriers keep zombies from entering or exiting the square, and survivors must spend 2 AP to enter or exit, unless they have free running. They can be built anywhere, even if there are 200 zombies there. However, you could imagine how quickly those would come down.

They are plainly visible, because the text icon would be surrounded with an orange outine, and there would be a text description. Trying to enter without destroying the barrier would waste an IP hit, but not an AP.

This requires the construction skill, of course.


Discussion (Suggestion Name)

Suggestion-SUPERCADES(Indoor Large Building Barriers)

These are barricades, except they are for the inside of large buildings. There are several differences though.

  • They cost 2 AP to attempt a barricade
  • They can only go up to Very Strongly
  • Once they reach Quite Strongly, you cannot enter or exit the square without free running(Or going outside).
  • They don't apply to forts(Not actually large buildings)
  • You choose to barricade a side (North West South East) as long as that side doesn't face the street.
  • A side facing a perticular square counts as barricaded when someone in that square barricades the side facing you.
  • If the barricades are braught up 3 times, the sqaure becomes ransacked.


  • The survivors are becoming so desprate to hold large safehouses that they are ransacking them to find things to barricade with. However, they are barricading even more securly as a result, and those safehouses are becoming easier to defend.

To survivors

  • Dispite it's many drawbacks, this would make malls easier to defend, so you shouldn't complain.

To zombies

  • This doesn't make it any harder to break in to a building. It just makes it so that you are slightly more quarenteined when you are inside a mall sector. Plus, the survivors will probably end up killing themselves by barricading so no one can escape.

To all

  • This adds a interesting new demention to mall seiges, without nerfing anyone or anything.

Note- Barricades are not destroyed when the building is ransacked. You just can't put new ones up until you repair the ransack.

Suggestion- More Traps v2

Yay! Taboo topic!

Ok here's the deal on Traps.


  • You require a fully loaded Shotgun and a Toolbox. You also need construction.
  • You spend 5 AP to set up a trap. No more AP is spent after that.
  • The building you set it up in cannot be ruined, but it can be ransacked, and zombies can be present.


  • The trap has a 10% chance of going off when a survivor steps in, and 80% to go off when a zombie steps in.
  • You have a 5% chance of setting it off when you search the building.
  • You have a 10% chance to set it off when you try to set it up.
  • You have a 25% chance to set it off when you try to disable it. The trap is lost, along with the shotgun when you disable it.
  • You have a 100% chance of setting it off when you ransack or ruin the building.
  • If you have free running, the trap can't be set off when you enter.
  • In the discription of the building, after the barricade levels, it says "there is a trap set up near the doorway." if there is a trap set up.

Damage/XP/More Crap

  • You gain no XP when a hit is scored. Also, the trap goes away when activated. There can only be one trap set up at a time.
  • It deals 20 Damage, 16 with a Flak Jacket.

Did I miss anything?

Why survivors like it- It's easier to kill and dump zombies that have entered the building.

Why zeds don't mind it- You can't be killed by dozens of traps when you enter a buiding. The max damage is 20, which isn't that bad.

Taboo Fuel Can attack

I know, every trenchcoater would love to have this, and all zombies hate the very thought of it. But lemmie take a crack at it.


  • Targets all zombies, but only attacks one individually
  • There are 2 stages of attack
    • Douse: You spash gas all over the zombies, 2 AP (Cost debatble)
    • Ignite: You ingnite the gas covering your inteded target. It quickly dies out, but damages your target for 5 HP damage. (Damage debateble), 1 AP


  • Requires only fuel can
  • If attacks inside, it acts like a zombie ransacking the building, and deals 10 damage to the person who used it(To discourage systimatic zombie spy use, but still allowing it). Buildings can be ruined in this fashon.

Did I miss anything?

20071008 Prevent Free Running from Ruined Buildings

BoboTalkClown 22:47, 8 October 2007 (BST)

Suggestion type
Skill Change

Suggestion scope
Free Running

Suggestion description
Partially nerf Free Running coming from ruined buildings. You have a 25% chance of making it into the building you are attemting to get into, getting the message "You leap from a broken window in the ruined building you were in, landing on your feet in the next building.". You have a 65% chance of failing, and ending up still in the building you tried to jump from, getting the message "You slip on the ruined surface as you attempt to free run from the building, and leap back into the building, slightly dazed, but unhurt." Lastly, you have a 10% chance of failing, ending up outside the building you attemted to enter, and taking 5 Damage, getting the message "You step on the ruined surface as you attempt to free run from the building, breaking it, and fall hard on the ground next the building you were aiming for, taking 5 damage in the proccess."

This won't nerf free running, but will give zombies a better reason to ruin.

I have to tribute Slicer, as he gave me the insepration for the idea.

Voting Section

Voting Rules
Votes must be numbered, justified, signed, and timestamped.
# justification ~~~~

Votes that do not conform to the above may be struck by any user.

The only valid votes are Keep, Kill, Spam or Dupe. If you wish to abstain from voting, do not vote.

Keeps Kills Spams

Jesus Powa

{{HumorousSuggestion| type=Skill| tally=0| description= I have noticed that in urban dead, there is severe lack of Jesus. This suggestion aims to fix that.

Jesus Skills

  • Son of God

Zombie Jesus Skills

Religous Persicution Skills

Zombie Jesus Hunter Skills

Crucifix RP Use

BoboTalkClown 20:08, 14 October 2007 (BST)

Suggestion type
Item Change

Suggestion scope

Suggestion description
We make several RP uses for the crucifix. (See summary at bottom of page.) RP uses for the crucifix

  • Bless
    • You get the message "You tap ****/a zombie, uttering a prayer".
    • They get the message "You were blessed by ****".
    • This can be ignored, and gives no message to anyone else.
    • This costs 1 AP.
  • Throw Crucifix
    • You toss a crucifix at an enemy, getting the message "You toss a crucifix at ****/a zombie, but only suceed at enraging them."
    • This causes no damage, but gives the message
    • This cannot be ignored by you, but can be ignored by other people.
    • If not ignored, it gives the message "**** despritly threw a crucifix at ****/a zombie"
  • Wear Crucifix
    • You use it like a peice of clothing, except it still retains it's encumberance, and does not fit in a category. After the clothing description, it says "Also, he is also wearing a crucifix around his neck"
  • Place Crucifix
    • You place the cruifix like a decrotative item. It acts the same as any other decrotative item would.

Summary- We make several RP uses for the crucifix, none of which actually do anything, all of which can be ignored.

Safes, Safecracking, & Money

BoboTalkClown 20:08, 14 October 2007 (BST)

Suggestion type
New Items and New Skill

Suggestion scope

Suggestion description
Money Money is useless flavor, and is found at a 20% search rate in banks, at a 5% in hotels, clubs, and bars, and in all other buildings for a 2% search rate. 2% Encuberance.

Safes Safes are found in Banks, Hotel, Malls, and Buildings for a 2% search rate. 20% Encmuberance.

You can only open safes if you have the skill safecracking. It costs 5 AP, and requires a Toolbox.

If you open a safe, you get an item. There is a 10% chance that it includes a Shotgun Shell, 10% chance it contains a Pistol Clip, 15% chance it contains a Pistol, A 15% chance that it holds a Shotgun, a 20% Chance it holds a random decorative item, a 20% chance it holds money, and a 10% chance it holds nothing.

Safecracking A civilian skill used to open safes, along with a Toolbox.

Summary- Items, Safe and Money, where safes contain guns, ammo, or money. Money is useless flavor, and safes can only be opened if you have the skill Safecracking, and costs several AP, and requires an item.

Special Powers for all weapons

BoboTalkClown 20:08, 19 October 2007 (BST)

Suggestion type
Item Change

Suggestion scope
Suvivors, and possilbly zombies

Suggestion description
Have you noticed that most melee weapons are exactly the same? This suggestion aims to change that without overpowering them.

Baseball Bat Splinter- At a 2% chance every attack, you lose your weapon.

Head Smash- at a 10% chance, when an enemy is killed, enemies stand up with 10 less HP. For complainers, the 1 out of 10 chance is to low to use efficiently tacticly.

When you kill someone with this, you automaticly say "And that's a Grand Slam, folks"

Fencing Foil Bend- At a 5% chance every attack, you lose your weapon.

Brain Stab- For a chance of 1%, you cause 20 Damage, and if a kill, a headshot, whether you have the Headshot skill or not. For complainers, that's a 1 out of 100 chance, not viable as a tactical weapon. Just something for luck.

When you kill someone with this, you automaticly say "Unguard, knave!"

Golf Club Bend- At a 5% chance every attack, you lose your weapon.

Head Smash- at a 10% chance, when killed, enemies stand up with 10 less HP. For complainers, the 1 out of 10 chance is to low to use efficiently tacticly.

When you kill someone with this, you automaticly say "Fore!!!"

Ski Pole Bend- At a 5% chance every attack, you lose your weapon.

Push Back- If you attack an enemy that is holding on to you with Tangling Grasp, your hit percentage is doubled, and their grip is automaticly released upon a sucsessful attack.

When you kill someone with this, you automaticly say "Heads up! Whoops, too late!"

Tennis Racket Racket Necktie- The same as Bend, but the enemy hit with when your weapon is lost gets their neck article of clothing removed, and replaced with the new article, "Broken Tennis Racket".

When you kill someone with this, you automaticly say "Game, Set, and Match"

And, for the 3 damage weapons...

Hockey Stick Splinter- At a 2% chance every attack, you lose your weapon.

When you kill someone with this, you automaticly say "Body check, 5 minutes in the sin bin!"

Cricket Bat Head Smash- at a 10% chance, when an enemy is killed, enemies stand up with 10 less HP. For complainers, the 1 out of 10 chance is to low to use efficiently tacticly.

Splinter- At a 2% chance every attack, you lose your weapon.

When you kill someone with this, you automaticly say "Howzat!"

The pool cue...

When you kill someone with this, you automaticly say "That's the 8-ball in the corner pocket!"

And, best of all, fists!

Kick- at a 25% chance per attack, you cause double damage.

When you kill someone with this, you automaticly say "1, 2, 3, and you're down!!!"

Summary- Each weapon that isn't already special gets as special power/disablility, as well as something you say when you finish someone off with it.

Suggestion Chat(Special Powers for all weapons)

20071030 AI Zombies

BoboTalkClown 20:37, 30 October 2007 (UTC)

Suggestion type

Suggestion scope
Zombie numbers

Suggestion description
Currently, most people who play the game are survivors. Contrary to any good zombie fiction, the number of survivors is twice the number of zombies. We need to change this, without screwing surviors over. An possible idea would be to have zombie bots.

Basicly, zombie bots would just shuffle around, making a random movement(Nine Compass Directions, Or Enter Building if near an open building) every thirty minutes, not attacking barricades, and not entering buildings unless they are open. When they see a survivor, they will attack every thirty seconds, and persue him, moving every thirty seconds until the zombie runs out of AP or loses the survior's trail.

Killing zombie bots grant damage XP like normal, but no extra kill XP.

Types of Zombie AI

Basic Zombie

Skills- Brain Rot, Vigor Mortis, Death Grip, Feeding Drag

Infectious Zombie

Skills- Brain Rot, Vigor Mortis, Infectious Bite, Neck Lurch

Mutant Zombie

Skills- Brain Rot, Vigor Mortis, Death Grip, Rend Flesh

Discussion Section

Cars, vans, lorries and trains

Timestamp: BoboTalkClown 01:37, 6 November 2007 (UTC)
Type: CARZ! (And shit like that)
Scope: Survivors and zombies.
Description: Yes, you can drive em this time! No, there really is no point to it.

Ok, when ---->

Ok, the second part of this suggestion basicly suggests the creation of new items to be found outside on the street tiles, and (in the case of train cars) in platforms. There would be a set number of these vehicles, and once one is destroyed another will respawn somewhere else at random. These vehicles appear in the flavour text for the street and apart from adding flavour increase search odds slightly for a specific item type.

  • Car. An old, rusty car lies on its side, windows smashed and engine block destroyed
  • Increases search rates for bottles of beer, lead pipes and newspapers by 10% more than usual
  • Malton Electric Van A badly damaged white van lies crumpled agaignst the wall. It bears the logo of Malton Electrical
  • Increases search odds of toolkit and generator by 5%
  • Black van (without Necrotech employment) A badly damaged black van lies crumpled againgst the wall (with Necrotech employment) A badly damaged black van is here. You recognise it as the vans that necrotech used to use before the outbreak
  • Increases search odds by 2% for: Necrotech syrynges, dna extractors
  • Black van A badly damaged black van lies crumpled againgst the wall
  • Increases search rates for bottles of beer, lead pipes and newspapers by 10% more than usual
  • Army Jeep A smashed and broken army jeep lies on it's back
  • Increases odds of finding pistols and pistol clips and binoculars by 5%
  • Police car A smashed in police car lies here. It is barely recognisable as a police veichle
  • Increases chance of finding handheld radios and shotgun shells by 5%
  • Ambulance An ambulance lies on it's side, apart from smashed windows it appears miraculously undamaged
  • Increases chances of finding FAKs by 5%
  • Train carrige A hevily graffiti'd train carrige leans againgst the platform, de-railed
  • Increases chance of finding newspapers, pipes and books by 10%

Zombies would be able to attack, and smash immoble veichles with 3 attacks (35% chance) for 5XP.

Discussion (Cars, vans, lorries and trains)


Timestamp: BoboTalkClown 02:10, 17 November 2007 (UTC)
Type: Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: Ok, you know how it seems that every other suggestion has "batteries" as a support item specificly for that? Well I'm suggesting just having the support item. Ok, Batteries are found in Tech Stores at half the search rate GPS units are found at. Likewise, GPS unit search rates are cut in half. They are also found in Buildings, Hospitals(Newspaper search rate cut), Junkyards, NecroTech Buildings(GPS unit search rate cut), and warehouses(Wine search rate cut). They do absolutely nothing currently, so don't ask. They are part flavor, part to help out other suggestions.

Discussion (Batteries)

Communication Changes

Timestamp: BoboTalkClown
Type: Item Changes and Skill Change, New Skill
Scope: Players who look at flares, Survivors who spraypaint, Zeds who hate grafitti, and Zombies who talk
Description: Part 1- Flares
There are 6 colors of flare, read by survivors "it glows a brilliant white, a blood red, a neon green, a deep blue, a vivid orange, or an intense yellow" All cuurent flares become brilliant white. All found flares have equal percentages to be random colors. When zombies see them, they just see the standard flare message. This is so that survivors can code flares so they can get what they need with them, instead of just a big zombie hoard.

Part 2- Colored Spraypaint & Graffiti

There will be a new skill, called "Graffiti Artist"(civilian), which allows you to put small(small=about 3 text hights high, and 2 to 5 across), simple graphics in with your graffiti. For example, a skull, and anarchy symbol, a crude representation of a zombie... You get the point. Kinda like clothing(long list, gets longer w/ suggestions). Don't claim that you can do this now, because all you can say is "Somebody spraypainted a skull on to the wall", which you must admit, isn't as obvious as a picture. You can also spraypaint in colors. No, this does not entail new items. Before you spraypaint, you choose the color you wish to spraypaint in. The text is actually shown in those colors. The default color is white.

Part 3- Graffiti Smearing

Zombies with Memories of Life, besides opening doors, will also be able to smear blood, guts, and grime on graffiti made by survivors. There are 3 levels of smear, at the first, it says "The graffiti on a **** is splattered with some blood and grime." At the second, it says "The graffiti on a **** is splattered with layers of blood, guts, and grime." At the third, it says "The graffiti on a **** is splattered with so much gore, that you cannot see the writing." Each "splatter level" costs zombies 1 AP and has a 10% chance of failing. Surviors can wipe it all off for 1 AP, but they have a 10% chance of getting an infection.

Part 4- Look! A talking zombie!

Simply put, zombies with Death Rattle can speak normally. However, it is put through the current filter when shown to survivors.

Discussion (Part 1- Flares)

For the coding of the flares, perahps- Red- Stay away Green- All clear White- Need help Blue- Revivers needed Orange- Large horde here Yellow- Dangerous Or perhaps not. It's up to you. BoboTalkClown

Discussion (Part 2- Colored Spraypaint and Grafitti)

The other colors could be tan, brown, black, magenta, neon green, neon pink, whitish blue, neon blue, yellow, orange, red, and bright purple. BoboTalkClown

Discussion (Part 3- Grafitti Smearing)

Discussion (Part 4- Look! A talking zombie!)

What's the point of the current system? BoboTalkClown


Timestamp: BoboTalkClown 02:10, 17 November 2007 (UTC)
Type: Item
Scope: Survivors
Description: Ok, you know how it seems that every other suggestion has "batteries" as a support item specificly for that? Well I'm suggesting just having the support item. Ok, Batteries are found in Tech Stores at half the search rate GPS units are found at. Likewise, GPS unit search rates are cut in half. They are also found in Buildings, Hospitals(Newspaper search rate cut), Junkyards, NecroTech Buildings(GPS unit search rate cut), and warehouses(Wine search rate cut). They do absolutely nothing currently, so don't ask. They are part flavor, part to help out other suggestions.

Discussion (Batteries)


{{suggestionNew |suggest_time=BoboTalkClown 02:10, 17 November 2007 (UTC) |suggest_type=Items, and a minor skill change |suggest_scope=Survivors |suggest_description=Drugs! This suggestion implements several different drugs(and their respective delivery devices) at once. These items are: Caffinated Drink, Bottle of Meducine, Caffene Pill, Box of Chewing Tabacco, Pack of Cigarrettes, Roll of Marajuana, Bag of Cocaine/Crack, Syringe of Heroin, Bag of Steroids, Bag of Amphetemines, Vial of LSD, and Bag of Ecstasy Pills. You must have a pipe to use some of these, or use them without penalties. You also must have a lighter or pack of matches to use the pipe. Alchohol also is changed. Items

Headshot n' Brain Rot

Timestamp: BoboTalkClown 22:43, 28 December 2007 (UTC)
Type: Skill Changes & New Skill
Scope: Zombie Hunters and their prey, as well as Rotters
Description: Headshot
New Skill, Zombie Hunter- Sterilize
Allows new action "Burn Bodies", requires Fuel Can. With Burn Bodies, for an AP cost determined by the # of bodies
in the square (see "Burn Bodies AP Cost"), you can burn all the bodies there, making all non-revivfying bodies spend 5
extra AP to stand up(Just like headshot) and Revivifying bodies stand up with 1/2 HP, rounded down(12 for non-
bodybuilding, 15 with the skill bodybuilding). Humans can tell if a body is burnt right off the bat, but zombies
need scent blood.
Skill Change, Zombie Hunters- Headshot
When a target reaches 12 HP or lower, you can use a 90% accuracy attack called headshot. This attack instantly kills,
unless it is used on a Rotter, then it does absolutely nothing. If you hit a rotter it shows that you missed. This
attack requires 1 loaded(min. 1 shell) shotgun, and expends a shotgun shell when used. It also takes 2 AP to use(i.e.
careful aim). When you attempt to use this on a human, the accuracy is lowered to 50%. This attack gives no XP,
including kill XP, so be careful to choose when to use it!
New Skill, Zombie Hunter- Maim
When you kill a target, it stands up with 20% less health than it would normally. Does not work if target was killed with
headshot. When you kill a target with this skill, you only gain 5 kill XP.
Burn Bodies AP cost
Seen above? Good.
To burn 1 body, you need 1 AP, to burn 4, 2 AP, to burn 8, 3 AP, to burn 12, 4 AP, to burn 16, 5 AP, to burn 20, 6 AP. The
pattern continues up to 30 AP(120 bodies), where it adds on 1 AP when the number of bodies equals 150, and for evry 50
bodies after that. The AP cost rounds off at 40. These numbers are rounded up, so to burn 5 bodies, you spend 3 AP. It may
not seem like much at first, but in a mall seige, these numbers really add up!

Brain Rot

Skill Change, Zombies- Brain Rot
When you buy the Brain Rot skill, you get the message "Your brain is now succeptable to rot" with your next IP hit as well
as a button that says "Allow Rot". You press that button for 1 AP, and until you are killed, and stand back up, you are
immune to headshot and revivification. Also, you spend 1 less AP to stand up if you were sterilized while you were down.
This makes Brain Rot a valuble skill to buy, instead of a detriment.
New Skill, Zombies- Advanced Decay
When you buy this skill, brain rot is automaticly and perminently turned on, with no extra AP cost to you.

Discussion (Headshot n' Brain Rot)

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