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Joined: 2006-06-07 12:15:10
Character class: Scientist
Favorite equipment: First Aid Kit
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: none
Character stats: Level 41
Journal: is here bellow for Gezero

Gezero is Friendly 42 years old man with no hair but white eyes. Was in Malton on the WHO summit as a member of Czech delegation when zombies begun terrorizing the city. After meting a fireman Wellczech they founded the 4S Group. But now, members of the 4S group are not alive, so it is hard for him to live now in Malton. Maybe he will feel better after reviving some zeds. Now, he found love in Malton, so maybe, he will survive the pressure. After some time, zeds get his love too. Terrible. Nothing left for him in the world, so he started to be very depressed and maybe a little aggressive. After some time he started even to like the zeds, at one day he jump out of the window just into a group of zombies. He started to breath like a zombie, live like a zombie and kill like a zombie... It took long time of bloody killing. People tried to help him, tried to take him back to normal live, but one second after they looked in the opposing direction, he jumped out of the window again. It was like a drug. No one knows what happened in his mind, but at one day, some necrotech pupil found his dirty smelly body on cemetery. The necrotech guy tried what he learned and revivificate Gezero back to life.

After some time, Gezero found out, what to do in his life. He found out one ruined hospital, used all his knowledge and repaired what he could. Found generator, barricaded the hospital and now he is trying to help as many survivors as possible.


Do pasti, proc ti briti, vzdycky neco takhle pose..u.

Current location

at Mockridge Heights

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