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Survivor NT Siege Strategy


  • A large survivor force consisting of a significant number of organized survivors.
  • Numerous generators and fuel cans (at a 1:1 ratio)
  • Lots of FAKs
  • Syringes
  • An established revive point

For the organized survivors

What you need to be able to do

  • Watch cades nearly constantly
  • Provide revives at a constant flow
  • Following a breach, switch from constant checking to an organized strike

Watching cades

  • should be divided between trusted active users (ideally with paid accounts)
  • as close to continuous as possible
  • ignore all non-cade related activity
  • only cade to HB if low on AP
  • during live combat, cade and FAK yourself only
  • if available for a organized strike, take part

Providing Revives

  • Prioritize coordinated survivors, add them to contact list beforehand
  • consider suicide revives if it will benefit a organized strike
  • if available for a organized strike, take part

Following a breach

  • Survivors should be organized in significant numbers to revive all or most zombies and ensure higher than vsb cades
  • some survivors should be specifically assigned to save AP for the inevitable breach
  • organized strike times should be established beforehand at a minimum of 12 hour intervals
  1. Drop and fuel generator
  2. combat revive
  3. cade
  4. dump

For the unorganized survivors

If cades are up

  1. dump bodies
  2. check the cades/generator, cade to EHB
  3. provide FAKs
  4. combat revive (inside only)
  5. provide revives

If cades are down

  • with low numbers of zombies, cade or combat revive (make sure there is a generator, if there isn't place and fuel one)
  • with large numbers of zombies, provide FAKs or provide revives