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ZOMBIESSSS.PNG zombie slayer guild member
This user is a member of the zsg. taking the fight back to the zombies since 2007.

ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Dead
This user died defending malton.
Fire.jpg banners
This user supports using banners to support supporting things.
to be logged out and others click here!.
Bashing extinction and saving malton since 2007
91×74px Zsg
Massacaring zombies since 2007.

Fire.jpg L.u.e. hater!
this user hopes the lue come to his suburb soon becouse....
this user wants to lay the smackdown to thier zombie asses!

Bush satan sign.jpg Damn that Bush
The ass that failed to give any support to Malton when the outbreak occurred.
Stop hand.png
Warning please this group is not for the faint hearted.