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Vorador's Own Little Insults Board

Where Vorador (aka CarryTheRedFlag) can insult me to his heart's content!

Unfortunately, the first two insults were moved somwhere bizzare, but I reproduce for you (dear reader) the third and possibly most eloquent of all Vorador's ramblings:

"[You] have no dick"

Well, not only is this simply not true (as I am a completely intact male specimen of the species Homo Sapiens), I question Vorador's insistence on sexually-charged insults. Can it possibly be that he has something to hide? Is he, in fact, insecure? The poor man!

For Everyone Else

Discuss! Rant! Rave! This space is all for you.

Are you an anarchist? Is the Kronstadt Sailors group? Would you be interested in joining either an anarchist or socialist coalition of some sort? --Luigi Galleani 22:02, 14 August 2006 (BST)

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