Borehamwood Party Crew

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Borehamwood Party Crew
Neon Brain.jpg
Abbreviation: BHW PC, BPC
Group Numbers: Anybody who feels like partying! (30 and growing!)
Leadership: Loosely organized for now
Goals: Bringing fun and excitement to Borehamwood
Recruitment Policy: Public; We're set up in the Urban Dead- Borehamwood forum on

What's this party all about?

Formed by a bunch of fun loving zombies on, the Borehamwood Party Crew has one goal: Bring fun and excitement to the dull lives of Borehamwood citizens. We will party in the streets, in the houses, and maybe even on the railroad tracks, because some of us are train obsessed freaks.

Who's involved?

We're open to any zombie who have fun in mind, a little creativity is always nice. PKers are also welcome to hang out, but should exercise caution around some of the more rowdy party-goers.

Where's the party?

Currently touring the northern parts of Borehamwood. Where are we headed? It's not hard to figure out, just use the BPC Locator

Anything else?

Silly hats are always a plus.

It seems our favorite party game has become Supermarket Sweep. So next time you're at the checkout counter and you hear the GRAAAAAGH! Think of all the fun you could have once we're done eating you!

Other groups we like to party with

Borehamwood Ferals