Horrible Banana Brain Sundae Brothers

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Bananas.jpg = Banana sundae!.jpg


This is the page for a small group of absolutely ridiculous zombies that don't fucking want plain brains. It has been nearly 5 years zombies have been rampaging through the streets of Malton, and by this time zombies should of gotten smarter. No? Wrong. Already, we have proved zombies can make amazing uses of rotten bananas [or fresh if we can], brains from unwilling sources, and the slop left inside of ice cream containers to make delicious deserts to freshen up our bland diet.

Yet this is bad news for you silly survivors out there. We need brains, so we kill. Without discretion of course, we are not racist. We need bananas and the pathetic remnants of ice cream, which, as the case may be, is within your home. You won't let a lonely zombie in, so, we will force our way through. We are, as this page obviously proves...bananas.


Is it not obvious? To turn your tasty brain into a Banana Sundae! Why not a Banana split? No Bananas are truly intact, neither is the ice cream, so we jam your brains, and the banana, into ice cream slop. We shove our dirty, cold, dead, bloody hands into the mixture and stir. We wish to kill as many survivors as possible-no exceptions, we are not racists-and then we will give you compensation in the way of oh 'Raz'. What may that mean in zombie talk? CRAZY! Your brain will not go to waste, or your brainz back!


To make Roywood a happy, peacefull community for all of those lonely zombies. Or, any of those large zombie groups wishing to get away from those evil, banana brain sundae hating fuckers. Food is readily available, don't shy from asking!


Easy! Just contact me, put our name in your group name, and come visit me near the Ashcroft Hotel! As of yet there is no forum, or anything..but i'm sure that won't hamper our quest for the union of brains, bananas, and sloppy ice cream shit. Remember, stay protected!


The banana picture was from www.babble.com,and the banana sundae was from www.foodchannel.com. All rights to them, ext, ext. I AM working on an actual picture of a banana brain sundae. Yet brains are hard to come by..unless you are Ed Gein ^_^