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Come with us if you want to live!

Skynet Core Leadership
-Bad Attitude Barbie
-Leon Silverblood


Skynet's Motto
Come with us if you want to live.

Save da meatbags

Recruitment Policy
Apply on forum
1. Don't be a zerg.
2. Don't be a dick.
3. Have fun with it.



SDN is an established pro-survivor group. Yes, we are robots...

Skynet was formed to facilitate survivor coordination through a network of alliances and systems that would allow easy and effective mass coordination among many pro-survivor groups. It was founded by Leon Silverblood and Bad Attitude Barbie.

Skynet's Robot Army

Anti-Zombie Squad The combat squad of Skynet Defense Network. Formerly known as The Cartel, the squad took on the name Anti-Zombie Squad shortly after SDN absorbed that survivor group. The work of these merged squads earned SDN nominations as Best New Group and Best Survivor Group in the 2011 Malton Murder Awards. We think it's from the pie and tequila (and probably not the mescalin.)

Network Member Groups

Network Member Groups are separate and autonomous groups that enjoy specific privileges not afforded to traditional allies (though we really love those filthy bastards too!) Member groups have their own chain of command independent of SDN but are given a subforum and administrative privileges on Skynet's forum to manage as they will. Member groups have unrestricted access to Skynet's tasty bits and mutual calls for assistance are given priority. They enjoy unrestricted access to our repository of intelligence data, they get some nice cross-promotion on our wiki and we can often be found tearfully exclaiming, "We love you,man" in pie and tequila induced sentimentality (it could be the mescalin.) Those wishing to secure Network Member Group status may contact us on our public communications channel, forum or wiki talk page.

Z.A.L.P. Life cultists. Finally, some hot zombie on zombie action! They are the dead counterpart to the Anti-Zombie Squad.

D.S. R&D Also known as Cyber Research Systems, Skynet's Research and Development branch. Led by Albert Schwan, the Research & Development Team (D.S. R&D) gathers empirical data on game mechanics and develops Urban Dead themed products.

Team Xtreme Bounty Hunters (retired.) One of the best bounty hunting groups to ever play in Malton. Led by Josh Clark and Katie Burns, TX is now retired. You say you've got a little hunter group you'd like to connect to SDN? Well, just give a robot a jingle, huntah! We've found that bounty hunters and survivors are a very complimentary combination. Our robot survivors can assist with intelligence gathering, lighting, and reviving and hunters can help us by killing those pesky PKers. As is the case of all our Member Groups, any hunter group associated with SDN would be led and managed by its own leader who would be under no obligation to participate in SDN operations. Skynet is seeking a special alliance, not an annexation.

Tales of Glorious Battle

Aw shit, do I have to write a bunch of robot-agrandizing summaries here? Fuck dat, nobody reads that crap anyway.

♥ Special Thanks ♥

To Sirens Discord and Revenant whose code was thankfully and shamelessly stolen from Redrum's page. What? You saw the page before, right? This was a got-damned mercy stealing!