St. Piran's Church (Shuttlebank)

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St. Piran's Church
QSB, dark.
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St. Piran's Church

Shuttlebank [36, 12]

Baillie Square Vivian Walk Stringfellow Plaza
Cobden Way St. Piran's Church Perrie Square Fire Station
Sampson Lane a cemetery Club Roles

Basic Info:

  • Churches have no internal descriptions.
  • Church doors do not close but can be barricaded shut.

St. Piran's Church and Cemetery 36,13, Shuttlebank .jpg


Beautiful St. Piran's Church is located at the northeastern section of Shuttlebank near the suburb of West Boundwood.

Cemetery [36,13] is the area's outdoor revive point (RP) next to the church. St. Piran's is also an RP, both indoors and out.

The church is made of a hard grey limestone called Kentish Ragstone. This is a type of "freestone", so-called because it can be cut in any direction, having no grain as, for example, slate does. It was popular because it could be carved into intricate designs such as the lovely examples inside St. Piran's.

Barricade Policy

Churches may be barricaded according to the Shuttlebank Barricade Plan which is in compliance with the Uniform Barricade Policy*. As St. Piran's is an indoor revive point, it is to be kept unbarricaded at all times.
Please see Uniform Barricading Policy/Plan Reviews*.

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For the quickest revives, head to Look Road [34,15], which is one block north of Fabian General Hospital [34,16]. The Marfell NT Building [33,15], a NecroTech facility, is adjacent one block to the west.

Current Status

Please see Building Information Center/Shuttlebank.


The 18th-century church is a Grade II listed building (i.e., a "particularly important building of more than special interest.")